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Kendall Jenner Serves High-Fashion Glamour for Vogue Russia’s May 2019 Issue

If you ask our forum members who they want to see on their favorite fashion glossies each month, Kendall Jenner is probably at the bottom of the list. Over the past year, however, she has started to win them over, thanks to impressive cover appearances on Vogue Italia, American ELLE and Vogue Korea. This month, she makes her debut on Vogue Russia for the May 2019 issue, shot by forum favorites Luigi & Iango and styled by Patrick Mackie. The current face of Stuart Weitzman serves up high fashion and major hair on two uber-glam covers.

Vogue Russia May 2019 : Kendall Jenner by Luigi & Iango


Most of our forum members were impressed. “The first cover is fabulous! Maybe the best I’ve ever seen her! She looks commanding and vulnerable,” admired Lola701.

“The first cover is simply STUNNING,” echoed Zposen.

“For the first time, I like a cover with Kendall,” added jorgepalomo.

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Yara Shahidi Deserved Better Than These Covers of Porter for Summer 2019

We have been fans of Net-a-Porter’s magazine, Porter, ever since it launched back in 2014. Over the years, we’ve fawned over covers featuring the likes of Bella Hadid, Julianne Moore, Lupita Nyong’o, Anja Rubik and Sienna Miller (to name a few). Back in February, the magazine celebrated its five-year anniversary, welcoming Gisele Bündchen back to the cover with news shortly following that founding editor-in-chief Lucy Yeomans was set to depart the title. Amid the staff changes, Porter taps Yara Shahidi for Summer 2019, enlisting photographer Cass Bird and stylist Elissa Santisi to profile the American actress and activist. Yara wears Balenciaga in the newsstand cover (below) and Michael Kors for the black and white subscribers offering (after the jump).

Porter #32 Summer 2019 : Yara Shahidi by Cass Bird


One thing is for certain: Yara deserved far better. “I appreciate the cover choice but this is the most pedestrian Porter has ever been,” said tFS forum member honeycombchild.

“Incredibly pedestrian, seen better from The Edit over recent weeks and I won’t hesitate to unsubscribe if these type of naffer than naff covers keep up post-Yeomans. Also wouldn’t bother me if Cass Bird disappeared off the scene either. Yeah… not motivated by this at ALL,” complained vogue28.

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Rihanna Sports a Bold Makeup Look on the May Cover of Harper’s Bazaar

You will often hear our forums complain that Harper’s Bazaar is in dire need of a revamp thanks to overused cover subjects and recycled cover shoot concepts. The American fashion title must have been listening as the latest issue shows no signs cover stars being suspended 50 feet above the ground or overdone Photoshop, just a striking close-up of Rihanna (making her fourth appearance) wearing bold makeup looks for the annual beauty issue, shot by Dennis Leupold.

US Harper’s Bazaar May 2019 : Rihanna by Dennis Leupold


Was it enough to entice our forum members? “This is too much! The eye makeup with a bare neck and a more subtle lipstick would have been more than enough,” said A.D.C the moment the newsstand cover (above) struck.

“It just looks like they dumped every product in her makeup range on her face at once. I don’t see much art in this look, unless the end effect they were going for was macaw parrot,” said tigerrouge.

“That cover is atrocious. Those makeup colors are chalky and downright ugly. And not applied in the least artistic way,” added dfl-001.

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Jodie Comer Serves 1940s Realness on Town & Country’s May 2019 Cover

We have a feeling we’re about to see a whole lot more of Jodie Comer down at the newsstand as the industry jumps on the Killing Eve bandwagon and finally joins the hype surrounding the hit TV show. Town & Country is the latest publication to profile Comer, with British ELLE also featuring the British actress while her co-star Sandra Oh delivers a beautiful cover on Marie Claire this month. The last time T&C took our fancy was almost a whole twelve months ago, so the title has done something right for May 2019. Photographed by Marc Hom and styled by MaryKate Boylan serving 1940s realness, Jodie looks totally killer wearing Bottega Veneta, a Lola Hats beret and Harry Winston diamonds in the chic portrait cover shot.

Town & Country May 2019 : Jodie Comer by Marc Hom


Needless to say, members of our forums were quick to applaud the magazine’s efforts. “Very different from their previous covers. Love this!” praised phungnam96.

“Ooh, love the styling!! Like a cross between Bonnie Parker and a Tamara De Lempicka goddess. Very thematic for them. Jodie looks great, definitely a tremendous print presence,” Benn98 added.

“Absolutely gorgeous, loved this immediately upon first look but did think it was Uma Thurman for a split second before noticing Jodie Comer’s name. Miles, miles better than Comer’s cover of British ELLE and loving the whole 1940s vibe,” vogue28 chimed in.

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Sharing the same sentiments toward the brilliant outcome was 333101: “This is how you do it! Take notes, please, ELLE UK. I love that she’s finally receiving the attention she deserves — she’s such a brilliant actress and one of the few big British actresses that hasn’t come from a very wealthy, entitled background. I never buy T&C but I have to say I’m tempted by this!”

“Fresh choice, and very well deserved for her, she’s fantastic on Killing Eve. Love the cover,” raved an equally impressed HeatherAnne.

“She has such an interesting face, this sort of 40s film noir styling and makeup fits her perfectly,” observed AnaD.

Town & Country May 2019 : Jodie Comer by Marc Hom


See the rest of Jodie’s cover feature and share your thoughts here.

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Rianne van Rompaey Returns to the Cover of Vogue Italia for April 2019

Our forums have been notoriously hard on Emanuele Farneti ever since he took the helm of Vogue Italia back in 2017, and not even the likes of Lauren Hutton, Lara Stone, Madonna or Gigi Hadid have managed to save Farneti’s questionable covers. He’s still powering on (amid some major staff changes) and Italian Vogue‘s offering for April 2019 is here. Fresh from the cover of Vogue Paris, Rianne van Rompaey makes a reappearance, captured on the shores of the Mediterranean by photographer Karim Sadli, and styled in head-to-toe Chanel by Max Pearmain.

Vogue Italia April 2019 : Rianne Van Rompaey by Karim Sadli


Was it enough to impress the tFS forums? “Better than their previous offerings! The art direction is also better,” confessed MON.

“Quite possibly Farneti’s best cover since his debut with Grace Elizabeth by Meisel. Kudos to Karim’s photography for bringing up a livelier charm from that Chanel ensemble,” added Ken Doll Jenner.

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Helena Christensen Photographs Gigi Hadid at the Hadid Family Farm for Vogue Czechoslovakia’s May Issue

Joining the likes of Vogue Arabia, Vogue Hong Kong and Vogue Brazil, the newly established Czechoslovakian edition of Vogue jumps on the Hadid bandwagon with three Gigi Hadid covers for May 2019. Not just any old cover shoot, the magazine enlisted supermodel Helena Christensen to photograph Gigi outdoors at her family’s farm.

Vogue Czechoslovakia May 2019 : Gigi Hadid by Helena Christensen


The all-important question is, were our forum members impressed? “Their strongest offering yet! I must say I love these, as random as they are,” Roayl-Galliano commented at once.

“I hate to say but it looks pretty damn good, probably the best covers Gigi has done,” echoed luchang732.

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