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Not Even Ruth Bell and Selena Forrest Can Save Christian Dior’s ‘Lifeless’ Fall 2019 Campaign

Our forum members have had a real love-hate relationship with Maria Grazia Chiuri ever since she became the first female artistic director of Christian Dior back in 2016. Her collections (from ready-to-wear to haute couture) and advertising campaigns have been scrutinized by our unfiltered members. None of Dior’s recent campaigns have impressed them and its Fall 2019 offering keeps the streak alive. Repeating last season‘s casting, Ruth Bell and Selena Forrest were snapped before a bland backdrop by photographer Brigitte Niedermair for the series of minimalist images.

Christian Dior F/W 2019.20 : Selena Forrest & Ruth Bell by Brigitte Niedermair


The campaign was immediately declared a flop by our forum members. “This could have been refreshing in a way, but unfortunately, Brigitte Niedermair has been doing these shoots in nearly every 2019 edition of Vogue Italia,” ranted Benn98.

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“It looks like a fashion exhibition book, only more boring and lifeless,” complained GivenchyHomme.

“Brigitte Niedermair is the last person to hire for a campaign (along with Collier Schorr). Bad, lifeless and the casting feels so 2016,” declared GivenchyAddict.

TommysBaby was also left underwhelmed: “The casting perfectly reflects the collection: bland, outdated and repetitive.”

Christian Dior F/W 2019.20 : Selena Forrest & Ruth Bell by Brigitte Niedermair


“God, this is so boring. The clothes, photography and most of all, the models,” pointed out anlabe32.

Nomar shared the same sentiment. “I didn’t even realize that this was the new campaign because I saw the title of the thread with Ruth and Selena and thought it was just what I had already seen. How lazy can you be that you can’t even be bothered to change the casting? Judging by the shots, they clearly put no effort into this. Everything about this just screams bad.”

“Literally laughed out loud at this,” said an amused Salvatore.

“Good grief and there I was thinking Christian Dior’s advertising campaign could not get any worse. This is downright atrocious and utterly pretentious,” stated vogue28.

Christian Dior F/W 2019.20 : Selena Forrest & Ruth Bell by Brigitte Niedermair


See the rest of Christian Dior’s Fall 2019 campaign and join the conversation here.

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Anok Yai and Alton Mason Are One Dynamic Duo on Vogue Brazil’s August 2019 Covers

We’ve already gushed about Luigi & Iango’s work for Vogue Japan, Vogue Russia and Vogue Spain. Now we need to add Vogue Brazil to the pair’s list of accomplishments as the photographic duo is welcomed back once again to shoot the Brazilian fashion bible’s cover. Anok Yai and Alton Mason are Brazilian Vogue‘s cover models of choice for August 2019, looking like a match made in heaven as they pose alongside one another for the covers.

Vogue Brazil August 2019 : Anok Yai & Alton Mason by Luigi & Iango


“Oh these two are gorgeous! The first two covers in particular are stunning,” applauded mepps.

“Those are beautiful covers. Simple, effective and more than that, it’s always good to have black models on the cover of a magazine in Brazil. It’s a sign of progress to see them more and more…” admired Lola701.

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“This cover is a dream. Alton’s body and physical awareness are at all-time highs. I know when he started in New York he always had grace, but he continues to improve. Love it,” declared jeremydante.

“The B&W cover is STUNNING! Stu-nning!!” heralded MON.

“The two covers with the both of them are stunning! The single one is a little underwhelming,” pointed out Urban Stylin.

Vogue Brazil August 2019 : Anok Yai & Alton Mason by Luigi & Iango


Not everyone was head over heels. “You have Anok, who can be quite limited when it comes to her facial expressions, and then you add this overhyped male model next to her? This cover had no hope from the start,” said Benn98.

In total agreement was apple: “Anok has such an incredible face, but she can’t rely on that all the time. She’s giving this same look in every single shoot. It’s just boring and vacant. If Kendall [Jenner] did something like that people would jump on the hate wagon immediately.”

“Anok has literally the same expression in every single picture I’ve ever seen of her,” called out woemwoem.

“She’s so gorgeous but no…this is very boring. I wish they had done this outside the studio,” remarked Joromana.

Vogue Brazil August 2019 : Anok Yai & Alton Mason by Luigi & Iango


Which cover will you be tracking down? Await more from the issue and share your thoughts here.

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Marc Jacobs Stars Alongside Christy Turlington in His Own Fall 2019 Campaign

Marc Jacobs keeps making impeccable choices when it comes to advertising campaigns. Not only are his beauty campaigns glamorous, the mainline offerings are just as spectacular with the help of photographer Steven Meisel and stylist Katie Grand. Take last season for example, when Primrose Archer was shot in a clean studio setting, which allowed the designer’s playful collection to really shine. Meisel and Grand are back for Fall 2019 with Jacobs getting in on the action (a la Tom Ford). Supermodel and activist Christy Turlington joins the designer in the series of charming black and white images, serving us retro glamour for the occasion.

But Jacobs’ presence had our forums divided. “I don’t like seeing designers inserting themselves in campaigns,” stated bluebanter the moment the campaign dropped.

“Marc is coming off as desperate now…he’s very much his own living caricature in this shot,” critiqued jeremydante.

“I don’t like the idea of designers being in their own ad campaigns, but Christy and Marc clearly have such a special relationship that I’ll let it slide just this once,” declared 333101.

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Everyone else liked what they saw. “I like it, although Marc is expendable… Christy is still beautiful, classy and bringing her best in this campaign!” praised DK92.

“Stunning campaign, one of my favorite advertisements of this season,” applauded burbuja8910.

“I find this very charming and it’s not a word I use frequently when it comes to campaigns. I don’t mind Marc fronting his own campaign… I find it less forced than when Jason Wu started to do it,” said Lola701.

“Sublime! I have been very much looking forward to the Marc Jacobs campaign, especially after how much I fell in love with last season featuring Primrose Archer. The first portrait shot is undeniably charming, love the retro styling on Christy. The magic of Meisel has struck once again!” heralded vogue28.

Forum member dodencebt was also a fan: “Adore this! Christy looks wonderful (thank God she’s in the campaign; it would have been criminal to have only used her for the show) and I mean, we all know that Marc is an attention seeker, so I honestly love him for it. It makes this whole campaign fun and something only he could pull off right now.”

See more from the Marc Jacobs Fall 2019 campaign and join the debate here.

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Margot Robbie Is the Face of Chanel’s New Fragrance

Margot Robbie has been a Chanel ambassador since March 2018 and the brand has certainly put the actress to good use. Margot has been decked out in the French fashion house on the covers of U.S. Harper’s Bazaar and Porter and on the red carpet. She also starred in the brand’s Coco Neige campaign. Now Margot is the face of Chanel’s new Gabrielle Chanel Essence scent set to be released on September 1. In the campaign teaser posted on Instagram, the Aussie beauty photographs like a dream before the lens of Nick Knight.

But the campaign missed the mark, at least according to our forum members. “I hate this. This doesn’t read ‘radiant’ to me. You can’t even tell what this is an ad for,” called out RMDV.

“OMG, I wish Chanel would stop with this ‘reincarnation’ crap. You don’t need that angle to sell stuff to women. They value the brand as it is. As for the image, it looks like something originally shot for Chanel Beauty, but got binned because it’s too vague. Nick Knight gets a lot of love on this forum by default, but IMO he takes one step forward and three backward,” said Benn98.

“Not the most flattering shot,” admitted HodanChloe.

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“It doesn’t even look like her, she looks more like the end result of morphing pictures of blond, blue-eyed, Anna Jagodzinska-type models back in the day,” commented FashionMuseDior.

“Margot will be a nice break from Kristen Stewart, but the campaign image above is far too blurred/filtered for it to make even the slightest impact. I dread to think how unnoticeable this will look on billboards, unless we see another campaign photo when the fragrance is released in September,” declared vogue28.

“I hope there are more images otherwise this is just atrocious,” echoed Nomar.

“This is so bad…her face…and her mouth on top of that translucent fabric… It looks like a detox ad or some product that promises to change your life and health, but is basically trash,” mocked Perickles.

Sharing the same sentiment was 333101: “Margot is pretty, no doubt, but she doesn’t have a strong enough face to pull this off. How on earth this was given the green light as a campaign image when she’s barely visible (especially since they’re relying on her name for promotion) is beyond me.”

Await more from the campaign and share your thoughts here.

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Natalie Portman Shines on a Set of ‘Flawless’ British Harper’s Bazaar September Covers

Brand ambassadors are out in full force for September. Kristen Stewart is doing her thing for Chanel on Vanity Fair and now Natalie Portman is promoting all things Christian Dior on British Harper’s Bazaar. We’ve come to admire the magazine a great deal over recent months and following an unexpected model cover last month, British Bazaar‘s most important offering of the year doesn’t fall short. Natalie’s September 2019 cover appearance marks a first for the Hollywood actress (despite numerous covers for the American edition) captured by Pamela Hanson at Villa Carlotta in Los Angeles.

UK Harper’s Bazaar September 2019 : Natalie Portman by Pamela Hanson


The issue was a hit with the majority of our forum members. “It almost feels like a Richard Avedon 80s Vogue cover. I like it,” approved mikel.

“Red lipstick on a beautiful woman is a classic recipe, but also it feels like a direct reproduction of her Rouge Dior ads. There’s probably a Dior makeup ad on the back page or somewhere inside where she looks exactly the same. That said — still beautiful, still buying,” shared tigerrouge.

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“You’ll never hear me complaining over the sight of a gorgeous Natalie Portman on the cover of a fashion magazine, looking radiant and poised on a straightforward and glamorous September cover. I am all for the close-up shot, the warm coloring, the makeup and red Bazaar masthead,” said vogue28.

“Very classic but beautiful. In times when so many magazines seem to be trying too hard, I love something a bit understated,” appreciated KateTheGreatest.

“She looks flawless on both covers,” praised burbuja8910.

“This is just incredibly beautiful. Her face is one in a million. Nothing reinventing the wheel about this cover, but who cares when the wheel looks as glorious as this?” raved happycanadian.

UK Harper’s Bazaar September 2019 : Natalie Portman by Pamela Hanson


Do you love the covers as much as we do? Share your thoughts here.

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Kristen Stewart Is Pretty in Pink on Vanity Fair’s September 2019 Cover

We’re over halfway through 2019 and Kristen Stewart’s only notable presence down at the newsstand has been for Vogue Korea — until now. Vanity Fair, a magazine which hasn’t exactly had the best reception on our forums over recent months, attempts to regain our affections by making the Charlie’s Angels actress its cover star for September 2019. Shot by Alasdair McLellan, it was only natural for Samira Nasr to style Kristen in a ruffled white blouse and pink tweed jacket from Chanel’s Fall 2019 collection for the cover (seeing as how Kristen’s been a brand ambassador for the French fashion house since 2012).

Vanity Fair September 2019 : Kristen Stewart by Alasdair McLellan


For the majority of our forum members, the cover was a nonevent. “She looks pretty, but the styling is overpowering her way too much for my liking,” said kokobombon after checking out the cover.

“All I see is a Harper’s Bazaar U.S. reject cover,” pointed out MON.

“She’s beautiful, but the cover could look better. Not saying this is no good, but I feel like this magazine lost its focus on fashion,” critiqued biagiolr.

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“The new fashion director isn’t good — that’s the problem,” replied caioherrero.

Also not jumping for joy over the sight of the cover was dodencebt: “The unbuttoned jacket makes her look four times bigger than she really is and it’s all I can see now. Plus the outfit is super unattractive. But neck up, gorgeous.”

Forum member mepps felt the same way. “Love her, but I’m not feeling the image or the styling. Both she and Alasdair can do better than this.”

“I love it. Happy to see Kristen back in the spotlight,” praised jorgepalomo.

“Always a pleasure to see her. Not a huge fan of the cover in general, but it’s eye-pleasing,” reasoned fluxxx.

Are you a fan? Await more from Kristen’s cover feature and join the debate here.