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Selena Gomez Gives Us Supermodel Vibes on Marie Claire’s June Cover (Forum Buzz)

There’s no denying that Marie Claire has stepped up its game lately, generating positive feedback from our often very opinionated forum members. Last month, we were asked to choose from a selection of covers and for this month, Marie Claire hits the nail on the head once again. For its June 2016 installment, the American title secures Selena Gomez, whose last notable cover appearance for W magazine absolutely bombed. This time, photographer Kai Z Feng has transformed the 23-year-old singer, who gives off some serious supermodel vibes while delivering a dynamic shot full of energy and presence.

At first, we deliberated over a sneak peek of Selena’s cover shoot (above). “Not bad, but I really cannot wait for her to age. She always looks so young. That said, I don’t mind her getting all these covers,” said Benn98.

“I wonder if Selena actually is a good seller on the newsstands. She seems to always get a cover, but I’m actually really really bored of her. She’s boring. The preview cover is pretty though,” echoed RanThe. (more…)

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Meghan Trainor Had the Perfect Response to Her Insanely Photoshopped Video

Clearly the editors of Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too” music video have had their heads buried deep, deep in the sand since 2014. Otherwise, they would have heard the refrains, “I see the magazines working that Photoshop/We know that shit ain’t real” and “Because you know I’m all about that bass/’Bout that bass, no treble” issuing from every radio tower from here to kingdom come. The Grammy winner’s success is a direct result of her killer vocals and body positive message, which is why the singer was quick to have the egregiously altered “Me Too” removed from Vevo.

In the fun flick, Meghan “M-Train” Trainor joyrides around L.A. in a giraffe onesie, drinking Starbucks and hanging out with her entourage, until she ditches the cozy life to front a turquoise dance squad in a glimmering royal blue asymmetric dress. Therein lay the trouble. (more…)

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‘Second Skin’ Could Be the Anti-Wrinkle Cream of Your Dreams

“Second Skin” may call to mind the mask Drew Barrymore rips off after deplaning a bomber in the opening sequence of Charlie’s Angels (or the one Christian Bale’s hatchet-wielding American Psycho uses to go incognito) but it’s actually the next big thing in skincare (probably).

The invisible substance, currently in development by a team of Harvard and M.I.T. scientists, is essentially Spanx for your skin. It’s not quite Gwyneth Paltrow-friendly — a report in the journal of Nature Materials outlining the product’s pilot studies reveals Second Skin is composed of commonly used FDA-approved chemicals — but it’s definitely less risky and invasive than a facelift. Plus, the results are subtle, reversible and natural-looking as opposed to obvious, forever and, well, you’ve seen the pictures. (more…)

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Kendall Jenner’s New Calvin Klein Ads Are the Most Provocative Yet

Image: Harley Weir/Calvin Klein

Image: Harley Weir/Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has always has been one to capture contemporary sexuality in a way that jolts us, using familiar faces, and legs, and err…parts. In 1980, the brand had a 16-year-old Brooke Shields spread-legged affirming, “Nothing comes between me and my Calvins.” Twelve years later, Kate Moss and Marky Mark’s raw, unstyled embrace got critics talking once again. The story goes on, with CK sparking controversy season in and season out. Spring/Summer 2016’s Harley Weir-shot “Erotica” campaign marks yet another chapter. (more…)

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Bella Hadid Lands a Well-Deserved (and Gorgeous!) Cover of ELLE (Forum Buzz)

Never mind Gigi Hadid, sister Bella Hadid is continuing to make waves in the industry by snagging some major modeling gigs, including an impressive debut on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Spain and Vogue Turkey’s May offering. Securing yet another major coup, Bella takes to the cover of ELLE for June 2016, after having already posed in a string of fashion editorials for the glossy title. Considered to be a magazine that usually favors actresses, American ELLE tapped the girl-of-the-moment to stand before the lens of Terry Tsiolis.

US Elle June 2016 : Bella Hadid by Terry Tsiolis


Members of our forums were loving the new direction. “Very Vogue Paris x Carine [Roitfeld]. I like that they’re trying something new. It’s daring. I like it,” applauded MON straight away.

“Oh I love it. She looks great, fierce cover!” declared jexxica. (more…)

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There’s Something Off About Chloë Grace Moretz’s June Cover of Glamour (Forum Buzz)

Chloë Grace Moretz hasn’t had much luck with her recent magazine cover appearances, which our forums have almost universally panned. Is it just bad photography? Bad styling? Glamour is the latest glossy to try its hand at shooting the American actress, tapping Steven Pan to shoot her in a Chloe leather motorcycle jacket for the June 2016 cover. How does her latest rate with our opinionated forum members?

US Glamour June 2016 : Chloe Grace Moretz by Steven Pan


Members of our forums were FAR from impressed to be perfectly frank (as always). “The amount of Photoshop on her face is ridiculous. It’s weird to see her styled as a grown-up, she’s still 13 years old to me,” laughed kokobombon.

Sharing the same sentiments regarding the suspected post-production was Luxx: “There is something odd about the photograph angle that makes her head look pasted onto the body.” (more…)