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Zendaya Claps Back at a Comedian’s Attempt to Body Shame Her on Twitter


Lots to smile about… Thank you for that gift

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It’s odd that people continue to attack Zendaya given how powerful and eloquent her responses are. The latest critic to bombard the teenage star with woefully ignorant comments is Julie Klausner. The Difficult People actress went on a Twitter rant, slamming Zendaya’s body shape after her appearance at the Kids’ Choice Awards.


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Natalie Portman Looks Exquisite on the Cover of Harper’s Bazaar Australia — But It Looks Awfully Familiar (Forum Buzz)

Our forums are huge advocates for everything Harper’s Bazaar Australia produces, falling head over heels for each and every cover. But with the unveiling of Bazaar‘s latest, our forums aren’t exactly jumping for joy (as much as we usually do). After a striking cover for March with Lily Collins, Aussie Bazaar goes after another actress for April 2016, tapping Natalie Portman. Photographed by Alique, Natalie looks terrific in the close-up cover photo — but it looks all too familiar.

Harper's Bazaar Australia April 2016 : Natalie Portman by Alique


Leave it to our savvy forum members to pick up on the smallest of details. “I don’t feel anything from that cover, and where have they seen cover models not looking at the readers? This shot looks like a backstage shot, like the photographer was talking to her and she was like ‘What?’ And the styling and hair are very poor. Not good. They are usually good at producing covers, this is just not one of them,” Bertrando3 criticized straight away.

“This one is actually a Dior [campaign] outtake so, I guess that’s why. Not a good choice for a cover,” responded edenL. (more…)

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Melbourne’s Kim Kardashian Mural Has Already Been Defaced



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Yesterday Kim Kardashian was splashed across the Aussie news all over again, but this time not for something she had done herself: a massive mural of the selfie-snapping star appeared in Melbourne and it sent us all into an excited head spin.

That’s right: street artist and activist, lushsux treated us to a three storey-high mural that took him “as long as it took Kim Kardashian to get 100,000 comments on the original photo of herself in the nude.”


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Watch: Gisele Bündchen Just Filmed a Beauty Vlog for Chanel

This just in: model beauty vlogs are officially a thing. We loved watching Karlie Kloss’s addictive YouTube channel and Jourdan Dunn’s digital cooking show, and now Gisele Bündchen is entering into beauty vlogger territory. The stunning model shares her best beauty tips on the first episode of Beauty Talks, a web series produced by Chanel.

The videos feature intimate conversations about makeup with icons like Bündchen and Lucia Pica, Chanel’s Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer. Among the gems you can find in the first video, Bündchen shares the key to her “Brazilian” glow that we’ve all been dying to emulate. 

Best YouTube Beauty Vloggers to Bookmark Right Now ]

Watch the above clip for some of Bündchen’s most priceless tips — and don’t forget to take notes.

[via ELLE]

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Alexander Wang’s New Campaign Is Just Too ‘Pretentious’ and ‘Hideous’ for Our Liking (Forum Buzz)

By now, we’ve seen the bulk of the Spring 2016 advertising campaigns. Last but not least to come out of the woodwork is Alexander Wang‘s offering. The brand has been teasing us for weeks via social media, enticing and generating hype surrounding the new campaign and even released the casting prior to the actual images coming to light. Photographed by Wang regular Steven Klein, names like Anna Ewers, Lexi Boling, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Issa Lish, Stella Lucia, Molly Bair and Kaia Gerber got involved in the dark, moody and grungy shoot, taking to various locations to sell Wang’s namesake collection.

Alexander Wang S/S 2016 by Steven Klein


But the campaign left a lot to be desired for our forum members. “Gross campaign. The whole thing looks like some random shots by those stupid hippie college students who are constantly high and drunk. And they called it cool,” mocked Bruce7Lee at once.

“Ugh, tell me about it! This is just some inferior replica of 90s heroin chic. It seems Wang forgot, or was too preoccupied with his head in the fashion clouds, why that vibe was exorcised out of the industry in the 90s to begin with. It’s a despicable aesthetic to push, and I’d hate to think what was on their mood board,” chimed in a disgusted Benn98. (more…)

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Kylie Jenner’s First Official Ad for Puma Is Here

There’s a traitor in the Kardashian-Jenner clan and we’re not talking about Rob Kardashian dating Tyga’s former fiancè Blac Chyna. Kylie betrayed her beloved brother-in-law Kanye West by inking a million dollar deal with Puma. The rapper, who designs clothes and shoes for Adidas under his Yeezy label, threw a Godfather-worthy fit at the prospect of Kylie’s Puma deal, claiming the brand’s “measly million dollars” can’t separate the family. But ultimately, money talked and Kylie happily signed on the dotted line. (more…)