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Marc Jacobs’ New Campaign Is Inspired by the Supreme Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

Marc Jacobs’ celebrated Spring 2016 collection wasn’t just any ode to Americana fashion. It was inspired by the Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriages. Upon seeing his friends post reactions on Instagram, Jacobs thought it would be fun to “do America” this season. He told Business of Fashion, “I began thinking about what my America was, but in a very loose way. I was overwhelmed by these feelings and the idea of equality.”

Those feelings not only informed his spectacular runway show, but also the ad campaign that followed it. Lensed by David Sims, the portrait series features friends of the brand like Pat and Anna Cleveland, Bette Midler, Sandra Bernhard and Lara Wachowski, a transgender icon whose Human Rights Campaign Visibility Award speech deeply inspired Jacobs. 

Jacobs gradually unveiled the campaign on Instagram, writing in the captions: “This season’s ad campaign represents a series of connected events; a visual narrative. It is a personal diary of people who have and continue to inspire me and open my mind to different ways of seeing and thinking. The spectrum of individuals photographed in our Spring/Summer 2016 ad campaign represent a celebration of my America.” Indeed, his America is one worth celebrating. 

[via Business of Fashion]

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Amber Valletta’s Porter Cover Image Looks Like an Outtake (Forum Buzz)

Our forums have let it be known that they’re huge advocates of Porter. Therefore, it was only natural for members to get excited over the sight of a brand new issue to deliberate on and enjoy. Continuing to secure the best models for its covers (and making it clear that the supermodels of the 90s are officially back), Amber Valletta joins Porter‘s strong and compelling list of cover stars, shot for the magazine’s Spring 2016 edition by Collier Schorr.

Porter #13 Spring 2016 : Amber Valletta by Collier Schorr


Our forum members were left a little startled, however. “I have to say this is the first Porter cover I don’t like. How could they pick this for the cover? It looks like she blinked in between shots, outtake worthy!!! You can do SO much better with her, disappointed!” Miss Dalloway snapped. (more…)

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Diane Keaton Wears Own Clothes, Proves Boss Status in Vanity Fair ‘Hollywood Issue’

Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue 2016

Vanity Fair has just released its “Hollywood Issue” for 2016, and in a sea of poofy ball gowns and shimmering sequins there’s one woman who truly stands out: 70-year-old boss-lady Diane Keaton.

Posing alongside the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett and Helen Mirren, The First Wives Club star has sparked a social media frenzy thanks to her unique, sleuth, IDGAF style, wearing a top hat, polka-dot scarf and heavy coat, dominating the Annie Leibovitz shoot even though it kind of looks like a solid photobomb. (more…)

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Watch: Cate Blanchett Feels the Pain with Hilarious ‘Secret Talent’

Is there anything this woman can’t do? Award-winning actress Cate Blanchett has shown off her gymnastic flair in a new clip for Vanity Fair‘s 2016 Hollywood Issue, attempting, and nailing, the splits in a Secret Talent Theatre video series.

The Aussie star drops down with ease like she’s a freakin’ flexible magician in a chill navy jumpsuit, hiding her obvious hurt with a laugh of triumph, because homegirl literally succeeds at all she does. “Oh a bow? Shit that means I’ve got to get up,” she says before walking off the stage to a round of applause. 

Jennifer Lawrence, Viola Davis and Jane Fonda also take part in the project, showing off secret talents like miming and drawing, in the lead up to the issue’s release from February 4.

Watch the video of Cate winning at life in the video above.

[Via Vanity Fair]

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Watch: Madeline Stuart Takes On 6 Disney Princesses In New Fashion Shoot

Down syndrome model Madeline Stuart is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand faces in the biz, landing a New York Fashion Week gig (she’s currently prepping for her second season, btw) and multiple campaigns and magazine covers since she stepped onto the scene last year. 

And while the Aussie teen has kicked some serious industry goals, her latest project definitely looks like the most fun yet. The ginger-haired beauty transforms into six disney princesses for a video shoot with BuzzFeed, including Tangled‘s Rapunzel, Aladdin‘s Jasmine, Frozen‘s Elsa, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast‘s Belle and The Little Mermaid‘s Ariel.

Unfortunately Madeline didn’t get made up as her favourite Disney princess, which is Anna from Frozen, according to her mum Rosanne Stuart, but that’s OK. Rosanne also told Cosmpolitan that she loved “being a warrior” in the form of Mulan and was thrilled to embody Ariel from The Little Mermaid, which were our favourite too. In fact, we have a burning desire to play dress ups this afternoon. Who’s in?

Watch the video for yourself above. We haven’t seen Madeline this excited since her NYFW debut!

[Via Cosmopolitan]

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Edie Campbell Recycles Her Newfound Signature Pose on UK Vogue’s March Cover (Forum Buzz)

Edie Campbell is pretty hot right now, according to magazines worldwide that is. She’s featured on Vogue Paris‘ questionable February cover and now the Brit beauty has turned up on U.K. Vogue‘s March 2016 edition. Shot by Mario Testino, Edie’s welcomed back onto British Vogue‘s cover for a second time, photographed wearing an outfit by Gucci with styling from the magazine’s Lucinda Chambers. With a similar pose to her recent French Vogue cover, our forum members threw shade straight away.

UK Vogue March 2016 : Edie Campbell by Mario Testino


Our eagle-eyed members noticed the similar pose immediately. “Well, almost the same (pose) as her Vogue Paris cover, how weird. This one is softer. I’m done with all those Gucci outfits everywhere…” said a disapproving Nymphaea.

“I want to like it, but there’s something wrong with it without a doubt. It somehow looks like a Tatler cover. That pose must be her new signature cause there’s no way VP and VUK talked about using that same pose. And the pink font below blending… No,” heckled MON. (more…)