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You Won’t Believe Who DIDN’T Make the Cut for ASME’s Best Magazine Covers of the Year

The American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) revealed the finalists for its annual list of best magazine covers. Chosen by the leading names in editorial, art and photography, 50 covers were nominated in total and the winners will be announced at the American Magazine Media Conference on February 2. The top choices may surprise you.

Image: W Magazine

Image: W Magazine

Harper’s Bazaar is nominated twice in the fashion and beauty category, once for the March issue featuring Rihanna and a second time for the May issue with Kendall Jenner. New York makes the cut for its August 10-23 issue with Serena Williams. And two supermodel covers close out the list: Gigi Hadid on the September issue of W Magazine and Karlie Kloss for WSJ. Magazine‘s December/January issue. (more…)

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Dakota Johnson (Mostly) Impresses on UK Vogue’s February Cover (Forum Buzz)

Last year wasn’t exactly British Vogue‘s finest, but after serving up Gigi Hadid last month for its January issue, the magazine continues to gather momentum by adding actress Dakota Johnson to its list of cover girls. Photographed by Alasdair McLellan, the Fifty Shades of Grey star looks fantastic shot on location in the streets of New York City as she rocks a dress from Celine on the cover.

UK Vogue February 2016 : Dakota Johnson by Alasdair McLellan


As soon as the cover broke, our forums began to deliberate over U.K. Vogue‘s February edition. “Wow that hair… It’s like they were hiding her face. I’m sorry but this is just depressing. After having that Gigi cover in all smiles, you have Dakota who’s just as bland as Kristen Stewart. Everything here just screams autumn. This would have been better for July,” MON suggested.

“I’m not a fan of the flashy colors on their covers. It looks good in digital but in print it looks cheap. I don’t get why they are doing this. I wanted to buy Gigi’s cover because I liked it but in print it looks really bad because of the flashy orange,” shared Oxymore. (more…)

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Eric Andre Starts #FreeThePenis Movement With Naked Instagram Photos

Instagram’s nude policy has its share of critics. The censorship police famously went to war with Rihanna after she posted her topless Liu Magazine shoot, even prompting the pop star to delete her account for a while.

That exchange sparked the #FreeTheNipple movement as women and men rallied for the chance to expose their nipples with abandon. Photos of topless men were ignored while nipple-bearing pics posted by Miley Cyrus, Chrissy Teigen and Scout Willis were immediately deleted. Sexist, much? (more…)

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Lily-Rose Depp Plays the Sad Clown on LOVE Magazine’s Latest Cover (Forum Buzz)

She’s one of the coolest new kids on the block, having already done a campaign for Chanel and walked in the brand’s haute couture show back in July (not to mention being the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis). Therefore, it was only natural for LOVE to pick up Lily-Rose Depp as its latest cover star. The 16-year-old shines bright thanks to some garish makeup on the newly released preview for the title’s upcoming Spring/Summer 2016 edition. Shot by photographer Willy Vanderperre, the image leaves us a little lost for words.

Members of our forums were far from overjoyed with the result. “Dead eyes. Zero life,” slammed Frenchkiki immediately, setting the tone for comments to come.

10 Reasons Why Lily-Rose Depp Is Cooler Than You ]

“This is so creepy, she looks like a baby girl in those pageants… dead eyes and all. A JonBenét Ramsey look-alike or something,” added an equally horrified kokobombon. (more…)

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This Genius Instagram Recreates 2015’s Biggest Moments With Barbie Dolls

Sure you’ve been inundated with “Year in Review” posts for the past month, but you haven’t seen a 2015 recap quite like this one. Instagram user ADollWorldAfterAll had the brilliant idea to reenact the year’s biggest happenings using Barbie dolls. Her posts couldn’t be any more perfect. (more…)

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Lady Gaga Guest Edits V Magazine, Taps Karl Lagerfeld and Hedi Slimane to Photograph Each Other for the Cover

Courtesy: V Magazine

Courtesy: V Magazine

Why is Lady Gaga so great at everything? She’s a pop supernova, an actress (duh…American Horror Story) and now, a magazine editor. The self-proclaimed fashion addict guest edited the Pre-Spring Issue of V Magazine (Issue 99) and had the genius idea to bring Karl Lagerfeld and Hedi Slimane together for the cover. For the covers, Lagerfeld and Slimane photographed each other for the first time in 10 years.

Slimane revealed that the two “used to live one building apart on the rive gauche” and “used to have really fun dinners all the time.” He added, “I love Karl’s wit, his sincerity and curiosity for emerging cultures, and his intuitive perception for what is about to happen.” Lagerfeld echoed Slimane’s sentiments, saying, “I met Hedi 20 years ago when he visited my studio. I liked him instantly, without knowing what he did.” He continued, “Gaga had a good idea for us to photograph each other. In a way, not seeing each other for all those years felt like five minutes when we saw each other again. That happens with true friends. My photographic style of no style is very different from his. I loved the mood on the street that night. I like Hedi’s mystery and that’s what I had hoped to capture here.”

Karl Lagerfeld and Hedi Slimane’s lovefest is the first of a series of covers for the 99th issue that Gaga will guest edit. She tapped several fashion icons as part of “Gaga’s Fashion Guard” and our guess is she’ll be debuting them on the cover of V Magazine in the coming week. We wonder which BFFs are next — Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss? Carine Roitfeld and Tom Ford? Kanye West and a mirror? We’re waiting with baited breath. In the meantime, pre-order the first cover here.

[via V Magazine]