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Women Who Try to Buy This ‘Thigh Gap Jewelry’ Are in for a Big Surprise

Image Courtesy of T Gap Jewellry

Image Courtesy of T Gap Jewellry

The thigh gap is one of those troubling #bodygoals dominating our Instagram feeds. In bikini shots and workout photos, women and girls alike idealize the gap between their thighs. On the journey to thinness (but not necessarily healthiness), many consider the thigh gap a benchmark of sorts. They measure the distance between their thighs and share their results proudly. Our collective fixation with the thigh gap is quite disturbing, given that most human beings aren’t naturally shaped that way. A new “jewelry company” puts a spotlight on that unhealthy obsession.

Designed by Soo Kyung Bae, the Singapore-based jewelry line is aptly titled TGap Jewellry. On the e-commerce site, you’ll find six unique styles ranging in price from $175 to $195. TGap Jewellry features dangling necklaces, worn draped over the hips, coupled with a sleek pendant designed to hang in between your thigh gap. (more…)

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Jessica Alba’s Honest Company Gets Sued – Again – for False Advertising

Jessica Alba is fielding a series of lawsuits claiming that her Honest Company isn’t so, well, honest. A lawsuit filed last week by Margo Smith accuses the $1 billion company of false advertising. Several items, including dish soap and laundry detergent, are marketed as being free of sodium lauryl sulfate. Smith claims this is a lie.

WWD reports that the eco-friendly product line has been under intense scrutiny after a Wall Street Journal report exposed the detergent for containing SLS, a chemical the company swore never to use. Honest responded in a statement saying, “The Journal confirms what we have said all along, that we use Sodium Coco Sulfate (SCS) in our laundry detergent. And, to reiterate our position, just because you can isolate the C-12 carbon chain in a test for SCS does not mean we use SLS in our product.” (more…)

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Tinder Just Figured Out Who Our Next President Will Be

Graphic Courtesy of Tinder

Graphic Courtesy of Tinder

Tinder is good for more than a quick weekend hookup — who knew? In collaboration with “Rock the Vote,” the dating app recently launched a “Swipe the Vote” feature to determine which candidate users are most likely to back in an election.

The results may surprise you. Bernie Sanders beat all the leading candidates with 37.8 percent of swipes. Hillary Clinton came in close second, trailing Sanders by just 200 matches, getting 37.6 percent of swipes. Interestingly, the majority of males matched with Clinton, while the majority of females chose Sanders.

The Republicans rated far behind Democrats. Donald Trump only garnered 8.1 percent of the votes while Ted Cruz scored 14.3 percent. Believe it or not, Tinder users are smarter than the American public most.

20 GIFs That Will Improve Your Tinder Game ]

Another interesting factoid? Men chose Republican candidates almost twice as much as female voters. Word to the wise: don’t bring up politics on your first Tinder date.

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Daria Werbowy Makes for a Surprising (but Welcome!) Cover Star on UK Harper’s Bazaar (Forum Buzz)

U.K. Harper’s Bazaar, a mag that continuously delivers the same old cover stars issue after issue, has fallen out of favor with forum members recently. However, our interest has been reignited this month with a delightful and welcome appearance from top model Daria Werbowy. The gorgeous close-up image on the subscribers’ cover for May (pictured below) was shot by Nico Bustos and we’re loving it.

UK Harper's Bazaar May 2016 : Daria Werbowy by Nico Bustos


Members of our forums welcomed the appearance of a model with open arms. “What a wonderful surprise to see Daria on U.K. Harper’s Bazaar! And it’s a gorgeous shot,” Miss Dalloway praised straight away.

“Very nice. Always happy to see Daria,” approved honeycombchild shortly after. (more…)

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Kelly Rowland’s New Makeup Line Will Cater to ‘Chocolate Girls’



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Black beauty is a $7.5 billion market, yet there is still a dearth of foundation options for women of color. Leave it to Kelly Rowland to step in and fill that void. The Grammy Award-winning artist is launching her first-ever cosmetics line in collaboration with makeup artist Sheika Daley and the product range will specifically target women with darker complexions. (more…)

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This Body Positivity Campaign for Men Might Be a Spoof, But We Like It

The body positivity conversation is expanding to include more than just women. While our Fall 2016 Diversity Report shows that there were only six full-figured model appearances on the runway at Women’s Fashion Week, plus-size men have even less representation. Thankfully, the industry is slowly starting to change. IMG recently launched a Brawn division for plus-size men and Aerie debuted a campaign featuring men of all shapes and sizes.

Aerie bills its new ad as “a celebration of REAL men who love themselves inside and out.” The video comes in tandem with its men’s underwear launch and features five men of varying weight and height. They all speak to the camera about feeling comfortable in their own skin while modeling Aerie’s new line of underwear. (more…)