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Natasha Poly Stars on Vogue Russia’s Minimalist April 2020 Cover

On our forums, Natasha Poly is one model who can do no wrong. Whether she’s nailing the “new sexy” for Vogue Japan, proving she’s the ultimate Vogue Paris cover star or striking a fierce pose for Balmain‘s advertising campaign, Natasha always nails it. So we aren’t surprised to see the Russian beauty make a much-anticipated return to Vogue Russia for April 2020. Marking her 60th Vogue cover appearance, Natasha appears angelic while sitting on the studio floor wearing a white lacy dress from Givenchy’s Spring 2020 Haute Couture collection picked by Olga Dunina for the Claudia Knoepfel-shot image.

Vogue Russia April 2020 : Natasha Poly by Claudia Knoepfel


But Natasha’s latest failed to hit the spot. “A bit on the drab and forgettable side for me. It’s not only zoomed out, the art direction looks like an afterthought and I don’t get the styling. To think that both the photographer and editor actually pushed this forward as a cover image is laughable,” remarked Benn98.

“Was so excited to see Natasha, but this cover is dreadful! The boots are the biggest eyesore, I can’t even…such a shame,” agreed aracic.

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“Minimalism does not always mean elegance. Her hair looks messy and this dress looks like your grandmother’s curtains and we all know how uncomfortable such heavy, rough boots are in warm weather. A Vogue cover has always been a window into a beautiful fairy tale, now it’s just a window into a provincial street,” Minerva13 chimed in.

Forum member tigerrouge shared the same sentiment: “I feel like I’ve seen this before — and the only thing missing is a baby. Bring the glamour back.”

“Why? Why are they doing something like this in 2020?” asked GivenchyHomme.

“May not be Natasha’s finest moment on a magazine cover, but there is NO WAY I am going to complain about Natasha Poly on the cover of Vogue — ever! A diehard Poly fan through and through right here so I’m sold no matter the outcome,” added vogue28.

Check out the supplement cover (featuring Natasha and her two adorable children) and have your say here.

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Reese Witherspoon Has a Blast on Vanity Fair’s April 2020 Cover

It’s safe to say that Vanity Fair is back on our radar. The title closed out 2019 with a stupendous RuPaul cover and won us over with its annual Hollywood issue at the beginning of the year (although the mag disappointed us last month with a less-than-stellar Ana de Armas offering). Now Radhika Jones gives Vanity Fair‘s April 2020 cover to Reese Witherspoon three years after the star’s last appearance. Shot by Jackie Nickerson on location at Inner Gardens in Malibu and styled by Samira Nasr, the Little Fires Everywhere actress clearly had a blast during the cover shoot wearing a showstopping Giambattista Valli creation.

Vanity Fair April 2020 : Reese Witherspoon by Jackie Nickerson


But were our forum members impressed? “Even when they have a safe and popular choice, they still manage to muck it up. The styling looks preposterous and I get what the expression/pose is going for, but it just looks awkward for a cover,” said Benn98.

“What the hell is she wearing?” asked a dumbfounded caioherrero.

“That’s a choice. I’m rarely disappointed with Reese’s covers, but this might be one of them,” confessed MON.

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Also not overly impressed was KINGofVERSAILLES: “Both eyes closed on the cover of a magazine? That’s new. In truth, I applaud Radhika anytime she produces a cover that looks unique compared with Graydon Carter’s Vanity Fair. This certainly fits the bill and I want to like it, but it just looks a bit too much like a ‘fun’ outtake.”

Not everyone agreed, however. “I want to hate this because it’s everything I detest in a magazine cover (zero engagement with the reader from the subject and a full-length shot), but somehow I don’t loathe the outcome? Maybe it’s Reese or just the fact that it’s different and outside the norm for Vanity Fair,” voiced vogue28.

“It’s cute and it’s fun — I’m not complaining!” Srdjan exclaimed.

Are you a fan? Share your thoughts and join the conversation here.

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Gigi Hadid Brings Some Much-Needed Fashion to Harper’s Bazaar for April 2020

All eyes have been on Harper’s Bazaar lately after Glenda Bailey announced her departure from the Hearst-owned title back in January after 19 years at the helm. To finish her tenure, Bailey welcomes Gigi Hadid back for a fourth time on the magazine’s April 2020 edition. One of 2019’s top cover models, the elder Hadid sister gives us drama and glamour for the newsstand cover shot (below) striking a pose in Givenchy haute couture and rocks Chanel haute couture on the subscribers’ alternative (after the jump), both picked by George Cortina, before the lens of Sølve Sundsbø.

US Harper’s Bazaar April 2020 : Gigi Hadid by Sølve Sunsbø


The majority of our forum members were pleasantly surprised. “OMG, did Harper’s Bazaar finally make a good cover?” asked jorgepalomo.

“Finally a great cover!” liberty33r1b echoed.

“No blue skies, no cheesy fake smiles, no insane Photoshop! Clean, chic and timeless. Cortina is the best thing that has happened to this magazine!” declared Lola701.

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“A really refreshing cover!” admired anadmm.

Bailey is definitely going out on a high note. “Can’t believe it! A great, not gimmicky fashion cover,” applauded kokobombon.

“I’ve always enjoyed Gigi for Bazaar. Love this,” raved MON.

But not everyone agreed. “The weird fit of the corset is all I can look at and then how the headpiece bow gives Gigi those dreaded Ariana Grande cat ears. I wish it was more elegant, if that makes sense. There are a couple of missed details that ruin it for me because if you’re going for minimal, it has to be near perfect,” critiqued dodencebt.

“This is…boring,” complained tipi1355.

US Harper’s Bazaar April 2020 : Gigi Hadid by Sølve Sunsbø


Check out the cover feature and join the debate here.

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Gisele Bündchen Goes Green for Marie Claire’s Set of April 2020 Covers

Models are all the rage on the American fashion glossies this month. Anna Wintour gave Vogue‘s latest to a handful of the industry’s finest and now Marie Claire taps none other than firm forum favorite Gisele Bündchen for April 2020. Marking Aya Kanai‘s first issue at the helm, Gisele wears Chloe for the first cover and on the second cover (after the jump) dons Christian Dior picked by Joseph Errico as the supermodel poses before the lens of photographer Nino Muñoz on location in Miami.

US Marie Claire April 2020 : Gisele Bündchen by Nino Munoz


One element in particular ruined things for our forum members. “I love her. This is beautiful, but I hate the new layout,” critiqued caioherrero.

“All I can see is that art direction that needs to be lifted immediately,” echoed MON.

Srdjan felt the same way: “I don’t like the change from their previous looks. When I saw the title, I was expecting something glamorous a la their previous covers with Emily Blunt and Elle Fanning, but this just feels like a reprint of Gisele’s editorial for American Vogue in July 2018.”

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“Why does it feel like I’ve seen this before?” asked SLFC.

“Not her best cover, but not the worst, either,” confessed Benn98. “Really like the composition of the image and the fact that it’s not another close-up or studio shot.”

“Obviously, it’s a delight to see Gisele Bündchen on the cover of a mainstream American fashion magazine, will definitely make a mental note to purchase this one when it hits newsstands here, but echo everyone’s sentiments regarding the layout. I hate the new font that has been introduced and the layout does indeed need a whole lot of work,” agreed vogue28.

US Marie Claire April 2020 : Gisele Bündchen by Nino Munoz


Are you feeling either cover? See more and share your thoughts here.

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Adut Akech, Kaia Gerber and Other Top Models Join Forces for Vogue’s ‘Beauty Without Borders’ Issue

Models are unfortunately rare sights on mainstream American fashion titles nowadays. So it’s an all-out celebration whenever a model appears on the cover of Vogue. For April 2020, we’re treated to not just one but a whole host of beauties for Vogue‘s inaugural “Beauty Without Borders” issue. Anna Wintour selected the globe’s finest, including Ugbad Abdi, Adut Akech and Kaia Gerber who pose together in the regular newsstand cover (below), while Jill Kortleve, Paloma Elsesser, Liu Wen and others star in a selection of digital alternatives (after the jump) all photographed by Tyler Mitchell.

US Vogue April 2020 : The 'Beauty Without Borders' Issue by Tyler Mitchell


How did Vogue‘s latest fare on our forums? “A great concept and models ruined by god-awful photography and styling. He really failed to bring out the personality in these women. There is no charisma or charm on that cover. They look like a bunch of bored soccer moms. The denim vest is vile!” disapproved GivenchyHomme.

“For me, this is yet another in a series of missteps. You had the Cardi B cover, the Billie Eilish multi-covers and now this. Styling is atrocious, photography is terrible and the casting is so jumbled,” wrote Benn98.

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“They’ve dropped the ball. They have been doing well since October cover-wise. I blame the styling, it feels sad, heavy and dated,” added lightblue.

“Why is Tyler Mitchell a thing? His photography is so pedestrian and amateurish,” ranted an unimpressed liv4beauty.

Phuel felt the same way: “It’s Tyler. It’s 2020. What were you expecting? Set your expectations low, low, low. Frankly, it’s all predictably decent, consumer-friendly mediocrity. Nothing to get mad nor excited about.”

“The models seem very stern/serious/cold/sad in their expressions on each cover. Smiles aren’t necessary, but there doesn’t seem to be any warmth or allure,” dmcoram pointed out.

US Vogue April 2020 : The 'Beauty Without Borders' Issue by Tyler Mitchell


Dare to disagree? See more from Vogue‘s April 2020 issue and join the debate here.

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Katie Holmes Strikes a Pose Decked Out in Dolce & Gabbana on InStyle’s April 2020 Cover

It would be a fair statement that we’ve been pretty much living for InStyle over the last year or so. We usually race down to our nearest newsstand whenever a new issue drops. At the helm of the American glossy is Laura Brown, who regularly outshines her competitors with an array of stunning covers starring the likes of Kerry Washington, Salma Hayek, Renée Zellweger and Elle Fanning. Brown’s latest cover conquest is Katie Holmes. The American actress returns to the cover eight years after her last appearance wearing a black Dolce & Gabbana dress (selected by Julia von Boehm) captured sitting in a window looking radiant, effortless and at ease in the Sebastian Faena-shot image.

US InStyle April 2020 : Katie Holmes by Sebastian Faena


InStyle‘s latest immediately became a topic of conversation on our forums. “I do always feel like Laura Brown’s heart and soul are in each and every cover shoot, which I appreciate from an editor in this current economic climate and I also certainly do not mind the sight of Katie Holmes. But why did they feel the need to remove part of Katie’s leg/foot from the cover shot?” wondered vogue28.

“Why Katie Holmes? Is she in a new series/movie? Very lackluster cover,” critiqued Handbag Queen.

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“Is she still relevant?” asked OllieJE.

MON also wasn’t into it. “In what world is this appealing? The styling, someone got paid for that? Goodness. The level of taste (or the lack thereof) this magazine is showing is sincerely questionable. Tons of magazines are ceasing publication while InStyle gets a free pass to be this pedestrian.”

“It’s an alright (even beautiful) image of Katie, although a bit bland. I may not always like their covers, but I appreciate their steady direction. Laura knows what she’s doing,” defended Srdjan.

“I actually like this. She’s not the most edgy actress out there, but this is strong and confident,” added Urban Stylin.

A hit or miss? See more from the issue and share your thoughts here.