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You’ll Either Love or Loathe Kristen Stewart’s InStyle November 2020 Covers

You may find it hard to believe that we’re 10 months into 2020 and Kristen Stewart hasn’t made a notable appearance down at the newsstand. But that’s all about to change with the unveiling of InStyle‘s latest. Our forum members have been singing the American glossy’s praises lately following a series of triumphant covers starring Cynthia Erivo, Zendaya and Alicia Keys. Now Kristen fronts the mag’s November 2020 issue with two covers both photographed by Olivia Malone. Styled by Rebecca Ramsey, the actress sports a red number from Christopher John Rogers for the delightful newsstand cover (below) and strikes a pose under clear blue skies in Michael Kors Collection for the subscribers’ alternative (after the jump).

US InStyle November 2020 : Kristen Stewart by Olivia Malone


The covers divided our forums. “‘Who showed up’…definitely not the makeup artist and hairstylist,” mocked MON.

“Neither did Kristen Stewart, but then again that’s true to form,” replied Benn98. “It’s beyond me how this person continues to book covers and campaigns when she’s the least photogenic with the least likable personality. She hasn’t had a good hair day since Twilight.”

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“She has the same photogenic allure as Alicia Vikander. Exciting as watching paint dry,” added WAVES.

“What a mess,” declared an unimpressed jal718.

But not everyone was underwhelmed. “Actually, it’s gorgeous! One of her best covers! I love the color and she looks sooooo great,” admired fluxxx.

In the same frame of mind was vogue28: “Always been a fan of Kristen Stewart and therefore like seeing her on magazine covers — and this is no exception. The subscribers’ cover is atrocious, but the newsstand alternative is far better, love the lighting for a November cover, which perfectly resembles the autumn lighting outside right now.”

US InStyle November 2020 : Kristen Stewart by Olivia Malone


Which cover do you prefer? Have your say here.

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Kamala Harris Serves as ELLE’s November 2020 Cover Star

Nina Garcia continues to show rivals Anna Wintour and Samira Nasr that she’s able to score the crème de la crème for ELLE‘s front covers. Over the last 10 months we’ve encountered Hailey Bieber, Sophie Turner, Dua Lipa, Rosalía, Cardi B and K-pop sensation Blackpink down at the newsstand. Now Garcia manages to land Kamala Harris for the magazine’s November 2020 cover. The American senator and 2020 vice president candidate was photographed in Washington, D.C. by photographic duo Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

US Elle November 2020 : Kamala Harris by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin


The cover set off a fierce debate on our forums. “I hate when fashion magazines put politicians on covers,” voiced avonlea002.

“Fashion magazines take themselves WAY too seriously now and when they all fall, they have nobody to blame but themselves,” HeatherAnne chimed in.

“What a coup for ELLE. Though this leaves me cold. Why in black and white though? Her color should’ve been celebrated as the first black woman vice president nominee,” declared MON.

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“It’s not a bad cover, but I don’t like the shot they used. With the hand placement and the invisible neck, it looks like someone is holding a Kamala mask in front of their face,” mikel pointed out.

Benn98 wasn’t impressed: “I don’t like the cover, either. Font is too harsh, the random office chair outdoors and the image is just not cover-worthy. Doesn’t look like Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin’s work at all.”

“It’s an OK shot, it’s not really that great, but honestly stop putting politicians on fashion magazine covers… What happened to escapism?” asked SLFC.

“Straight up, it’s just a bad cover regardless of who it is,” said SophiaVB.

A hit or miss? Share your thoughts here.

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Justin and Hailey Bieber Share an Intimate Moment on Vogue Italia’s October 2020 Cover

Emanuele Farneti definitely loves a good gimmick when it comes to Vogue Italia. But at least the magazine is far from predictable. Farneti throws us a total curveball this month following a whopping 100 covers for September, covers drawn by children and a totally blank cover in response to the global health crisis. Justin and Hailey Bieber take to Italian Vogue for October 2020 with the married couple sharing an embrace on a bed of silk sheets snapped by photographer Eli Russell Linnetz. Styled by Mel Ottenberg, the pair wears pieces from Anthony Vaccarello’s seductive Saint Laurent Fall 2020 collection while paying homage to legendary photographer Helmut Newton.

Vogue Italia October 2020 : Justin & Hailey Bieber by Eli Russell Linnetz


Our forum members weren’t fans of the outcome, however. “Helmut Newton is writhing in his grave right now,” said jorgepalomo.

“They are celebrating Helmut Newton’s 100th birthday with this cover? I can’t,” added mikel.

“It’s the quote that is offensive, the audacity to cite Helmut Newton and his lifelong WORKING partnership with his wife as somehow having something in common with this now mostly unemployed pair unless sharing a surname and who knows what else count as peak creative productivity in 2020,” tigerrouge called out.

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“I don’t see what’s so special about the cover, it’s OK for Playboy or Rolling Stone, not for Vogue,” disapproved YohjiAddict.

But not everyone was left unimpressed. “As much as I hate the Biebers, the cover image itself is faultless to me. I wish I could hate it,” confessed TommysBaby.

RedSmokeRise felt the same way: “Despite how much I cringe every time I see them together, the cover image is pretty darn good.”

“Let’s be objective. This is not a terrible cover. This is not the Vogue Italia we all know and respect…” voiced GivenchyAddict.

Are you a fan? See more from the cover shoot and share your thoughts here.

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Serena Williams Graces British Vogue’s November 2020 Issue

Edward Enninful is still on a mission splashing British Vogue‘s front covers with subjects who have never graced the magazine before. Lupita Nyong’o, Irina Shayk, Jodie Comer and Emma Corrin all made their debuts just this year. Now Enninful scores none other than Serena Williams. The three-time American Vogue cover star and Stuart Weitzman brand ambassador takes to the British fashion bible’s November 2020 installment posing for photographer Zoë Ghertner. The tennis ace dons a custom Nike x Off-White dress picked by Julia Sarr-Jamois for the fresh and inviting newsstand cover image.

UK Vogue November 2020 : Serena Williams by Zoe Ghertner


“This is just so U.S. Vogue. Can Edward treat this as a British magazine for now at least before he gets Anna Wintour’s job?” commented Flamingjune the moment the cover dropped.

“I thought this was U.S. Vogue and it could’ve been shot by Annie Leibovitz,” KateTheGreatest chimed in.

“We already have an American Vogue Edward and trust us, we don’t need another,” stated A.D.C.

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KINGofVERSAILLES wasn’t jumping for joy, either. “The cropping, the way her eyes look nearly closed, the hairstyle and the overabundance of summery white on a November issue are all not quite working for me.”

“Not Vogue enough, this basic image belongs on SELF,” MDNA pointed out.

“Zoë Ghertner’s photography here is naff and all I want to do is tilt and shift the cover image because the cropping is awful. I guess I can appreciate the cover for its minimalism — and nothing else. Overall, the cover is indeed very American Vogue and offers nothing new,” voiced vogue28.

But not everyone shared the same sentiment. “I love it, the minimalism and the slight touch of red look very classic. It’s also nice to see a softer side to Serena…” admired Urban Stylin.

“That’s a beautiful cover,” agreed crmsnsnwflks.

Share your thoughts on British Vogue‘s latest here.

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Aaron Philip Is the Face of Moschino’s Fall 2020 Campaign

Jeremy Scott is at the top of his game right now. The designer is busy breaking down barriers and impressing us in the process. Ever since he took over the helm of Moschino back in 2013, the brand has managed to produce magnificent kitsch collections and fabulous Steven Meisel-shot advertising campaigns. The thrills keep on coming with the unveiling of the Italian fashion label’s Fall 2020 campaign. Once again unwilling to conform, the designer selects disabled gender-non-conforming trans woman Aaron Philip as the face of his Marie Antoinette-inspired collection. Aaron poses for a series of black and white portraits captured by photographic duo Luigi & Iango.

Moschino F/W 2020.21 : Aaron Philip by Luigi & Iango


But according to our forum members, something was missing. “This screams we ran out of Meisel budget money or Meisel has decided to relax during the pandemic. Happy for Aaron, she deserves it all, but a Meisel sitting would have done more justice,” voiced WeberFanatic.

“Sorry, but this is a no for me,” added Summer Day.

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“This might be the first time I’m genuinely disappointed to see Luigi & Iango’s name on a project. I was expecting Meisel for Moschino as usual. A fun and quirky neoclassical campaign by Meisel and Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele would’ve been stellar for this collection! I’m not a fan so far. Hopefully there will be shots in color to liven this up a little,” critiqued aracic.

GivenchyHomme wasn’t impressed, either. “The lighting is atrocious! Instead of playing copycat with Meisel, Luigi & Iango should have taken this opportunity to bring such a unique subject to life. This setup doesn’t work for everybody. She’s not one of their Barbie dolls that they can just dress up and photograph in their ‘signature’ style. More thought needs to go into it, otherwise she’s going to get lost. That is exactly what happened here.”

Moschino F/W 2020.21 : Aaron Philip by Luigi & Iango


See more from Moschino’s Fall 2020 campaign and join the conversation here.

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Sharon Stone Is All Smiles on Town & Country’s October 2020 Cover

It’s very rare to see women over the age of 60 greet us down at newsstands. So we gave Edward Enninful major kudos when he made history by giving Judi Dench the June 2020 cover of British Vogue. Just the month prior Vogue Germany welcomed a trio of remarkable women as cover stars. Sharon Stone was one of those women and now the iconic American actress makes a stunning return to the cover of Town & Country (three decades after her last appearance) for October 2020. Captured on the grounds of Tony Duquette’s Beverly Hills estate by photographer Michael Muller, a smiling Sharon sports a Hermes dress, a hat by Gladys Tamez and Christian Dior jewelry for the warm and inviting cover shot.

Town & Country October 2020 : Sharon Stone by Michael Muller


The cover became an instant hit on our forums. “This is gorgeous, she looks so lively and the colors are something refreshing for autumn. Sharon is like red wine, she just gets better with age. She indeed got the last laugh,” said Benn98.

“Love it! Sharon looks radiant,” raved KINGofVERSAILLES.

“She certainly gives hope for dignified aging,” admired San Marco.

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Sharing the same enthusiasm toward the cover was A.D.C.: “Fantastic cover! They hardly make covers like this anymore, it’s refreshing.”

“Extremely refreshing to see a woman over the age of 60 all smiles on the cover of a mainstream ‘fashion’ magazine. Always been a fan of Sharon Stone and think she always photographs brilliantly — especially here surrounded by those vibrant colors and wild surroundings. Nice one, Town & Country!” vogue28 echoed.

“Nice cover! Love the colors!” wrote an equally impressed Handbag Queen.

Forum member mepps described the cover as “beautiful” and we couldn’t agree more.

Check out Sharon’s accompanying cover feature and join the conversation here.