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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Deserves Better Than British ELLE’s ‘Awful’ April 2021 Covers

We’re always happy to see Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Can you blame us? Time and time again, the Brit beauty has delivered, like fronting Vogue Korea and both the Australian and British editions of Harper’s Bazaar. Following a five-year hiatus, Rosie reappears on the cover of British ELLE for April 2021. For the newsstand cover image (below), Rosie wears an Emporio Armani top and a pair of high-waisted briefs from Les Girls Les Boys (picked by stylist Aurelia Donaldson) before a pink backdrop for photographer Quentin Jones. While on the subscribers’ alternative (after the jump), Rosie takes it all off.

UK Elle April 2021 : Rosie Huntington-Whiteley by Quentin Jone


But the majority of our forum members believed Rosie deserved much better. “Farrah Storr’s ELLE is dated,” declared MON.

“That hair ruined an otherwise perfectly fine cover,” called out mikel.

“Sorry, it’s plain a** ugly — both covers in fact. If you manage to make Rosie appear ugly, then it’s a pretty huge feat as a magazine or photographer,” complained Bertrando3.

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“Rosie’s worst cover ever,” Srdjan chimed in.

“Always love me some Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, but the color scheme is about the only element I can tolerate here. The beauty styling is awful, absolutely loathe the straggly hair in the cover shot and very much doubt anyone is wanting to emulate it, either,” added vogue28.

Benn98 disagreed: “I like the cover, maybe it’s the pose, the color combination with her tan and the lean, athletic physique. It’s also very brave of them to go with Rosie in her knickers, but I don’t find it sexual at all. It’s more trendy because that style of knickers is very much in right now.”

“I like the color scheme. That’s about it,” said annikad.

UK Elle April 2021 : Rosie Huntington-Whiteley by Quentin Jone


Check out Rosie’s accompanying cover feature and share your thoughts here.

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Nora Attal Transports Us to Mexico via the April 2021 Cover of Vogue Paris

We’ve made zero attempts to hide the fact that Vogue Paris is the best magazine for pure, unapologetic fashion (even during a global health crisis). After a triumphant 2020, Emmanuelle Alt started 2021 off with a spectacular Anna Ewers offering. Although, last month’s Quinn Mora cover unfortunately fell short. In a quest to redeem itself, the mag takes us to Mexico with a little help from Nora Attal for April 2021. Scoring her first Vogue Paris cover, the Moroccan-British beauty was captured at the majestic Casa Cuixmala hotel by photographic duo Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. In the vibrant cover image, Nora wears a bikini top, a Dolce & Gabbana skirt and a hat from Atelier Donoma.

Vogue Paris April 2021 : Nora Attal by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin


Surprisingly, the cover divided our forum members. “I love this! Beautiful colors… The backdrop is stunning, it perfectly sells the mood they were going for and now I’m even more depressed about being inside the house staring out at the gray sky,” said LastNight.

“I love it! Finally someone doing a location shoot worth putting in a picture. Just what I need after a year of lockdown and not being able to go anywhere,” echoed dfl-001.

“Perfection, especially compared to the garbage other magazines publish nowadays,” praised SanderGreen.

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“So much color, so much architecture and energy. Love it for these reasons alone. Although if I’m totally honest, a zoomed-in version would have been better,” critiqued Benn98.

Not everyone was thrilled with the outcome, however. “It pains me to confess that I’m not a fan of this! Not a fan of the full-length cover image and how it’s reading more like a travel supplement as opposed to a fashion magazine cover,” vogue28 chimed in.

“I love Nora, but this looks like an Instagram post of a traveling influencer or something…” voiced Krystalblue006.

THD96 felt the same way: “A little zoomed in and more expression on Nora’s face would’ve made a stellar cover. It does look like a travel magazine.”

Do you agree? Share your thoughts on Vogue Paris’ latest here.

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Rianne Van Rompaey, Akon Changkou and Others Bring the Heat in Louis Vuitton’s Summer 2021 Campaign

Steven Meisel can do no wrong when it comes to photographing magazine covers or advertising campaigns for major fashion houses. (And even for Zara.) So we weren’t surprised to see Meisel step behind the lens for Louis Vuitton’s Alma handbag campaign last month. Much to our delight, Meisel returns to capture the French fashion house’s Summer 2021 campaign. The ads feature an impressive cast of models, including Rianne Van Rompaey, Akon Changkou, Ida Heiner, Jade Nguyen and Ashley Radjarame, bringing some summer heat to the studio decked out in Vuitton’s new collection while toting a selection of the brand’s latest leather goods.

Louis Vuitton 'Summer by the Pool' 2021 : Rianne, Jade, Akon, Ashley & Ida by Steven Meisel


The campaign generated discussion on our forums. “The man is a magician! It’s incredible to see that, even after all these years, he manages to bring the best out of the girls!” heralded SRank.

“Don’t really have any negatives — this is just gorgeous and exactly what I needed to see!” praised RedSmokeRise.

“Natural hair, natural makeup and most of all great casting,” applauded Mercredi.

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GERGIN was also impressed: “Much better than the previous handbag campaign with the bland backdrop and annoying haircuts! Let the Rianne Van Rompaey domination continue…”

“This is much better than last season’s bad hair fiasco,” echoed THD96.

“Much better than the last Vuitton campaign… I’m here for the U.S. Vogue circa 1999 vibe and the casting of Jade,” approved Fiercification.

“Thank god they have smiling models here to compensate for that Pont Neuf campaign they did recently that could only work to sell antidepressants!” said YohjiAddict.

Louis Vuitton 'Summer by the Pool' 2021 : Rianne, Jade, Akon, Ashley & Ida by Steven Meisel


See more from the Summer 2021 campaign and join the conversation here.

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Raquel Zimmermann Really Shines on Vogue Korea’s Trio of Terrific April 2021 Covers

We have been fans of Raquel Zimmermann since she made a splash in the early 2000s. So it’s been truly amazing to see the Brazilian beauty stage a mini comeback over the last few months. Following an appearance on Vogue Germany, Raquel now takes to the cover, or rather covers, of Vogue Korea for April 2021. Throughout 2020, the Korean fashion bible served up flawless covers featuring Liya Kebede, Binx Walton and Hyun Ji Shin. For April, Raquel (styled by Sarajane Hoare) poses along with a feline friend for photographer Chris Colls delivering three great covers.

Vogue Korea April 2021 : Raquel Zimmermann by Chris Colls


Needless to say, the covers were a welcome sight to our forum members. “It’s always a delight seeing Raquel! Stunning three covers, Vogue Korea really knows how to knock it out of the park occasionally,” raved aracic.

“R A Q U E L! Drop the mic. This year is bringing the shine. Took that Zimmermann magic to finally bring out the best in Chris Colls,” applauded zoom.

“That second cover is pure perfection. She just brought everything together. Heck, she even managed to look actually great as a cat lady…” TaylorBinque pointed out.

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FashionMuseDior shared the same sentiment: “She’s such an amazing model! First cover is stunning, intriguing with flaws and all.”

“Raquel looks great. The intensity of her stare across all three covers is what really captivates you,” said Nomar.

“Absolutely love all three covers, but adore the second and third more than the first. Perhaps the second and third were the only truly necessary covers, but I’m not complaining. The close-up is flawless, very commanding and the beauty styling is top-notch!” voiced vogue28.

“The second cover is what Raquel was made for, it’s gorgeous,” declared marsnoop2.

Vogue Korea April 2021 : Raquel Zimmermann by Chris Colls


Which cover do you prefer? Join the conversation here.

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Hailey Bieber Gives Us a Serious Case of Wanderlust With ELLE’s April 2021 Cover

Nina Garcia has our undivided attention this month thanks to her selection of Hailey Bieber as ELLE ‘s latest cover star. After fronting last year’s March issue, the current face of Versace once again gives us a serious case of wanderlust as she poses under the warm California sunshine for the mag’s April 2021 cover. Photographed at the famed Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles by Mario Sorrenti, Hailey gives good face with a sun-kissed complexion, lightly tousled waves and a bralette from Versace’s Spring 2021 collection (chosen by stylist Alex White).

US Elle April 2021 : Hailey Bieber by Mario Sorrenti


ELLE‘s latest was immediately declared a triumph. “Tropical vibes. I really like it,” approved matheus_s the moment the cover dropped.

“Surprisingly good, I also love the tropical vibes and colors that bring this cover to life,” echoed aracic.

“I’m loving how vibrant it feels with the warm California sunshine, Alex White’s use of the Versace top and the loud yellow ELLE masthead. Zero complaints regarding this cover!” raved vogue28.

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“It’s giving me a melancholic version of ‘I’m a Slave 4 U’ by Britney Spears vibes and I must say I do like it. I love the tropical feel of the cover and that Versace top,” agreed marsnoop2.

Lola701 was also very much a fan: “It’s great! We don’t expect more from professional models so why have insane expectations for a cute girl who happens to model? She looks fabulous and she is very ELLE…”

“Love it. So ELLE. I don’t really care about Hailey, but I give her credit when it’s due,” said FashionMuseDior.

“I know it’s annoying that she essentially seems to just get booked to promote her marriage, but I think she almost always photographs beautifully, better than most celebs and better than most of her nepotism model peers,” admitted KINGofVERSAILLES.

See more from ELLE‘s April 2021 cover shoot with Hailey and share your thoughts here.

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Jodie Comer Gives Vogue Spain an ‘Exquisite’ Cover for April 2021

Jodie Comer photographs like an absolute dream. Within a few short years, we’ve witnessed Jodie blossom before the lens of Steven Meisel for British Vogue and Loewe along with Charlotte Hadden for InStyle. Now Jodie is teamed up with Emma Summerton by Vogue Spain. Following questionable Bella Hadid and Jill Kortleve covers, the Spanish fashion bible finally raises the bar for April 2021. Jodie wears a sequined Louis Vuitton top and pants from the brand’s Spring 2021 collection picked by Leith Clark for the utterly charming cover image.

Vogue España April 2021 : Jodie Comer by Emma Summerton


We’ll race you down to the newsstand for a copy. “Oh, simply exquisite! Jodie really can photograph well! The overall cover works in every aspect, the flower in her hand just contrasts beautifully with the fonts and backdrop!” raved GERGIN.

“Love it. Jodie is gorgeous, love the flower and the pale yellow fonts, they really lighten up the dull gray background,” said THD96.

“Lovely cover. Love the play on the simple gray and yellow,” admired justaguy.

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“Exquisite! Jodie is such a superstar. It’s always a delight seeing her on fashion covers, in my opinion she deserves even more,” aracic chimed in.

“Utterly beautiful, wouldn’t change a single thing. It feels like a breath of fresh air after the eyesore of a Bella Hadid cover last month. I love how serene it feels despite the gray backdrop and the pale yellow fonts were the perfect choice. Jodie is an absolute star, a pleasure to see grace the covers of fashion magazines — have yet to come across a bad photo of her!” declared vogue28.

MON shared the same sentiment: “Oh, this is actually beautiful!”

“Quite lovely. Overall a strong cover,” added mikel.

Do you love the cover as much as we do? Join the conversation here.