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Miriam Sanchez Poses on the Empty Streets of Madrid for Vogue Spain’s August 2020 Cover

Vogue Spain kick-started 2020 on a high note with delightful Hailey Bieber and Ana de Armas covers. Plus, the mag was praised for its symbolic pandemic cover illustrated by Ignasi Monreal. But the Spanish fashion bible has disappointed us over recent months with some questionable Laura Dern and Naomi Campbell covers. For August 2020, another symbolic cover comes our way featuring Miriam Sanchez. Photographed by Miguel Reveriego, the model poses on the empty streets of Madrid decked out in a Christian Dior creation courtesy of Juan Cebrian.

Vogue España August 2020 : Miriam Sánchez by Miguel Reveriego


How did the cover fare with our forum members? “When I look at this cover the first thing I see is the building and then I notice there’s a girl sitting at the bottom of the picture. Good thing she’s wearing red, otherwise she’d completely disappear from this cover!” pointed out aracic.

“Looks like a mood board with cut-outs. Yikes,” proclaimed MON.

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Sharing the same underwhelming sentiment toward the cover was Nymphaea: “Both the building and the red dress are beautiful, but totally don’t connect with each other in this pic. The basics are there, but the result is disappointing.”

“I’m only able to appreciate it for the fact that it captures a moment in time, a moment we all know too well right now — the stillness and silence of once busy streets. Other than that, the cover offers nothing else,” said vogue28.

“It had the makings of a good cover — all dressed up with nowhere to go, standing alone in the street like the last woman alive — but it ended up looking like nothing aside from the artificially saturated colors and art direction that see Miriam being out modeled by a stone building,” commented tigerrouge.

Are you a fan? Check out the contents of the issue and have your say here.

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Binx Walton Is All Smiles on Vogue Italia’s July/August 2020 Cover

It’s fair to say that Emanuele Farneti hasn’t been in our good graces over recent months. After all, we’ve encountered our fair share of questionable Vogue Italia issues, from covers drawn by children to the magazine creating its very own CGI cover star. But is Farneti about to turn over a new leaf? Conventional photoshoots are back for the publication’s July/August 2020 offering with Ethan James Green returning for his second Italian Vogue cover shoot. Model Binx Walton dashes across the studio decked out in a look from Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2020 collection (selected by Carlos Nazario) in the joyous cover image.

Vogue Italia July/August 2020 : Binx Walton by Ethan James Green


The cover proved to be a hit with the majority of our forum members. “Whoa, I’ve just fallen immediately in love with this cover!” confessed Valentine27.

“An actual person on the cover? And my girl Binx? Doing something else than standing there? Wearing Nicolas Ghesquière’s Vuitton? Styled by Carlos? I’m about to have a heart attack!” raved Lola701.

“I have to say it: the cover, the concept, the cast…A TOTAL SERVE,” approved jorgepalomo.

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Forum member vogue28 was also impressed: “Gotta hand it to Farneti on this because it’s the best Vogue Italia cover in months. The heart illustration and the use of the Louis Vuitton outfit don’t even bother me. A resounding thumbs-up from me!”

“Finally something good and fashionable from Vogue Italia! But I’m under no illusions: I believe this is a good exception in a sea of senseless and pretentious garbage. You know what they say…even a broken clock is right twice a day,” voiced apple.

“I feel like everyone is liking this cover because Vogue Italia extremely lowered their standards. For me it’s very basic when we compare it with any issue under Franca Sozzani. I’m happy for Binx, but I feel like someone else would bring much more life to this cover,” critiqued misszk.

Check out some previews of the issue and share your thoughts here.

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Laetitia Casta Captivates on Vanity Fair France’s ‘Stunning’ August 2020 Cover

The last time Vanity Fair France got our attention was back in 2016 with a Lily-Rose Depp offering. Four years later, the publication is back on our radar thanks to its new August 2020 cover featuring Laetitia Casta. Whether she’s fronting Numéro, posing nude on ELLE France or landing the cover of Vogue Paris, Laetitia always delivers. The French actress poses in front of a stark white studio backdrop before the lens of Nathaniel Goldberg for the cover. Laetitia’s natural beauty shines through in the clean and minimal cover image with the star simply wearing a crisp Chanel shirt picked by Camille Bidault-Waddington.

Vanity Fair France August 2020 : Laetitia Casta by Nathaniel Goldberg


The applause could be heard loud and clear across our forums. “Laetitia looks beautiful as always. Great portrait for the cover!” heralded aracic.

“Stunning as always! I love to see Laetitia on covers,” agreed Bertrando3.

“Stunning cover, Laetitia looks flawless with this natural beauty style,” said burbuja8910.

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Also equally impressed with the cover was Benn98: “This cover is simply stunning. From the font to the uncomplicated close-up.”

“Absolutely stunning!” echoed MON.

“Laetitia is such a beauty!” raved FashionMuseDior.

“Nathaniel Goldberg out here helping the French publications BIG time during the pandemic — first Vogue Paris and now Vanity Fair France. This is a beautiful cover, love the simplicity and rawness of the shot and of course Laetitia Casta is always a welcome sight,” declared vogue28.

Check out Laetitia’s cover feature in all its glory and share your thoughts here.

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Natalia Vodianova Wears Vintage Christian Dior on Vogue China’s August 2020 Cover

Following a bold Billie Eilish offering and an utterly breathtaking Zhou Dongyu cover just last month, it’s safe to say that Vogue China is back on our radar. Powering through the pandemic with effortless ease, Angelica Cheung selects Natalia Vodianova as the publication’s August 2020 cover star. Fresh off a trio of Vogue Hong Kong covers, the Russian supermodel is the epitome of elegance and sophistication in the chic cover image captured by Estelle Hanania. Instead of relying on Maria Grazia Chiuri’s latest collection for Christian Dior, Daniela Paudice opted to pull one of the French fashion house’s most iconic looks from its archives for the cover shot: the brand’s signature Bar jacket and skirt from the New Look collection in 1947.

Vogue China August 2020 : Natalia Vodianova by Estelle Hanania


But unfortunately, the cover fell flat for our forum members. “It’s just not a strong enough image to go for that vintage Irving Penn vibe!” called out Miss Dalloway.

“It looks so fan-made. Is this real? Look at the font, the quality of the image and so on. I find Natalia so boring these days and a 1940s look for 2020? Groundbreaking,” ranted Bertrando3.

“That’s an actual vintage Bar jacket? They had one of the most important and original looks in the history of fashion and Dior is very selective about who they loan it to and that’s what they’ve done with it?” asked an underwhelmed Benn98.

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“It literally looks like the work of your mediocre high school photographer who wants to work in fashion and starts building a portfolio cheaply recreating classic photos with a friend who everyone says will be a model. I can’t believe an original Dior Bar jacket was loaned for this,” dodencebt chimed in.

“Nothing looks appealing. That’s actually quite an accomplishment,” added mikel.

“At least she’s wearing something from New Look, which is fresher than Maria Grazia Chiuri’s ‘Old Look’. It’s not a total flop in that regard,” said GivenchyHomme.

A wasted opportunity? See what else the issue has to offer and share your thoughts here.

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Mônot’s First-Ever Campaign Features an Impressive Cast of Models

There’s nothing like a great cast shot by Luigi & Iango to grab our attention. Enter Mônot’s first-ever advertising campaign. Lebanese designer Eli Mizrahi’s label burst onto the scene during Paris Fashion Week back in March and its Fall 2020 campaign hits all the right notes. The ads star an impressive lineup of modeling’s finest: Amber Valletta, Alek Wek, Candice Swanepoel, Kate Moss, Jourdan Dunn, Mariacarla Boscono and Xiao Wen Ju. The glamorous and stylized campaign transports us to Al Ula in Saudi Arabia with Carine Roitfeld on styling duties.

Mônot F/W 2020.21 by Luigi & Iango


The campaign immediately became a hot topic on our forums. “Kate the Great! This is fantastic! Those landscapes, those models — pure perfection,” applauded aracic.

“It’s fabulous, very Mugler, very opulent! Carine only delivers when it’s big budget and she delivered! Bravo!” raved Lola701.

“I like it, seen it a thousand times, but it’s got good energy and a lovely cast. Xiao is on fire,” commented YohjiAddict.

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“The Xiao shoot with the veil looks very Newton-ish. As airbrushed and tacky as it looks, I can’t help but love it! The casting is stellar…” said SRank.

“I prefer the finesse of Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, but this is a decent imitation,” confessed GivenchyHomme.

But a few of our forum members were left scratching their heads. “How did this no-name brand get the money to cast these stars?” wondered dfwn2n.

“What’s this brand? They decided to take a shot using supermodels, a supermodel stylist and all this outdated glam,” critiqued Alien Sex Friend.

Mônot F/W 2020.21 by Luigi & Iango


The rest of the campaign is a total must-see. See more and join the conversation here.

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Olympia Campbell Heads Outside for a Pair of British Harper’s Bazaar August 2020 Covers

British Harper’s Bazaar has been riding a wave of success of late by gifting us a plethora of utterly beautiful covers. First came Gugu Mbatha-Raw, then Léa Seydoux followed by an equally delightful Rachel Weisz offering. Last month saw the magazine respond to the pandemic by giving Ashley Graham and her husband Justin Ervin creative control over their cover shoot, which felt like a breath of fresh air. Now, for August 2020, model Olympia Campbell makes her debut on the Brit publication shot by Jesse Jenkins. Photographed just as the lockdown restrictions in London were eased, the team (including stylist Cathy Kasterine) headed out into the great outdoors for both the newsstand cover (below) and subscribers’ shot (after the jump).

UK Harper's Bazaar August 2020 : Olympia Campbell by Jesse Jenkins


But did the mag keep its stellar streak going? “That’s one silly cover. Their August covers are always the weakest ones,” Srdjan pointed out.

“Silly or not, I’d take that cover over what British Vogue is doing for August any day of the week,” replied KINGofVERSAILLES.

“This is the main cover and the U.K. Vogue covers are the behind the scenes,” laughed MON.

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“Wonder why they didn’t use one of their normal photographers?” asked 8eight.

Benn98 wrote: “It’s all a bit Cotswolds for me, but still a great cover. And very ballsy of Lydia Slater to use that image for the newsstand cover. Don’t know about the masthead shade, though. Lydia seems to be reverting back to Justine’s direction with each issue. Maybe it’s better that way because it will make the new EIC’s direction stand out more when they eventually find one.”

“A massive flop following last month’s beauty of a cover with Ashley Graham. Unlike last month, this cover shot is an eyesore, extremely unworthy of being suitable for a cover,” voiced vogue28.

UK Harper's Bazaar August 2020 : Olympia Campbell by Jesse Jenkins


Check out Olympia’s cover feature and join the conversation here.