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Dua Lipa Channels Linda Evangelista on British Vogue’s February 2021 Cover

Dua Lipa’s magazine covers are definitely hit or miss. Whether she’s appearing on an absolutely “dated” British ELLE cover or earning high marks fronting Vogue Spain. Now Dua returns to the cover of British Vogue for February 2021. The singer looks like Linda Evangelista thanks to a cropped blond hairdo along with a Giorgio Armani Spring 2021 black dress courtesy of Kate Phelan in the Emma Summerton-shot image.

UK Vogue February 2021 : Dua Lipa by Emma Summerton


Nonetheless, our forum members are less than thrilled with the outcome. “They really played her dirty,” proclaimed a disapproving jorgepalomo.

“Should have stuck to the old style rules, they were better…” GERGIN points out.

“Why would you take Dua Lipa and style her like this? It’s aged her unnecessarily,” added an undoubtedly dismayed honeycombchild.

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“It’s like they sucked all the life and fun out of her,” said tipi1355.

Marc10 also clearly isn’t a fan. “She’s such a pretty girl and wears high fashion with an almost Rihanna-like confidence so this is a major disappointment.”

“U.K. Vogue says the inspiration for this shoot was Linda Evangelista. That’s like taking the magazine’s archives and using them as toilet paper because all the shops are shut,” commented tigerrouge.

But vogue28 obviously disagrees: “Must be looking at a different cover because I find this all completely inoffensive on the eye and think it’s rather gorgeous.”

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Charlotte Casiraghi Fronts Chanel’s Spring 2021 Campaign

Chanel loves having brand ambassadors and the iconic French fashion house’s current roster includes Margot Robbie, Marion Cotillard, Penélope Cruz and Lily-Rose Depp (to name a select few). Now Charlotte Casiraghi is added to the mix serving as the face of the Spring 2021 collection. Shot by photographic duo Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, the Monégasque royal and two-time Vogue Paris cover star is snapped at various lavish Monaco locations (including the villa adored by the late Karl Lagerfeld) for the series of glitzy images.

Chanel S/S 2021 : Charlotte Casiraghi by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin


The campaign failed to impress the majority of our forum members. “Sorry to start the new year with salty comments, but sigh. Chanel officially does not look like a luxury brand anymore. It started with the Lily-Rose Depp campaign. The setting is predictable, Charlotte’s hair and makeup are predictable and the ‘Frenchness’ is predictable,” critiqued Benn98.

“I guess this is the era of young royals or celebrity offspring and in this case Charlotte is both so it makes sense. That being said she looks stiff and uncomfortable. There is nothing expensive about this,” voiced THD96.

YohjiAddict described the campaign as “totally amateur.”

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“This indeed looks very cheap and has no Chanel quality at all. If you’d have showed me the poolside picture out of context, I would’ve said it was Michael Kors Collection,” noted aracic.

“Yikes, when did Chanel of all things become Michael Kors?” asked RedSmokeRise.

“Without Karl Chanel ads now look like images lifted from a feature where mothers and daughters try to prove they can wear the same clothes as each other because ‘style is timeless,'” tigerrouge chimed in.

Although vogue28 loved the outcome: “I have a slight obsession with all things Monaco and Monaco’s royal family and have always fawned over Princess Caroline wearing Chanel — so I am ALL for this new partnership. Charlotte feels like a natural fit for Chanel and very much resembles a young Caroline here…”

Chanel S/S 2021 : Charlotte Casiraghi by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin


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Rianne Van Rompaey Brings Some Romance to Vogue Japan’s February 2021 Cover

We’ve encountered our fair share of plain white studio backgrounds when it comes to Vogue Japan’s covers. Now that we’re in 2021, however, the magazine appears to be turning over a new leaf. Following last month’s Mona Tougaard offering, the mag heads back outdoors for its February 2021 cover shoot. Rianne Van Rompaey is captured wearing a veil and a white lace Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda creation (courtesy of Anna Dello Russo) by photographic duo Luigi & Iango on location in the Puglia region of Italy.

Vogue Japan February 2021 : Rianne van Rompaey by Luigi & Iango


The cover took our forum members by surprise. “The text overload is really killing a good cover,” voiced THD96.

“The image is fantastic, but that art direction is an eyesore! What are all those colors? However, I like that Luigi & Iango took editorials outside recently…” commented aracic.

“The colored masthead ruined it for me. It feels like they wanted a summery cover, but Rianne wasn’t in the mood so they had to deal with it,” stated MON.

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Benn98 wasn’t exactly jumping for joy, either. “Seems they’ve used an image initially intended for Vogue Weddings. It’s faultless, but not ‘fashion’ enough. Too bridal. And the art direction just doesn’t work.”

“I’ve been dying to see her do a classic style Vogue Japan cover. A white background, killer outfit and a fierce pose. Imagine my disappointment when I saw this. The most offensive thing about this is how they hid her face. Why would they do something like that?” asked GivenchyHomme.

“I miss Vogue Japan covers with the white background,” Scotty chimed in.

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Natasha Poly, Irina Shayk and Joan Smalls Join Forces for Ermanno Scervino’s Spring 2021 Campaign

Photographic duo Luigi & Iango definitely loves supermodels. Whether the pair is shooting Kate Moss along with Amber Valletta for Mônot or a supermodel extravaganza for Vogue Japan, the outcome is usually outstanding. The duo’s latest project absolutely stays true to form. Luigi & Iango captures Ermanno Scervino’s 20th anniversary campaign featuring Natasha Poly, Irina Shayk and Joan Smalls as the faces of the Spring 2021 collection.

Ermanno Scervino S/S 2021 : Natasha Poly, Irina Shayk & Joan Smalls by Luigi & Iango


“I’m getting Balmain, Alberta Ferretti and Dolce & Gabbana more than Ermanno Scervino,” voiced Summer Day.

“You get a cast like this and you Photoshop them into oblivion…” mathiaskatz pointed out.

“Not necessarily a bad set of images. This would’ve been an amazing Balmain campaign five years ago. Or a stunning Cavalli campaign 10 years ago,” critiqued an undoubtedly disappointed mikel.

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But clearly not everyone felt the same way. “I love Irina but I feel like Joan and Natasha are enough. That solo shot of Joan is beautiful,” raved Krystalblue006.

“Natasha and Joan were enough, I love Irina but I think she looks like an extra model,” echoed zacatecas570.

“It’s classic Luigi & Iango and everything works perfectly and while I do prefer studio shoots, I cannot help but love this. As much as I am a diehard Natasha Poly fan, Irina Shayk and Joan Smalls hold their own just as much. Zero complaints over this!” declared an obviously content vogue28.

Ermanno Scervino S/S 2021 : Natasha Poly, Irina Shayk & Joan Smalls by Luigi & Iango


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Vogue Spain Picks Penélope Cruz as Its First 2021 Cover Star

We’ve enjoyed Vogue Spain immensely throughout 2020. The Spanish fashion bible has delivered an array of stunning covers starring everyone from Hailey Bieber to Ana de Armas to Amber Valletta. Then there was that unforgettable Indya Moore cover. Despite the fact Eugenia de la Torriente is leaving, 2021 still looks bright for Spanish Vogue. Especially with Penélope Cruz leading the way. Appearing on the January issue, the actress photographs like a dream (per usual) wearing Chanel picked by Juan Cebrian before the lens of Nico Bustos.

Vogue España January 2021 : Penélope Cruz by Nico Bustos


“Always elated to see Penélope grace the cover of any fashion magazine, but Vogue Spain always feels just so right. The cover image itself is gorgeous, but I am incredibly bias toward Penélope and believe she just can do NO wrong,” raved vogue28.

“I think it’s one of my favorite covers of Spanish Vogue. This one is a soft, pretty image of Penélope. I like the simple styling…” admired Bertrando3.

Blizzard8358 simply used the word “stunning” to describe the cover.

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But not everyone agreed. “I actually like it, but it’s more of a YouTube teaser than a Vogue cover,” critiqued MON.

“Doesn’t look like her. I feel as if I just saw her on the cover,” voiced an uninterested Summer Day.

“Nice picture of Penélope, but the twos in 2021 just drag your eyes straight to them,” justaguy pointed out.

“NO to the hair color, the nude lips, the rosé font, the overplayed Lady Godiva concept… I know it’s Penélope Cruz and that they’ve shot her so much that they’ve run out of ideas, but then get someone else to shoot her. The weak link of course is Nico Bustos,” disapproved Benn98.

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Heidi Klum and Her Daughter Leni Team Up for Vogue Germany’s January/February 2021 Cover

Model mothers and their daughters posing together on the cover of Vogue isn’t exactly new. Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber were all smiles on the cover of Vogue Paris, while Kate and Lila Moss fronted Vogue Italia. Now Heidi Klum and her daughter Leni grace the cover of Vogue Germany’s January/February 2021 edition. Following a year full of hit or miss covers, the duo color coordinate via Versace with Heidi planting a sweet kiss on the cheek of her 16-year-old offspring captured by Chris Colls.

Vogue Germany January/February 2021 : Heidi Klum & Leni Klum by Chris Colls


The cover divided our forums. “I’ve about had it with the overt nepotism. Get these children off of Vogue,” demanded KINGofVERSAILLES.

“I sense a new nepotism model surfacing,” said Toni Ahlgren.

“I am SO, SO, SO tired of these celebrity children. Please let it stop,” pleaded [Piece Of Me].

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“I’ve lost count of all the mothers and their mini-mes we’ve seen in the past month or two, they seem to be everywhere suddenly,” aracic pointed out.

But not everyone was dissatisfied. “I really like this,” admitted liv4beauty.

“I quite like it. Love the bold colors and composition,” echoed mikel.

“Nepotism aside, I really like the colors. Everything recently has been so drab or an eyesore and the color coordination here was done remarkably well. I’ve always had a soft spot for Heidi… She barely has any Vogue covers so I’m more than happy to see her on Germany’s considering it’s one of their better covers in the past year,” expressed marsnoop2.

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