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Stephanie Seymour and Claudia Schiffer Show Plenty of Skin on Vogue Italia’s August 2019 Covers

We half-expected to see Stephanie Seymour starring in Versace’s Fall 2019 advertising campaign after her spectacular runway comeback during Milan Fashion Week. But it’s Vogue Italia supplying our Seymour fix by gifting us not one but two August 2019 covers featuring the ultimate 90s bombshell. We were also treated to a pair of Claudia Schiffer covers. Both beauties stripped down to the bare minimum wearing a selection of pieces from Saint Laurent’s Fall 2019 collection (picked by Vanessa Reid) for the Collier Schorr-shot covers.

Vogue Italia August 2019 : Stephanie Seymour & Claudia Schiffer by Collier Schorr


But the covers didn’t win over our forum members. “It is too painful to see what has happened to this magazine,” said dodencebt.

“Wow, they are going deeper and deeper down the drain,” pointed out an unimpressed Nymphaea.

“Was excited to see Stephanie Seymour get a Vogue cover, out of all the Supers, she really is used the least. And while I think she works for this concept, this is not a cover-worthy shot! It’s crazy how Vogue Italia has lost its luster,” complained Miss Dalloway.

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“I sometimes forget this magazine still exists and these covers are exactly the reason why,” voiced anlabe32.

“What really surprises me is how a (maybe former) great fashion magazine managed to produce not only one but four horrible covers,” stated blusheels.

“Horrible cast and horrible photos! They need to stop with 90s models and Collier Schorr, one of the worst photographers in the history of the world,” declared Perickles.

Scotty felt exactly the same way: “They’re all terrible. Collier Schorr is just not a good photographer.”

“There’s something obnoxious about Vogue Italia under [Emanuele] Farneti, from the photography, layout, creative direction, the choice of photographers, the accompanying fonts…and I don’t know what is gonna make me like Vogue Italia again,” testified Ed..

Vogue Italia August 2019 : Stephanie Seymour & Claudia Schiffer by Collier Schorr


Await more from Vogue Italia’s latest and share your thoughts here.

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Kate Moss Looks Like Her Old Supermodel Self in Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2019 Campaign

We’re all used to Kate Moss being photographed and styled exactly the same way, whether she’s the face of a brand or fronting a fashion magazine. So our forum members are always elated whenever the supermodel is portrayed in a new and exciting way. And Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2019 advertising campaign is certainly cause for celebration. Captured by Jamie Hawkesworth, Kate is thrust out of her comfort zone photographed in Sarah Burton’s sharp and tailored collection indoors and outdoors.

Alexander McQueen F/W 2019.20 : Kate Moss by Jamie Hawkesworth


Our forums absolutely loved the outcome. “That’s really Kate? Wow,” stated Scotty.

“Oh my God, Kate Moss without a blur filter looking straight into the camera? I’ll take it!” expressed dodencebt.

“Fabulous! What a surprise…coming from Kate and McQueen,” Lola701 chimed in.

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“Love this. The collection was really strong so it’s great to see that the campaign didn’t disappoint,” proclaimed Nepenthes.

Sharing the same enthusiasm was KINGofVERSAILLES: “The shots with Kate in front of the loom are incredible and juxtapose beautifully with the outdoor shots. It’s the best work she’s done in a long, long time.”

“Now this is the Kate we all know and love, not that oversaturated, overedited CGI mess,” heralded Style Savvy.

“Love it!! First time in months that Kate actually looks like Kate!” applauded GreyVetiver.

“I love the results!” declared DK92.

Alexander McQueen F/W 2019.20 : Kate Moss by Jamie Hawkesworth


Check out Alexander McQueen’s full Fall 2019 campaign in all its glory and share your thoughts here.

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Alicia Keys Stars on Harper’s Bazaar’s ‘Iconic’ September 2019 Cover

September issues are always a big deal. As usual, Harper’s Bazaar dropped its annual Icons edition for the most important month on the fashion calendar. Alicia Keys lands this year’s cover, which was shot by Mario Sorrenti and styled by Carine Roitfeld. The singer/songwriter strikes a pose in Salvatore Ferragamo on the newsstand cover (below). Subscribers get a Christy Turlington cover with the 90s supermodel decked out in Celine.

US Harper’s Bazaar September 2019 : Alicia Keys by Mario Sorrenti


Our forums weren’t feeling the newsstand cover. “Alicia herself looks beautiful, as always. However the overall design of the cover, from styling to photography to text placement, content and color just reads as terribly cheap to me,” shared KINGofVERSAILLES.

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“A little dumbfounded over how Alicia Keys could make the cover of a fashion magazine for what is considered to be the biggest issue of the year. Carine Roitfeld ought to be stopped at this rate. Is Alicia even a big thing anymore?” asked vogue28.

“Alicia Keys isn’t relevant enough to cover a September issue. Even if it’s Harper’s Bazaar,” RanThe chimed in.

“Alicia is beautiful, but that’s one hell of a safe cover,” disapproved Urban Stylin.

Forum member aracic wasn’t a fan: “It looks worse than Cosmopolitan and that’s saying something.”

And mepps wasn’t jumping for joy, either. “Alicia is beautiful, but I hate her dress. The Christy cover is beautiful. Someone needs to send Carine a dictionary with the word icon bookmarked.”

“As usual, Alicia looks stunning, but that dress is a disservice to her stunning figure,” declared MON.

US Harper’s Bazaar September 2019 : Alicia Keys by Mario Sorrenti


See more from the issue and join the conversation here.

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Adut Akech Outshines Everyone Else on Vogue Japan’s 20th Anniversary Cover

Magazines have a lot to celebrate right now. Vogue Germany is currently in the midst of celebrating its 40th anniversary, Vogue Paris is set to unveil its 1,000th issue this month and Vogue Japan decided to commemorate two decades in print with its September 2019 cover. To mark the momentous occasion, Japanese Vogue features some of modeling’s brightest newcomers on its cover: Rebecca Leigh Longendyke, Hikari Mori, Anok Yai, Adut Akech, Kris Grikaite and Fran Summers. In the vibrant cover shot captured by Luigi & Iango, the girls huddle together and give us a (mainly) neon moment wearing a selection of ruffled Saint Laurent minidresses selected by Anna Dello Russo.

Vogue Japan September 2019 by Luigi & Iango


But the cover missed the mark. “The cover is kinda weak for a big anniversary issue,” stated MDNA.

“It just never works when they do group covers… No one is bringing it because that styling and positioning make it impossible!” commented Miss Dalloway.

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“Great cast in terms of relevance, but the result is disappointing. These young, beautiful and successful girls didn’t find a way to shine together as some poses are weird, the styling is too much. Adut is the best and steals the show without a doubt,” shared apple.

“After realizing this is their 20th anniversary issue, I hate the newsstand cover even more. It’s horrible even though some of the models are beyond stunning,” complained aracic.

“As usual, Adut’s pretty much slaying everyone here,” declared ForTheImage.

“Most of them look bored. The pose of the girl on the left end is just so amateurish. Adut is the definite winner here,” agreed KissMiss.

“It could’ve been a strong image with better positioning or if they got rid of everyone but Adut,” called out Ken Doll Jenner.

Be sure to check out the full cover feature and join the conversation here.

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Cara Taylor Proves Punk’s Not Dead on Vogue Russia’s Sleek August 2019 Cover

Throughout 2019 Vogue Russia has managed to get our attention with covers featuring Birgit Kos, Bella Hadid, Grace Elizabeth, Kendall Jenner and Imaan Hammam. The title just added Cara Taylor to its impressive list with the mag serving up some sleek 90s minimalism in the striking black and white August cover shot by Giampaolo Sgura. Sveta Vashenyak styled the American beauty and current face of Isabel Marant in a leather dress from Daniel Lee’s debut Bottega Veneta Fall 2019 collection, which complemented Cara’s glossy bob and cat eye makeup.

Vogue Russia August 2019 : Cara Taylor by Giampaolo Sgura


The cover was a hit. “Oh wow, Cara looks badass. The light, the styling, the makeup, the background, the baby pink masthead — it all works for me,” approved dodencebt.

“Surprised how much I like the cover, Cara really makes it work. Was expecting some Sgura awfulness when I clicked on the thread!” confessed a pleasantly surprised Miss Dalloway.

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“Absolutely love this shot of Cara. She is an excellent model and pulls the styling and makeup off perfectly,” applauded apple.

“Oh I love this!! Cara really pulls it off,” tjasmine agreed.

Echoing the same sentiments was vogue28: “Quite like this, honestly failing to pick out anything negative about the cover as a whole. I do love the darkness of the shot mixed with the pale pink and white fonts, I also like the sleek art direction and the styling (the leather, the eye makeup and Cara’s polished bob).”

“She’s giving me Linda Evangelista realness and I’m here for it,” said A.D.C.

But not everyone was in the same frame of mind. “Looks quite dated…” proclaimed KissMiss.

“I understand what they were going for, but I’m not sure whether it works for this new Vogue Russia. And it looks like a watered-down version of Hedi [Slimane]‘s past work for this magazine. Maybe because of that very reason it will work for them,” Benn98 chimed in.

Do you think the cover works? Check out Cara’s cover story and share your thoughts here.

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Elle Macpherson Is Back on the Cover of Vogue Australia After a 20-Year Hiatus

There are some things that just go together, like Kate Moss and British Vogue and Steven Meisel and Vogue Italia. We’re always happy when our favorite fashion glossies champion their homegrown talent so we’re pleased to see Vogue Australia welcome Elle Macpherson back on its cover for August 2019 (after an unforgivable 20-year hiatus). Elle was photographed by Nicole Bentley and styled by Kate Darvill down under with her two sons for the charming cover image.

Vogue Australia August 2019 : Elle Macpherson & Sons by Nicole Bentley


Perhaps a solo cover starring Elle would’ve went down better on our forums? “So…does her oldest want to model or something? Can’t see any other reason for this cover,” remarked 333101 the moment the cover dropped.

“Um, when did Vogue turn into some other magazine that does this like Vanity Fair?” asked Scotty.

“More like Hello!” mocked a disapproving Melancholybaby.

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“Well you’re spot on,” replied an underwhelmed Benn98. “Can’t like this cover at all. It’s beyond pedestrian and the styling looks awful. Not interested in reading about Elle. And I agree…you can bet that one of the boys wants to go into modeling.”

But not everyone felt the same way. “I love this cover, yes, it’s super commercial and very Vanity Fair/Town & Country/Hello!, but I have always loved and admired Elle Macpherson. She is the type of supermodel I respect and in the same league as Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum. She has made the switch from supermodel to working badass businesswoman and I looove that,” defended Bertrando3.

“I think it really represents the way Vogue Australia is trying to balance two distinct audiences. One month they’ll have Billie Eilish or a Jenner and then they’ll mix in a few of the older, more traditional cover subjects like Kylie Minogue. Elle hasn’t been on the cover of Aussie Vogue in two decades,” magsaddict pointed out.

“What a gorgeous cover, don’t care how cheesy, or commercial, people find these ‘family’ covers, I always love seeing them. Also, such beautiful kids and Elle looks wonderful,” raved Miss Dalloway.

Await more from Elle’s cover shoot and share your thoughts here.