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ELLE Misses the Mark With Two Disappointing Dua Lipa Covers for May 2019

ELLE has been at the top of our forum’s radar ever since Nina Garcia landed at the Hearst-owned title early last year, and in 2019 alone, Garcia has already managed to secure such notable cover stars as Jennifer Aniston, Ashley Graham, Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift. Impressive, right? Continuing to give the likes of Vogue a run for its money, ELLE‘s latest features Dua Lipa on two covers photographed by Carin Backoff and styled by Anna Trevelyan. The 23-year-old hitmaker reclines across the studio floor in both cover images, decked out in looks from Chanel’s Haute Couture Spring 2019 collection (subtly paying tribute to Karl Lagerfeld).

US Elle May 2019 : Dua Lipa by Carin Backoff


According to tFS forum members, the team behind the shoot missed the mark with this one. “I love Dua but not this cover, I really don’t like that thing on her head.. I don’t think it fits with her style,” said apple the second the covers struck.

“Dua kinda represents that idea of fun! The idea of a couture swimsuit is fun but this cover is not fun at all. A fail,” Lola701 said.

“It had all the makings for a stellar cover on paper – Carin Backoff, Due Lipa, who we all know is very photogenic, so I’m not sure how they’ve mucked this up. And can we stop with this Chanel swimsuit? It’s very difficult to get right due to the kitschiness. That headpiece is too much,” added Benn98.

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Kim Kardashian West Makes a Splash on Vogue’s May 2019 Cover

It was only a matter of time before Kim Kardashian West became a Vogue cover girl again, and after that now infamous Kimye cover from 2014, Mrs. West goes solo for May 2019. It’s almost hard to believe it has taken Anna Wintour a total of five years to have Kim make a reappearance, but the covers of ELLE, Allure and Harper’s Bazaar Arabia in between have sufficed. For her solo outing on the American fashion bible, Kim ups the splash factor for Vogue‘s latest, standing drenched in Chanel and sporting wet hair for a not-so-average Vogue cover shot, photographed by Mikael Jansson and styled by Tonne Goodman.

US Vogue May 2019 : Kim Kardashian West by Mikael Jansson


The cover rendered our forum members almost speechless — in a good way! “Maybe I need to see a doctor, but I actually like this?” said dontdeadrag.

“I’m unashamed to admit that I like the look of this, and at the very least Kim Kardashian makes for a refreshing subject over Lady Gaga or Serena Williams for the umpteenth time (who I might’ve thought would’ve been on the cover with the Met Gala upcoming),” added vogue28.

“I love this — clean, simple, minimal. The wet look and styling works really well and I really like Kim on covers,” Blayne266 said.

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“I love this! Credit where credit is due, regardless of the subject. What I really love about this is the fact that Kim FINALLY got a cover of her own,” applauded MON.

Guimon shared the same sentiments, commenting, “Shocked. I really wasn’t expecting this, but I’m happy for Kim. Say what you wanna say about her, but I like her personality and style!”

“I absolutely LOVE this cover, and I love Kim. Sorry, not sorry. Kudos to Anna for putting her on the cover, over the usual (and tired) suspects. Haters can stay mad,” laughed mepps.

Also quick to show the cover some love was KateIsGr8: “Totally unexpected and totally in love!”

In agreement with our forum members? Check out Kim’s cover shoot and join the conversation here.

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Jodie Comer Sits Pretty in Prada on British ELLE’s May 2019 Cover

Anne-Marie Curtis started out strong when she first took the helm of British ELLE in 2017, launching a series of bold and ultra-modern Cara Delevingne covers to usher in ELLE‘s new age. However, it wasn’t long before mediocrity set in (remember those reprints of Margot Robbie?) and now Curtis is set to depart from the magazine next month. For one of her final issues, Curtis enlists Jodie Comer for the May 2019 cover, marking the actress’ first major outing on a fashion glossy. Comer sits pretty in the minimal newsstand cover image, shot by photographer Mariana Maltoni and styled by Jenny Kennedy in a look from Prada’s Spring 2019 collection.

UK Elle May 2019 : Jodie Comer by Mariana Maltoni


Was the cover enough to entice our forum members to make a purchase? Apparently not. “Nice chair, I suppose! I don’t understand how Anne-Marie is so passionate about vintage ELLE, yet that never manifests on her covers. The 80s, above all else, are known for really fine-tuned magazine covers. Lots of vibrant energy, color, design,” remarked Benn98.

“I admit that I had no idea who Jodie Comer was until this cover came about. I did love that Prada collection, so I don’t totally loathe the newsstand cover but ELLE definitely could’ve done better with Jodie. Another passable issue of ELLE!” vogue28 chimed in.

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“A naughty girl who has to sit in the corner and think about the bad things she’s done,” tigerrouge said, criticizing the setup of the cover shot.

Honeycombchild also wasn’t impressed, writing, “Love Jodie but I’m not convinced this is the best use of her beauty.”

Not everyone was quick to call out the team, however. “Reminds me of ELLE‘s pre-2010s era where feminine visuals were very strong,” phungnam96 said.

“I love that they tied in this shoot with her character in Killing Eve,” wrote kokobombon, after checking out the accompanying cover feature.

Check out the editorial for yourself and join the conversation here.

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Emma Stone, Alicia Vikander and Léa Seydoux Star in Louis Vuitton’s ‘New Classics’ Campaign

Nicolas Ghesquière may be putting out covetable collections over at Louis Vuitton, but the campaigns are in dire need of a revamp. Our forum members have panned virtually every campaign since he took over the iconic French fashion house back in 2013, despite being photographed by the likes of Bruce Weber, Collier Schorr or Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott and starring Ghesquière’s many muses. For Spring 2019, three of the designer’s favorites, Emma Stone, Alicia Vikander and Léa Seydoux, join forces for the “New Classics” campaign. The LV ambassadors were photographed by Craig McDean and styled by Marie-Amélie Sauvé, posing before a clean white backdrop while clutching various versions of the Capucines, Twist and Dauphine handbags.

Louis Vuitton 'New Classics' 2019 : Emma Stone, Léa Seydoux & Alicia Vikander by Craig McDean


Maybe the suits over at LV HQ could learn a thing or two from Chanel? “Ugh, can we please stop with Alicia, I just don’t see it. Any of them for that matter but she’s the worst IMO,” said forum member RMDV.

“Do they even try anymore?” wondered Nomar.

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Sandra Oh, Thandie Newton and Elisabeth Moss Deliver Stunning May 2019 Covers for Marie Claire

A magazine is allowed one or two missteps, right? Well … last month was a major blunder for Marie Claire with a total dud of a cover featuring Jessica Chastain, Ava DuVernay and Constance Wu, according to our forum members. No doubt hearing our cries of disappointment about such a missed opportunity, the magazine stepped up their game immensely for May 2019 — and we’re here for it.

Returning to full form, Marie Claire‘s latest is headed by actresses Sandra Oh, Thandie Newton and Elisabeth Moss. The ladies each received their own stunning solo cover for the occasion, photographed in the studio by Thomas Whiteside with Shiona Turini on styling duties.

US Marie Claire May 2019 : Sandra Oh, Thandie Newton & Elisabeth Moss by Thomas Whiteside


We’ll race you down to the newsstand for this one! “Sold. Marie Claire is really killing it! And also, Allure, kindly take notes. This is how you feature someone’s beauty while wanting to go au naturel,” raved MON.

“Wow, FLAWLESS! Love Sandra and love this beautiful portrait,” chimed in phungnam96.

“Wow, these covers are beautiful. Not glamorous, quirky, or raw — just beautiful. And that’s so rare on the newsstand nowadays,” Benn98 applauded.

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“I am here for this. All three cover choices are covers are strong. Love Sandra especially,” wrote honeycombchild.

Also full of appreciation was aracic: “Three stunning and powerful women, so different from one another, in all ages and colors without the ”groundbreaking diversity” or “coming of age/age issue” slogans thrown all over them. This! This is how you do it appropriately!”

“Eat your heart out, Vogue. This is truly stunning. All three covers are beautiful and such deserving cover choices,” echoed [Piece Of Me].

“Thank God they’ve redeemed themselves after that awful group cover last month. These are beautiful! Thandie’s is such a perfect classic glossy shot that I’m immediately drawn to it, but I love Sandra’s too,” posted forum member 333101.

US Marie Claire May 2019 : Sandra Oh, Thandie Newton & Elisabeth Moss by Thomas Whiteside


In love with the covers just as much as we are? Share your thoughts and see more here.

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Vogue Portugal Breaks Ground With Spectacular Alek Wek and Thando Hopa Covers for April 2019

Vogue Portugal doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, despite raising the bar over the past year or so and overtaking the likes of Vogue Italia as a cutting-edge fashion publication. Unafraid to shift boundaries and perspectives, recent covers starring Crystal Renn, Debra Shaw and Jamie Bochert have managed to win over our forum members. This month, the magazine continues to break new ground with two covers starring Alek Wek and Thando Hopa, who remarkably just became the first woman with albinism to the grace the cover of Vogue. Photographed by Hugo Comte and Rhys Frampton respectively, both Alek and Thando blow us away in their minimal cover shots while proving less is always more.

Vogue Portugal April 2019 : Alek Wek by Hugo Comte & Thado Hompa by Rhys Frampton


Were our forum members impressed? That would be the understatement of the century. “EVERYTHING!” madzedre commented the second the covers dropped on our forums.

“So simple yet so breathtakingly stunning!” added Blayne266.

“Spectacular covers. So subtle yet so potent,” echoed Marc10.

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