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A Look Inside Chadwick Models’ Melbourne Christmas Party

Chadwick models

Photo: Getty

It’s that time of year where we knock off work a little early and head off to Christmas parties with the colleagues. Last night saw some of Australia’s most popular models get into the spirit, celebrating 2015 and probably all the new Instagram followers they gained, at Melbourne’s The Millhouse. Considering they were in the home of monochrome, there were some seriously tropical and colourful vibes happening. Check out our favourite looks by scrolling through below. (more…)

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Employees Warned Against Having ‘Resting Kanye Face’ In the Workplace

kanye glastonbury petition

Image: WENN

Ah, resting bitch face. So many of us suffer from it. Whether someone is beaming RBF right in your face or you’re a culprit yourself, the facial “expression” really can cause such a kerfuffle.

In fact, a Goodwill store in Illinois, USA, has found itself in some heat after telling its employees to not be like Kanye West, who some would say is the great god of resting bitch face. (more…)

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Sophie Monk Was Asked to Audition for Victoria’s Secret


Photo: Wenn

Sophie Monk could’ve been a Victoria’s Secret model. After speaking to Aussie VS veteran Shanina Shaik for KIIS 106.5’s Summer Fling breakfast radio show yesterday, the Celebrity Apprentice winner said she was asked to “audition” for the lingerie giant in 2006 following her appearance in Date Movie.

Obviously things didn’t work out, but it’s the reason why that’s so interesting. “I decided, ‘No, I am not going to do modelling and worry about my body my whole life.’ Stupid idiot,” she explained with self-deprecating regret. 

Despite being approached to meet with the brand (and not the other way around), she explained, “I wouldn’t have got in anyway. I went ‘Nope, I don’t want my life [to] be around diet.’ And guess what? My life’s around diet anyway.” (more…)

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Teresa Palmer on Hollywood Embracing Motherhood: ‘It’s Really Just an Amazing Climate Right Now’

Teresa Palmer at the 2015 AACTAs

Photo: Getty

Model-turned-actress Teresa Palmer has revealed that becoming a mother two years ago has boosted her acting career.

Telling The Sydney Morning Herald about the “real movement towards gender equality” in the industry right now, undoubtedly referring to the discussion surrounding equal pay and the number of female directors within film and television, Teresa admitted that she has “noticed [the movement] personally” since having her son, Bodhi, in 2012.

“I have a child. Many moons back that could hinder your career and now I feel like it has just added to my career,” she explained to the publication at the 2015 AACTAs earlier this week, where she stopped by unexpectedly with her husband, director Mark Webber, who is also the father of her son.

Adelaide-born Teresa is currently in Australia shooting Hacksaw Ridge, directed by Mel Gibson and also starring Andrew Garfield, Vince Vaughn and Ryan Corr.

[Via The Sydney Morning Herald]

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Why Ending Texts With Full Stops Isn’t a Good Idea

Image: IMAXtree

Image: IMAXtree

How many of us have read texts from friends reading things like “Yes.” or “Thank you.” and thought they were being a tad rude, even though they’re usually total sweethearts in person? Well, there’s a reason for that. The way we use punctuation in texts actually has an effect on how people are viewing our personality, and science has proven it.

According to a recent study published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior (Via ELLE), people who include full stops in their texts are considered less sincere than those who stray from punctuation. Time to rethink your texting behaviour, hey?

The research was conducted with 126 college students at Binghamton University who were recruited to read a mix of texts or handwritten notes. The exchange included one person inviting another to an event and then receiving a one-word response in return like “Okay”, “Sure”, “Yeah” and “Yup”. Some had full stops after the word, others didn’t.  (more…)

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Kristin Cavallari’s Brother Found Dead

Image: Getty Images Entertainment

Image: Getty Images Entertainment

Kristin Cavallari’s brother, Michael Cavallari, has died, aged 30. His body was found dead in Utah after the news of him missing emerged earlier this week, TMZ reports.

“We have just been informed by the authorities my brother’s body has been found,” Kristin said in a a statement to TMZ. “This is a very painful time and we are still processing it all.”  It is not yet clear how Michael died, but TMZ reported that he had an ongoing struggle with alcoholism. Law enforcement also informed TMZ that they located remains believe to be Michael at 10.30 a.m. in a steep, rocky area. (more…)