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Steven Meisel Shoots an All-Star Cast for Pat McGrath Labs’ New Mascara Campaign

We’re obviously huge admirers of Steven Meisel. Whether the legendary photographer is making Zara’s clothing appear luxe or delivering the goods for British Vogue, we’re always impressed. Meisel’s latest triumph? Capturing an all-star cast for Pat McGrath Labs’ Dark Star mascara campaign. Naomi Campbell, Salomon Diaz, Maty Fall Diba, Marisa Berenson, Hudson Kroenig, Leon Dame, Tess McMillan, Irina Shayk along with Damian Hurley were all shot in a studio setting for the series of glamorous images.

Pat McGrath Labs 'Dark Star Mascara' 2020 by Steven Meisel


The campaign was clearly a hit with our forum members. “Instantly obsessed! No one shoots studio like Meisel! Damian is a f*cking superstar! One superstar next to another and everyone is shining thanks to Meisel!” heralded aracic.

“What a breath of fresh air! There’s nothing like a good old Meisel shoot to raise our spirits!” applauded GivenchyHomme.

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“Gorgeous, just unapologetic beauty and glamour. The casting is superb, what a total delight to see Marisa Berenson!” expressed vogue28.

GERGIN was also a fan: “Leon Dame slays!”

“The retouching is crazy, but I’m still here for this campaign. Marisa Berenson and that shot of Damian under Irina? Yes, please!” said dodencebt.

Pat McGrath Labs 'Dark Star Mascara' 2020 by Steven Meisel


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Dua Lipa Stars on British ELLE’s ‘Dated’ August 2020 Cover

Given the pandemic and social distancing restrictions, content shot pre-pandemic is helping magazines produce “new” issues, especially British ELLE. Farrah Storr opted to repurpose a shoot with Margarita Gambles from its German counterpart for last month’s edition. This month, the mag looks to its American cousin for its August 2020 issue recycling a Dua Lipa cover shoot. Originally part of U.S. ELLE’s May 2020 issue, Storr selects a close-up shot of the Brit songstress captured by Zoey Grossman for the bold and eye-catching cover.

UK Elle August 2020 : Dua Lipa by Zoey Grossman


The cover sure got a reaction from our forum members. “So damn ugly and dated. Canadian ELLE did a much better reprint of this editorial,” Srdjan pointed out.

“Farrah really wants herself to be remembered as the EIC who brought back reprints in 2020. Her tenure has been infested with reprints. It’s not cute. I mean come on! Reprints were hardly excusable in 2007, what makes her think it’s excusable now? And let’s not blame the pandemic,” proclaimed MON.

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“The highlighted text looks awful! It looks like an old issue of Girlfriend Australia, but worse,” expressed crmsnsnwflks.

Benn98 agreed: “It looks so dated. Most of Farrah’s reprints do.”

GivenchyHomme wasn’t into it, either. “It would have been better without that ridiculous hand. It looks like she’s about to grab her latte from the barista at Starbucks.”

Although not everyone felt the same way. “I like it (highlighted text included) purely for the fact that the art direction takes me back to the good old days of British ELLE circa 2008 when the magazine’s choices in fonts and layout were ahead of the curve. The loudness of this cover reminds me of those times — and I’m not complaining,” voiced vogue28.

UK Elle August 2020 : Dua Lipa by Zoey Grossman


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Cara Delevingne Returns as the Face of Dior Joaillerie

Christian Dior continues to milk its contract with Cara Delevingne. Since signing on the dotted line with the French fashion house back in 2017, Cara’s been the face of the brand’s various cosmetic lines and is now fronting its high jewelry advertising campaigns, making a return for the second consecutive season after replacing forum favorite Anna Ewers. In the minimalist yet stylized campaign images captured by Mario Sorrenti, Cara serves up animated expressions while sporting the Rose des Vents and Rose Céleste collections both designed by Victoire de Castellane.

Christian Dior Joaillerie 2020 : Cara Delevingne by Mario Sorrenti


Cara’s latest for Dior flopped on our forums. “She ain’t Dior at all and this could have been shot by Patrick Demarchelier. She is clearly selling herself and not the jewelry. It’s a total miss for me,” commented Lola701.

“Such a waste of Mario Sorrenti. This could’ve been shot by anyone,” mikel chimed in.

“The outcome of this particular campaign is mundane, pedestrian and more suited to a brand like Swarovski,” added vogue28.

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Sharing the same sentiment was TaylorBinque: “I wonder why all Dior campaigns look so cheap. Like this is cheaper than Tous and Pandora. Do they hire marketing people from Claire’s or Forever 21? Seriously, this doesn’t work from the model to the art direction. Dior Joaillerie should aspire to be a rival to its peers not a third-tier mall jewelry store.”

“I’m honestly not even surprised how bad this is,” voiced Nomar.

“God, at least there’s the ‘Cara quirk’ to liven up these images somewhat. Otherwise it would’ve been another dull as dishwater Dior Joaillerie campaign,” said Benn98.

Christian Dior Joaillerie 2020 : Cara Delevingne by Mario Sorrenti


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Chris Colls Photographs Alexandra Agoston for Vogue Poland’s July/August 2020 Cover

Producing new content during the pandemic is obviously no easy task. (Unless you’re Emmanuelle Alt.) Given tight lockdown restrictions, a model whose significant other is handy with a camera is ideal. Ashley Graham was captured for British Harper’s Bazaar by her cinematographer husband Justin Ervin. We were treated to Julia Stegner by Benny Horne on the pages of Vogue Germany, too. Now Alexandra Agoston poses before the lens of her boyfriend Chris Colls for Vogue Poland. The July/August 2020 cover features Chris trying to get the best shot of Alexandra (who was styled remotely by Sarajane Hoare).

Vogue Poland July/August 2020 : Alexandra Agoston by Chris Colls


The majority of our forum members definitely aren’t thrilled with the outcome. “This obscene and vulgar glorification of nepotism must end! Needless to say, the cover looks OK. Except for Chris’ greasy-looking hair and the childish rainbow fonts, of course,” critiqued Benn98.

“Sometimes Chris shoots well, sometimes not, but as for Alexandra Agoston…we wouldn’t have heard of her if it wasn’t for Chris,” added Alien Sex Friend.

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“The cover is embarrassing. There is nothing high fashion about it,” declared avonlea002.

But not everyone hates the cover. “My only complaint is that Alexandra isn’t wearing heels, which I feel would’ve elevated the shot somewhat. Otherwise, I’m a fan and the overall feel of the shot is giving me Kate Moss x Mario Sorrenti vibes,” said vogue28.

“I really do love this cover photo of Alexandra! She looks amazing…she seems aware of her strengths and knows how to play them up to get the best shot!” raved lauralynn025.

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Viola Davis and Dario Calmese Make History With Vanity Fair’s July/August 2020 Cover

Vanity Fair has clearly been hit or miss so far this year. Radhika Jones kicked off 2020 with a brilliant take on the magazine’s annual Hollywood installment, did Ana de Armas a disservice for March, gave us a joyous Reese Witherspoon for April and also left us scratching our heads over a questionable Janelle Monáe offering back in May. But we’ve just hit the jackpot with Vanity Fair’s latest thanks to a stunning Viola Davis cover for July/August 2020. Photographed by Dario Calmese (the first black photographer to capture the magazine’s front cover) and styled by Elizabeth Stewart, the Oscar-winning actress is a vision wearing a royal blue coat dress from Max Mara.

Vanity Fair July/August 2020 : Viola Davis by Dario Calmese


Our forum members were absolutely in awe. “Wow, the most beautiful cover of Vanity Fair in a long, long time,” admired caioherrero.

“Probably one of the best covers of the year if not of the last few years. Viola is one of my favorite famous people, incredibly talented and just an awesome human being. Glorious to see her covering Vanity Fair,” applauded [Piece Of Me].

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“I’m in love. Viola is perfection,” admitted Velasco.

Also sharing the same level of enthusiasm toward the cover was vogue28: “A brilliant cover, definitely one to add to Radhika Jones’ finer moments editing Vanity Fair. It’s extremely eye-catching and arresting — love the blue overload, the use of the profile shot which highlights and complements Viola wonderfully. Zero complaints here!”

“It is quite a dark cover, but I think it makes her look alluring and mysterious yet also commanding. She’s rarely ever photographed this way so I like it for that reason!” said Yohji.

“The cover is STUNNING! Very dramatic, glamorous, the kind of cover we need right now,” appreciated jorgepalomo.

“Wow, I adore this cover so much. I can’t remember the last time I felt compelled to buy an issue of Vanity Fair, but I will definitely try to get my hands on this one,” declared tipi1355.

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Vogue Portugal Stirs Controversy With ‘The Madness Issue’ for July/August 2020

Back in April Vogue Portugal caught the wrath of our forum members following two “tacky and tasteless” covers. Now the mag does it again. As part of its combined July/August edition, the title serves up four covers for “The Madness Issue” with one already pulled from newsstands over its portrayal of mental illness. The controversial cover photographed by Branislav Simoncik depicts a model in a bathtub with two nurses. The second, less offensive cover from Debora Brune shows model Robina Sommer on a makeshift beach on the streets of Berlin. Marjan Jonkman appears on the third cover shot by Alex Blonde, while Ricardo Santos captured the fourth and final cover featuring a portrait of a heart.

Vogue Portugal July/August 2020 : The Madness Issue


A fierce debate erupted on our forums. “Oh, this makes me uncomfortable,” said MON the moment the first cover (above left) dropped.

Steven Meisel made it fashion. This just looks uncomfortable,” echoed mikel.

SRank shared the same sentiment: “Why on earth would you put a cover like this on a fashion magazine without even trying to make it fashionable? It would still be open to backlash, but it would come across as something way more logical and in touch with reality than just trying to make such subject ‘cool’.”

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“First cover sucks — that is not a great representation of mental health to be honest. And it definitely should not be on a Vogue cover of all things,” proclaimed lauralynn025.

“Cover one and four prove just how backward the people are who made them. The last one looks like they’ve borrowed the heart prop from a biology classroom. It’s all so literal and contrived and clearly shows a lack of understanding when it comes to mental health,” critiqued Benn98.

“Do these editors nowadays know what Vogue is about?” wondered MDNA.

Vogue Portugal July/August 2020 : The Madness Issue


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