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Alva Claire Makes Her British ELLE Debut for July 2021

The British edition of ELLE is most definitely on our must-read list. It’s all thanks to Farrah Storr’s knack for securing stimulating cover subjects. The mag kicked off the year with a groundbreaking cover and just welcomed Olly Eley as its first non-binary cover star. Now Alva Claire graces U.K. ELLE‘s July 2021 cover. Following a sensational appearance as one of three plus-size models to walk Versace’s Spring 2021 runway, the London-born beauty works a Versace top and skirt courtesy of Aurelia Donaldson for the delightful image photographed by Danny Kasirye.

UK Elle July 2021 : Alva Claire by Danny Kasirye


The cover took our forum members by surprise. “This is really good! Don’t know who she is, but I love it,” praised matheus_s.

“Never heard of her before, but a nice cover for her, very pretty,” echoed SLFC.

“Is this Alva’s first major cover? Always found her so stunning and wondered for the longest time why her Versace gig didn’t do for her what it did for Precious Lee… So lovely to see her here and I hope to see many more large opportunities in her career as time goes on,” proclaimed Armani.

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“I love it! Finally a plus-size model on a cover of a magazine without her body covered,” approved JPineapple.

WAVES is also an admirer: “She looks amazing! Vibrant colors, perfect for summer!”

“Always wonderful to see actual fashion models on the covers of fashion magazines so Alva is a welcome choice on the cover of British ELLE. It’s a gorgeous cover, love the choice of Versace outfit and the juicy colors make for a perfect cover during the summer months,” raved vogue28.

“This is quite beautiful! I love the summer colors and that Versace collection has become such a staple this season, I absolutely love it,” aracic chimed in.

Are you in love with the cover as much as we are? Join the conversation here.

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Luna Bijl Makes a Fierce Return to the Cover of Vogue Netherlands for July/August 2021

Since its launch back in 2012, we’ve had a love/hate relationship with Vogue Netherlands. Only a handful of covers with Luna Bijl and Birgit Kos, Bella Hadid and Amber Valletta have popped up on our radar. The Dutch fashion bible is now set to go on hiatus just as Dutch beauty and firm forum favorite Luna is welcomed back to the cover for a third time starring on the publication’s double July/August 2021 edition. Luna strikes a strong pose in the vibrant cover shot decked out in a look by Rudi Gernreich along with Prada accessories picked by Gijsje Ribbens for the stunning image snapped by Charles Negre.

Vogue Netherlands July/August 2021 : Luna Bijl by Charles Negre


The cover went down as a treat with our forum members. “Strong shot, nice colors,” approved dontbeadrag.

“Beautiful cover, very Vogue Paris…” VogueGirl8910 pointed out.

“I can certainly see the Vogue Paris resemblance with the casting of Luna Bijl and the scuba styling transporting us back to Daria Werbowy’s story with Mikael Jansson from Vogue Paris’ May 2007 issue. Everything about this works and it’s certainly one of the better Vogue Netherlands covers!” raved vogue28.

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WAVES was in the same frame of mind: “Very Vogue Paris, but I do like it! Nice of them to use Luna for their last edition…”

“That is one stunning cover. Luna looks really good. She really knows how to deliver and this is no exception,” declared cottonmouth13.

“The colors are nice and naturally Luna delivers. Such a stunning face!” exclaimed aracic.

FashionMuseDior couldn’t agree more. “Now this is a cover! Luna always brings that strong, fierce and confident feel to her work.”

“Luna looks great here, very fierce,” echoed bluestar.

Luna’s cover story is a total must-see. Check it out and join the conversation here.

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Margot Robbie Morphs Into Sharon Tate on British Vogue’s August 2021 Covers

Edward Enninful has the Midas touch with everything he produces at British Vogue turning into gold. After all, recent covers starring Precious Lee, Thandiwe Newton, Billie Eilish and Malala Yousafzai received glowing reviews. The celebrated editor continues to deliver the goods by giving us none other than Margot Robbie for August 2021 marking the Aussie actress’ solo debut on the publication. Shot by Lachlan Bailey on location at the famous Flamingo Estate in Los Angeles, Margot transforms into Sharon Tate before our very eyes for the pair of dreamy covers. The Chanel brand ambassador naturally wears pieces from the iconic French fashion house for the shoot picked by Clare Richardson, including a gold trench from Chanel’s Fall 2021 collection for the newsstand cover (below).

UK Vogue August 2021 : Margot Robbie by Lachlan Bailey


What more could we possibly want? “That first cover is gorgeous. It makes me dream and feel things,” said dodencebt.

“One word: gorgeous! Nothing to complain about here whatsoever,” declared annikad.

“Very much a fan of this, loving the Sharon Tate vibes I’m getting… I adore Margot Robbie at the best of times, but Margot photographed by Lachlan Bailey is just…dreamy!” added vogue28.

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“This is delightful! From the 60s vibe, the hair, the face and the styling — Edward keeps on giving!” proclaimed ReneSanchez.

“Absolutely gorgeous. That first cover is glamorous, mysterious, a bit sexy…I like it!” echoed bluestar.

“What a pleasant surprise! Absolutely thrilled to see Margot and to finally see Lachlan Bailey score the cover. Both covers are absolutely beautiful,” voiced aracic.

“This is a stunning cover. She looks like a 70s French actress. The background makes it very French Riviera,” admired THD96.

UK Vogue August 2021 : Margot Robbie by Lachlan Bailey


Check out some previews of Margot’s cover feature and share your thoughts here.

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First Lady Dr. Jill Biden Serves as Vogue’s August 2021 Cover Star

Speculation on our forums has been rife since 2020 as to whether Dr. Jill Biden would take to the cover of Vogue. Confirming all of our suspicions, Anna Wintour picks the first lady for the American fashion bible’s August 2021 cover. Following in the footsteps of Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama, the educator looks radiant wearing Oscar de la Renta picked by Tonne Goodman for the image shot by Annie Leibovitz at the White House.

US Vogue August 2021 : Jill Biden by Annie Leibovitz


The cover immediately ignited debate on our forums. “It’s OK, but I’m not expecting much from this type of cover…” said kokobombon.

“Good for Dr. Biden, but I hate this. It looks like Grazia — just change the fonts, switch up the layout a little and voilà. It is indeed very on-brand for Vogue, but when it comes to political covers, Michelle stays winning in my book,” voiced aracic.

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“Looks like a magazine for middle-aged housewives. I would expect a sewing pattern inside and a coupon for embroidering classes,” disapproved avonlea002.

“It’s very much what you’d expect for a first lady cover, but it’s still very lovely. A gorgeous portrait that captures her warmth and essence perfectly,” admired Marc10.

“Despite being photographed by Annie Leibovitz, this feels very pedestrian and unworthy of Vogue, but Anna Wintour always loves banal cover images from time to time and we just have to endure them. That being said, I do feel the image has captured Jill Biden’s warmth,” echoed vogue28.

“Not terribly exciting, but still a lovely cover,” confessed bluestar.

“Honestly to me it looks like a very decent picture for a first lady cover and very much of Leibovitz’s style,” proclaimed 90sbea.

A hit or a miss? See more from Jill’s cover feature and share your thoughts here.

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Selena Gomez Gets Decked Out in Burberry for Vogue Australia’s July 2021 Cover

You’ve probably noticed that magazines clearly love Selena Gomez. Last year Selena covered WSJ. Magazine, Interview, Allure along with Vogue Mexico. Now she pops up on Vogue Australia (in collaboration with Vogue Singapore) for July 2021. Following a “disappointing” September 2016 debut, Selena sports Burberry courtesy of Patti Wilson for the absolutely glam cover shot by Alique.

Vogue Australia July 2021 : Selena Gomez by Alique


But most of our forum members aren’t fans. “This is a little better than Vogue Singapore, but still soooo bad. This lighting with the retro styling just doesn’t do Selena any favors,” complained an obviously annoyed BlueRuin.

“Not as bad as her Singapore and U.S. covers,” agreed crmsnsnwflks.

“Like everything Miss Gomez does this is average at best, but definitely better than the Vogue Singapore version…” added 90sbea.

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“The beauty styling is all sorts of awful and honestly don’t think I’ve seen Selena Gomez photograph any worse. Patti Wilson’s styling overpowers Selena terribly here…” exclaimed vogue28.

“Terrible. Marie Claire Australia is miles ahead of this garbage,” declared caioherrero.

“I love Selena, but this is terrible. The styling looks tacky and the final result is pretty cheap-looking,” guimon pointed out.

Although not everyone hated the outcome. “I like it. Very edgy and modern,” admitted a definitely pleased oaklee91.

“I love this socialite, high-fashion take on Selena. Selena looking like a rich Monaco heiress on the cover,” admired dontbeadrag.

Are you a fan? Share your thoughts here.

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Dua Lipa Fronts Versace’s Fall 2021 Campaign

Versace loves enlisting celebrities to help sell the legendary Italian fashion house’s wares. Demi Moore, Halle Berry, Madonna, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez all appeared in Versace advertising campaigns. Now Dua Lipa receives Donatella Versace’s seal of approval becoming the face of the brand’s Fall 2021 collection. In the studio-shot images, Dua sports red hair while posing against a gray backdrop before the lens of Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

Versace F/W 2021.22 : Dua Lipa by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott


The images failed to captivate the majority of our forum members. “No to the hair, no to the styling, no to the amateur posing, no to the Goyard-esque pattern…” declared dontbeadrag.

“Dula Peep has the charisma of a wet blanket,” said avonlea002.

“For the little work Mert and Marcus do nowadays one would think they would make more of an effort…guess not. She looks like a Wendy’s blow-up doll with the fake freckles and red hair,” YohjiAddict pointed out.

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“Imagine looking back at this in a decade’s time as an example of the fashion imagery churned out in 2021,” added tigerrouge.

“I mean if they wanted Rianne Van Rompaey for the campaign, all they had to do was ask…” noted GERGIN.

But not everyone was disappointed. “I’m very pleasantly surprised at how much I like the outcome. Always a one for Mert and Marcus’ studio shoots, love the red hair on Dua and the fresh makeup look. A thumbs-up from me!” approved vogue28.

“This is a great and fun campaign,” confessed dodencebt.

Versace F/W 2021.22 : Dua Lipa by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott


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