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Vogue Italia Actually Gets Creative for March 2021

You could argue that every month is a “creativity” issue where Vogue Italia is concerned. After all, Emanuele Farneti forces us to endure themed issues just about every month of the year. So far this year we’ve encountered The Everyday Issue and The Animal Issue. Now the Italian fashion bible joins all the other editions of Vogue by focusing on creativity for March. Craig McDean captures Binx Walton, Adut Akech, Julia Nobis, Sasha Pivovarova, Saskia de Brauw and Tao Okamoto wearing pieces from Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2021 collection (selected by stylist Carlos Nazario) for the collage cover.

Vogue Italia March 2021 by Craig McDean


Vogue Italia’s latest sparked debate on our forums. “The bar is set so low that this becomes passable. One of their more decent covers. Imagine that,” said MON.

“Not as dreadful for Vogue Italia standards, at least they used professional models and photographers this time…” noted GERGIN.

SLFC was in the same frame of mind: “At least they got a good cast and production team this time and it could have been worse, but I just want it to end.”

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“Nice images, but the collage is laughable. It’s like an edit you make when you get Photoshop for the first time,” Style Savvy pointed out.

“Compared to all the stuff they’ve done (animals, streets, kids’ drawings), it’s amazing. But actually it’s boring and uneventful. It’s so sad to look at this magazine today. I will throw a party the day Farneti and team leave,” proclaimed apple.

“It could be worse,” confessed JPineapple.

“This is actually pretty exciting. I don’t mind Craig McDean doing his thing. It already looks so much more promising compared to David Sims doing his thing for Vogue Paris,” mikel chimed in.

See what else Vogue Italia’s March 2021 issue has to offer and share your thoughts here.

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Paris Hilton Stars in Lanvin’s ‘Fabulous’ Spring 2021 Campaign

Can you believe it has been a whole six years since a Lanvin advertising campaign impressed our forum members? The French fashion house is under the creative control of Bruno Sialelli who continues to breathe new life into the brand. Now Lanvin secures none other than Paris Hilton for the Spring 2021 campaign (a refreshing departure from the mundane Glen Luchford-shot ads). Captured by photographic duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott with styling from Carlos Nazario, Paris gets a high-fashion makeover sporting a blond bob and subtle makeup in the undeniably flawless campaign images.

Lanvin S/S 2021 : Paris Hilton & Sherry Shi by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott


The campaign received nothing but praise. “I love it. It’s so 2000s, fun and fabulous,” described THD96.

“Absolutely love this,” echoed dontbeadrag.

“Ugh, OK. This is absolutely stunning. All her shots look like they were taken mid pose and actually, that’s what makes the campaign so stunning,” admitted Benn98.

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“How fun and completely unexpected! What a pleasant surprise because I genuinely cannot remember the last Lanvin campaign which made an impression on me (perhaps the one with Kristen McMenamy by Steven Meisel). Paris looks fantastic here, loving the Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface hair!” said vogue28.

“This is as good as Paris’ iconic Vogue Paris cover,” raved Lola701. “It would be fabulous if she goes along with this high-fashion image just for six months. Fabulous and clever campaign.”

“The Michelle Pfeiffer Scarface hairdo suits her! Pleasantly surprised by this campaign,” nejtak chimed in.

Valentine27 couldn’t have agreed more: “This is totally unexpected. How good! I’ve always had a soft spot for Paris. I like her. She ages beautifully and looks absolutely fantastic in this ad campaign. This hair suits her soooo well.”

“Extremely simple, fabulous and effective,” approved thiago:).

Lanvin S/S 2021 : Paris Hilton & Sherry Shi by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott


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Vanessa Kirby Delivers a Laid-Back yet Glamorous April 2021 Cover for British Harper’s Bazaar

Despite giving covers to first-timers like Lucan Gillespie and Iman, we have a feeling Lydia Slater is about to recycle a whole batch of British Harper’s Bazaar cover stars. (If last month’s cover with Carey Mulligan is any indication.) Now Vanessa Kirby reappears on the publication for April 2021 three years after her last appearance. In stark contrast to Vanessa’s previous cover shoot, the actress strips it all back giving us “spring chic” with a little help from stylist Cathy Kasterine. In the laid-back cover shot captured by Josh Shinner, Vanessa wears a silk and mohair cardigan from Celine.

UK Harper’s Bazaar April 2021 : Vanessa Kirby by Josh Shinner


The cover soon caught the attention of our forum members. “She’s simply too gorgeous that there are no gimmicks needed. Love the laid-back, easy glamour of this cover. Especially paired with the pastels. Overall, it makes more of a statement than the March one really,” voiced Benn98.

“Easy but refined,” described FashionMuseDior.

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“It’s like a breath of fresh Vanessa Kirby air after the disaster that was W. The casual styling is giving me a little quarantine shot-at-home vibes, but overall it’s lovely. Better than her American Harper’s Bazaar cover for sure! Would love to see her on Vogue soon,” added aracic.

Not everyone, however, was sold on the outcome. “The cover is not that bad, but also not that good. I look at it and think that Vanessa is so gorgeous that she saves the shot, but at the same time that this is a wasted opportunity considering her beauty and her charismatic presence,” wrote a slightly underwhelmed apple.

“Those lashes terrify me!” exclaimed slayage. “The shot is also so pedestrian, it doesn’t ooze fashion and the pose is weird.”

“Always down for Vanessa Kirby, but none of this is cutting it for me. Far too nonchalant and laid-back for my liking, lacking any sort of direction or fashion message. The photography from Josh Shinner is seriously lacking…” complained vogue28.

Check out Vanessa’s cover feature and join the conversation here.

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Gemma Ward Returns to the Cover of Vogue Australia for March 2021

Editions of Vogue around the world continue to serve up their take on creativity. Now Vogue Australia’s offering has finally dropped. Edwina McCann with her knack for supporting homegrown talent strikes again as she welcomes back one of Australia’s biggest exports to the cover of the Aussie fashion bible. Following a five-year hiatus, Gemma Ward returns to cover the March 2021 issue posing before the lens of photographer Derek Henderson. Shot on location in Byron Bay, Gemma wears a red dress from Fendi’s Spring 2021 collection chosen by stylist Jillian Davison.

Vogue Australia March 2021 : Gemma Ward by Derek Henderson


Gemma’s comeback garnered mixed feedback on our forums. “Always love Gemma Ward, but the cover literally looks like Modeling 101,” critiqued THD96.

“A creativity shoot in Byron. Groundbreaking,” disapproved dsamg.

“Good to see Gemma, but there’s something missing…” WAVES chimed in.

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Benn98 was also majorly underwhelmed: “What a snoozefest! Last month’s haunting shot with Amanda Seyfried would have been better for March…”

“What bothers me the most is the awful dress,” declared Srdjan.

“Aside from the fact it’s Gemma Ward back on the cover of Australian Vogue, I’m struggling to find a single redeeming quality from the whole entire outcome. There’s nothing remotely creative about the cover and I severely dislike both the beauty and fashion styling. A total miss for me,” voiced vogue28.

Forum member oaklee91 couldn’t have disagreed more. “Gemma! Put her in and on anything, I don’t care, and I will approve!”

“YES, I’m LIVING for this! Love her pose, the hair, the dress — everything!” proclaimed Bertrando3.

Are you a fan? See more from Gemma’s cover shoot and share your thoughts here.

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Irina Shayk, Natalia Vodianova and Tanya Churbanova Each Earn Solo Vogue Russia Covers for March 2021

All 27 editions of Vogue have united for the theme of creativity this month. But truth be told, the majority have flopped. (Prime examples are the covers of Vogue Spain, Vogue Paris and Vogue Hong Kong.) The tables have suddenly turned with the unveiling of Vogue Russia’s latest trio of covers that knock it out of the park. Irina Shayk, Natalia Vodianova and Tanya Churbanova star on the bold and vibrant March 2021 covers with the three Russian models photographed by Arseny Jabiev, Elizaveta Porodina and Yan Yugay respectively.

Vogue Russia March 2021 by Arseny Jabiev, Elizaveta Porodina & Yan Yugay


The covers immediately made an impression on our forum members. “WOW! Those covers are beautiful. I love their take on creativity. Kudos to Vogue Russia for stepping up this month!” applauded crmsnsnwflks.

“I must admit I love all three of them. Irina’s ability to pull off green hair comes as a surprise, she looks amazing. Natalia’s cover is just spectacular!” raved aracic.

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“I love all of them. Weirdly enough, even though Irina was made to look like Kermit the Frog, I love it!” admitted oaklee91.

Vogue Russia March 2021 by Arseny Jabiev, Elizaveta Porodina & Yan Yugay


“Natalia’s is by far the best, I’m not sure why they bothered with the other two,” said marsnoop2.

“More often than not, I loathe artsy magazine covers, but Natalia Vodianova’s cover is an absolute knockout, utterly sublime. Irina Shayk’s is a close second. The three covers look fantastic together, love how each cover complements one another with the vibrant colorblocking. Major, MAJOR kudos to the team at Vogue Russia this month!” declared vogue28.

“Irina’s and Natalia’s covers look so good!” agreed slayage.

“Natalia’s cover is my favorite for sure! Tanya’s is also very good while Irina’s is the weakest,” voiced WAVES.

“The most creative covers for sure,” approved MON.

Vogue Russia March 2021 by Arseny Jabiev, Elizaveta Porodina & Yan Yugay


Which cover is your favorite? See more from Vogue Russia’s March 2021 issue and share your thoughts here.

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Stacey Abrams Serves as Marie Claire’s April 2021 Cover Star

We’ve been seeing political figures splashed across many major fashion titles lately. Melissa DeRosa along with Lauren Underwood popped up on Harper’s Bazaar. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fronted Vanity Fair. While Kamala Harris covered both ELLE and Vogue. Now Marie Claires newly-installed editor Sally Holmes selects Stacey Abrams as the magazine’s April 2021 cover star. The American politician, lawyer and voting rights activist strikes a pose in a Thom Browne cape chosen by stylist Memsor Kamarake for the image shot by photographic duo AB+DM.

US Marie Claire April 2021 : Stacey Abrams by AB+DM


Nevertheless, the cover definitely divided our forums. “Since when did fashion magazines become political vehicles? Ridiculous,” declared an obviously unimpressed Handbag Queen.

“Politics and fashion have mixed since at least the 60s,” replied Joromana. “That being said, I do NOT like the layout for this cover. Stacey deserved better.”

FashionMuseDior also isn’t feeling the cover: “Shocking layout! Looks like what a middle school student who loves graphic design would do on PowerPoint.”

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“It would’ve been much better it was cropped from her hands up. She has a beautiful smile on that cover and it’s a shame it’s zoomed out,” Yasouss points out.

“What’s with the influx of full-length covers lately? Please make it stop! That said, Stacey looks great and I like that they didn’t go the safe route of photographing her in an office. This looks respectful to her role but still interesting. So politicians are officially the new cover stars,” proclaimed Benn98.

Forum member vogue28 is clearly a fan, too. “Out of all of the political figures we’ve seen on the covers of fashion magazines over recent months, I think this is my most fave. The statuesque stance and the full-length image makes sense with the styling, love the colors and how it still feels like a fashion cover.”

“Love her and love the cover,” shared an absolutely thrilled axiomatic.

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