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Esther Cañadas Stages a Comeback on Vogue Spain’s October 2020 Cover

We’re all for magazines that champion homegrown talent and Vogue Spain is helping Esther Cañadas stage a comeback for October 2020. Despite last month’s questionable Dora Postigo offering, the Spanish fashion bible has been in our good graces of late following major Hailey Bieber and Ana de Armas covers. Firmly back on track, Esther graces the title’s latest posing before the lens of Nico Bustos. Decked out in Dolce & Gabbana courtesy of stylist Juan Cebrian, the Spanish modeling legend transports us to the island of Ibiza with the black and white image.

Vogue España October 2020 : Esther Cañadas by Nico Bustos


The cover was hit or miss with our forum members. “Oh my god, Esther!! What a pleasant surprise! She looks incredible. They really made up for that ugly disaster of a September cover with this…” approved aracic.

“One of my favorite models of all time and the cover is glam!” declared Urban Stylin.

“I’m glad she is on the covers of Spanish magazines again,” added San Marco.

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Benn98 shared the same enthusiasm: “Esther is such a pleasant surprise! I wonder if we’ll see a comeback similar to Shalom Harlow‘s.”

“Esther!!!! The composition is kinda weird, but with a face like this one you just can’t go wrong,” said SRank.

“What a terrible cover, I never got her appeal,” an uninterested Miss Dalloway commented.

“I genuinely cannot complain about a single element with regard to the cover. What’s not to love? It’s Esther, the image is far more deserving of the front cover of Vogue as opposed to last month’s eyesore and the red masthead and minimal cover lines make for a great cover,” defended vogue28.

Are you a fan? See Esther’s cover shoot and join the conversation here.

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Elle Fanning Gets Upstaged by Her Canine Companions on Vanity Fair’s October 2020 Cover

Elle Fanning has an unsurpassed track record on our forums. Whether the actress is serving up “fairy-tale fantasy” on American Vogue, trying a whole new look for Vogue Japan, going retro for Tatler or just serving pure beauty and grace on Marie Claire, Elle’s covers are always a hit. Three years after her debut on the publication, Elle makes a return to the cover of Vanity Fair for October 2020. Photographed by Tierney Gearon and styled by Rebecca Ramsey, the star of Hulu’s The Great poses high atop the hills of Malibu wearing a dress from Christian Dior’s Fall 2020 collection with some canine companions by her side for the breezy cover shot.

Vanity Fair October 2020 : Elle Fanning by Tierney Gearon


But the cover ended Elle’s winning streak. “Why does she look so annoyed? And when I scrolled down I did not expect to see those dogs, how random! Wish her pose could’ve been stronger to play up the Grecian look. This would have been stunning,” critiqued Benn98.

“Such a flat picture,” said an underwhelmed mikel.

“I love Elle and I love the styling, but how is this not an outtake? She looks beyond pissed off,” KINGofVERSAILLES pointed out.

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Also far from impressed was cottonmouth13: “What a waste of Elle Fanning. They could have done so much better considering this is her first solo cover for them. It’s more like an amateur photo that belongs to her Instagram for content purposes, but Vanity Fair decided to use it…”

“Seriously, what is happening here? Elle Fanning deserves much better,” stated dodencebt.

“I mean when you pick THIS shot as the cover, you really have no clue what you are doing!” proclaimed Miss Dalloway.

“Pretty bad when you’re upstaged by the dogs,” dfl-001 chimed in.

Are you a fan? See more from Elle’s cover shoot and join the debate here.

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Rianne Van Rompaey Hits the Slopes for Vogue Paris’ October 2020 Cover

We have been singing Vogue Paris’ praises lately and it’s all thanks to Emmanuelle Alt’s determination to deliver total escapism via the French fashion bible. We’ve loved seeing the stellar covers starring Gigi and Bella Hadid, Mica Argañaraz, Natalia Vodianova and Malika Louback. Now Alt welcomes back Rianne Van Rompaey for October 2020. The five-time Vogue Paris cover star is back a little over a year after her last appearance taking to the slopes before the lens of photographer Carlijn Jacobs. Alt styled the Dutch beauty in a Miu Miu bodysuit, Prada goggles and Moncler ski boots for the perfectly kitsch shot.

Vogue Paris October 2020 : Rianne van Rompaey by Carlijn Jacobs


The cover was definitely a hit. “I love this — love the tongue-in-cheek concept with the fake background, the fake snow and the fake fan,” said vogue28.

“I love this cover! It’s cheesy, it’s fun, unpretentious…” approved Lola701.

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SLFC also loved the outcome: “I’m not complaining at all. Rianne on Vogue Paris is heaven.”

“I could have Rianne on the cover for every month of the year and I wouldn’t complain, the girl is a superstar! As usual, she looks absolutely magnificent and I actually think this might be one of their best covers this year. Very tongue-in-cheek, I love the tacky vibe and the setting,” added aracic.

“I actually love it! It looks so tacky but in a fun way. Only Alt can make this work,” noted MON.

Forum member artemovartem was also a fan. “Emmanuelle is the editor of the year! Even in the pandemic she managed to produce solid covers. I especially love this one. Just wow!”

Do you love the cover as much as we do? Check out the contents of the issue and share your thoughts here.

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Anna Ewers Stars in Max Mara’s ‘Beautiful’ Fall 2020 Campaign

We have enjoyed Steven Meisel’s Max Mara campaigns since 2016. That’s because the legendary lensman provides stunning imagery for the Italian fashion label’s ads by capturing everyone from Gigi Hadid to Fei Fei Sun to Grace Elizabeth. Unfortunately, last season’s campaign fell completely flat. So we’re happy to see a stark change for Fall 2020. Brigitte Niedermair replaces Meisel as campaign photographer ushering in Anna Ewers as the brand’s fresh face. The firm forum favorite (styled by Carine Roitfeld) poses in the studio for the series of utterly beautiful and charming portraits.

Max Mara F/W 2020.21 : Anna Ewers by Brigitte Niedermair


Members of our forums immediately began raving about the outcome. “I love this! I mean I do love Anna, but even without being bias, I like the vintage nature of the photos. It’s classic and beautiful,” approved bluestar.

“It’s very soft and classic indeed, I love it. Almost like a painting,” dodencebt pointed out.

“This is turning out to be a beautiful campaign and oh so quintessentially Max Mara. As much as I adore Steven Meisel, last season’s campaign was a total snoozefest and Brigitte Niedermair has undoubtedly done wonders here for all its simplicity,” praised vogue28.

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GERGIN was definitely a fan. “I actually like this a lot, love the heavy dark looks contrasting against Anna’s soft, light features.”

YohjiAddict shared the same sentiment: “Anna looks like her old self, nowadays she looks really bored in her pictures, but not here. The warm background is quite pleasing against the navy of the clothes.”

“Please give us more Anna Ewers,” pleaded dontbeadrag.

Zposen described the campaign as “really gorgeous” and we agree.

Max Mara F/W 2020.21 : Anna Ewers by Brigitte Niedermair


See more from Max Mara’s Fall 2020 campaign and join the conversation here.

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Lizzo Graces the Cover of Vogue’s October 2020 Issue

There’s definitely a recurring theme when it comes to this year’s Vogue covers. At least so far. Every cover subject (apart from Ashley Graham) has never fronted the magazine before. See Florence Pugh, Billie Eilish and Simone Biles. Following a pair of painted September covers, it’s finally Lizzo’s turn to grace the American fashion bible. For the October 2020 cover, Lizzo poses wearing a red Valentino dress (courtesy of Carlos Nazario) before the lens of Hype Williams.

US Vogue October 2020 : Lizzo by Hype Williams


But the cover clearly falls flat for our forum members. “Hot mess. Nothing works here. From the amateur photography to the unflattering styling,” critiqued avonlea002.

“I can only imagine how much more elevated this would’ve turned out had Ethan James Green been behind the lens. What a total nonevent of a shoot, which reads more like a lookbook than it does a cover story for Vogue! Major, MAJOR disappointment,” voiced vogue28.

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“She deserved to be shot by an actual photographer!” declared russianelf.

“It’s hard to believe that could be the cover. If it is, Anna has left the building and we’re all the last to know,” added tigerrouge.

Mercredi obviously isn’t a fan: “It’s really disturbing to see that zero effort has been made to make this cover. From the cheap-looking dress to the photography everything is wrong here.”

“Lizzo got cheated here for sure. Her energy and charisma are just lost…” honeycombchild chimed in.

Check out Lizzo’s accompanying cover story and share your thoughts here.

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Binx Walton Stuns on Vogue Korea’s ‘Commanding and Sexy’ October 2020 Cover

Glamour is always a good idea, especially during these times of uncertainty and Vogue Korea decided to deliver just that for October 2020. Over the last nine months, the Korean fashion bible’s covers featuring Rianne Van Rompaey, Bella Hadid and Hyun Ji Shin have thrilled us to no end and the title’s latest is no different. Binx Walton serves major face and body in the striking and downright stunning cover photograph shot by Luigi & Iango. Binx wears a black latex number from Saint Laurent’s Fall 2020 collection chosen by stylist Eunyoung Sohn for the shot that leaves us (almost) speechless.

Vogue Korea October 2020 : Binx Walton by Luigi & Iango


The cover was just what our forum members were craving. “FASHION FINALLY. This exudes glamour! This is a Vogue cover,” applauded MON.

“LOVE this! So FASHIONABLE, it’s an exciting image: great clothes, cool pose, superb eye contact — there’s power coming from it. Great job Vogue Korea,” cheered Bertrando3.

“What a cover, looks like she’s being born from a pool of plastic like a vixen Venus,” added YohjiAddict.

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In the same frame of mind was Summer Day: “Wow, Binx looks so commanding and sexy on the cover. So great to see her finally snatching these much-deserved covers.”

Valentine27 was also a fan. “This is a great and strong cover. The best I’ve seen lately, to be fair. Binx is totally serving that pose in the water. The styling mixed with the water on this tiled floor works so well. I just love everything.”

“The best she’s ever looked IMO. The cover is so damn refreshing!” noted marsnoop2.

“I love it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her dolled up like this, smoky eyes, bronzer, shine…she looks hot!” raved Toni Ahlgren.

The cover feature is a total must-see. Check it out and share your thoughts here.