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Angelina Jolie Scores Her Second September Cover Courtesy of British ELLE

By now we’re pretty used to ELLE using one major cover star across its international editions for the exact same issue. Back in April we were treated to multiple Taylor Swift covers and then there were the several Selena Gomez offerings for October 2018. Following in their footsteps is none other than Angelina Jolie, fresh from her American ELLE appearance the star now graces the British edition for September 2019. One again captured by photographer Alexi Lubomirski and styled by Elizabeth Stewart, Angelina wears Stella McCartney in the welcoming cover shot.

UK Elle September 2019 : Angelina Jolie by Alexi Lubomirski


Our forum members sounded off on their favorite. “U.S. edition for the win,” declared jorgepalomo.

“Too much text, ain’t no one reading all of those cover lines. The U.S. edition’s cover is way better than this, never thought I would say that, but there you go,” called out slayage.

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“Couldn’t they add any more text?” asked a sarcastic Srdjan.

“Colors are too muted and her pout looks forced. I suppose Angelina’s team had a hand in the styling because it’s way too understated for September. And could it look any more like a mid-00s cover of American ELLE if it tried?” wondered an underwhelmed Benn98.

Although not everyone was left unsatisfied. “Quite casual, but I like it,” confessed KissMiss.

In the same frame of mind was vogue28: “Quite fond of this (prefer it to the American edition at least), can appreciate how straight-on the cover shot is and I like the tame styling for a September cover. Almost reminiscent of British Harper’s Bazaar covers, which I’m not mad at.”

UK Elle September 2019 : Angelina Jolie by Alexi Lubomirski


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Rianne Van Rompaey Represents the Four Fashion Capitals on Vogue Paris’ September 2019 Covers

Speculation as to who Emmanuelle Alt might tap for Vogue Paris’ all-important September issue has been a topic of discussion on our forums for months. Given Alt’s track record of repeating cover stars, we aren’t at all surprised to see Rianne Van Rompaey make her third cover appearance on the French fashion bible for September 2019, starring on not one but four covers. Going all out for the mag’s 1,000th issue, Alt had the Dutch beauty pose before the lenses of Mikael Jansson, Juergen Teller, Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin and Alasdair McLellan evoking the spirits of the four fashion capitals: New York, London, Milan and Paris.

Vogue Paris September 2019 by Mikael Jansson, Alasdair McLellan, Juergen Teller & Inez & Vinoodh


Which cover came out on top? “Rianne shows a great deal of range. It’s unfortunate that these photographs are so terrible. The styling on London and New York is absolutely atrocious. Paris is blah. I like where they were going with Milan, however the result looks amateurish. They all look amateurish actually,” called out GivenchyHomme.

“Can’t believe Vogue Paris is gonna let me down like this. What a waste of resources to do four cities and get a mediocre end result each time,” stated RedSmokeRise.

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“Tired, cliché and boring covers from Emmanuelle, as per usual. Rianne is a great model, but that doesn’t mean she can push through these trite cover images. And it’s beyond me how she has another cover this year,” declared Fiercification.

MyNameIs shared the same sentiment: “Yikes. Cool idea, but the execution is tragic. Don’t think the model is right, either. The styling though…80s hair and denim for NYC? When was the last time the stylist’s been to NYC? In fact, all four of these are so cliché and cheesy — and not in a good way.”

“I don’t even know where to start… Everything is so wrong, although the idea of doing something with the four fashion capitals is cool, the execution is tragic! We were hoping that Vogue Paris would save our September, but it just ended up making things worse,” agreed DK92.

Vogue Paris September 2019 by Mikael Jansson, Alasdair McLellan, Juergen Teller & Inez & Vinoodh


Will you be hunting down any of these covers? Await the contents of the issue and join the conversation here.

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Anne Hathaway’s Eye-Catching Allure September 2019 Cover Misses the Mark

Allure may not be our go-to magazine right now for groundbreaking covers, but the mag is at least trying to make an impression. After all, it was just last month the publication gave its cover to Naomi Osaka (while its competitors favored Serena Williams) and the title served up an electrifying Adut Akech offering for May. For September, Allure throws us another curveball by welcoming Anne Hathaway back on its cover after a seven-year hiatus. Captured by Sølve Sundsbø and styled by George Cortina, the actress flaunts dramatic cat eyes in the fresh and flawless image.

Allure September 2019 : Anne Hathaway by Solve Sundsbo


The striking cover didn’t go over well on our forums. “Natalie Portman called, she wants her Black Swan eyes back!” mocked Benn98.

“Oh no, no, no, no. Nothing works here. The lighting is wrong, the text is all too big and she looks…just wrong. Poor Anne,” said aracic.

“No. Nothing is attractive,” proclaimed Perickles.

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“The worst Sølve Sundsbø has ever delivered,” declared phungnam96.

In complete agreement over how everything turned out was Lola701: “If someone told me Sebastian Faena shot this, I would have believed it. A major miss from my dear Sølve!”

“There are a lot of people on whom this look would have been spectacular. And they probably could have made Anne look good by carefully selecting the angle of each shot. But no, they had to give us a panoramic collage of all the ways in which this doesn’t work,” commented tigerrouge.

SLFC shared the same sentiment: “Oh god, this doesn’t work at ALL.”

“These magazines would save a lot of money if they toned down the retouching. Anne is beautiful. All she would need is a few little touch-ups. Instead they went to town on her face,” disapproved GivenchyHomme.

Check out Anne’s accompanying cover feature and share your thoughts here.

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Julianne Moore Wears Vintage Tom Ford for Gucci on InStyle’s Fabulous September 2019 Cover

There’s no escaping InStyle right now, largely due to the fact Laura Brown is propelling the magazine to new heights with each and every issue. Brown’s passion for print is apparent with the publication featuring the likes of Janelle Monáe and the cast of Big Little Lies in recent months. So we aren’t at all surprised to see Brown going over the top for InStyle‘s monumental 25th anniversary issue for September 2019 by picking Julianne Moore for the cover. Photographed by Phil Poynter, stylist Karla Welch opted out of dressing the actress in an outfit from one of the Fall 2019 collections in favor of a classic look from Tom Ford’s legendary Fall 1995 collection for Gucci, proving a silk blouse is always in fashion.

US Instyle September 2019 : Julianne Moore by Phil Poynter


The cover was praised by (most of) our forum members. “Fabulous cover! It’s quite eye-catching and well executed. Even if I don’t think we need that excessive nostalgia over Tom Ford for Gucci…but it works. I’ve never been a fan of that collection, but I need glamour right now,” approved Lola701.

“I love all of this. And from InStyle? I’m floored,” confessed lelaid.

“Oh yes, totally my cup of tea!” declared Nymphaea.

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“Bravo to Laura Brown because this feels like the perfect solution to a 25th anniversary issue, being the perfect mix of both nostalgia and commercialism! Julianne Moore looks fantastic on the cover, love that she’s wearing vintage Tom Ford for Gucci and the voluminous hair from Serge Normant,” voiced vogue28.

For the rest of our members, the cover had one MAJOR flaw. “The Photoshop is ridiculous and Hung Vanngo needs to stop. This is a stunning 58-year-old woman that doesn’t need to receive the blow-up doll treatment,” called out SophiaVB.

Miss Dalloway felt the same way: “Jesus! Did they also take her in the time machine and go back 25 years? Keep this BS if you can’t let someone like Moore look her age, the airbrushing on her face is SHAMEFUL!”

“Every time I see Julianne Moore’s name on a thread, I cringe. Her face has been Photoshopped so many times, I’m surprised she still has a face. She has no freckles, her skin is alabaster perfection, that of a 17-year-old Norwegian milkmaid,” echoed dfl-001.

Photoshop disaster or pure perfection? See what else InStyle has to offer and join the conversation here.

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Angelina Jolie Proves Less Is Always More on ELLE’s Elegant September 2019 Cover

In a bid to win September, the fashion glossies are pulling out the big guns. Vogue scored Taylor Swift, Harper’s Bazaar bagged Alicia Keys and Marie Claire landed Cara Delevingne. Now ELLE reveals its secret weapon to win the month: Angelina Jolie. Angelina’s last notable appearance down at the newsstand was for Nina Garcia’s first issue of ELLE back in March 2018. The mega star once again photographs beautifully before the lens of Alexi Lubomirski looking radiant in Christian Dior for the warm and inviting cover shot styled by Elizabeth Stewart.

US Elle September 2019 : Angelina Jolie by Alexi Lubomirski


The cover was a hit with our forum members. “This is beautiful. I’m not a huge fan of Alexi, but this is a complete yes. Another issue of ELLE to add to my collection,” shared jorgepalomo the moment the cover dropped.

“I love Angelina and I am delighted to see her back on the cover again,” declared [Piece Of Me].

“You know where you are with Angelina Jolie. It’s going to be classic, it’s going to look beautiful,” pointed out tigerrouge.

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“Very beautiful cover. Sometimes simple just works best,” noted justaguy.

In complete agreement was FashionMuseDior: “Angelina looks so beautiful! I agree that sometimes less is more and she didn’t need anything, just that face of hers.”

“You know what you get with Angelina…she’s very much in control of her image, but even with the creative restrictions in place you get great covers out of her,” stated Fiercification.

GivenchyHomme was also a fan. “It’s good. It’s how she looks now. It’s definitely a reflection of how she’s changed over the years. She’s not that sexual edgy woman anymore, she’s grown-up. My one critique is that they went overboard on the retouching, especially on her forehead.”

Impressed? See more from Angelina’s cover shoot and share your thoughts here.

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Cara Delevingne Goes Nude for Marie Claire’s September 2019 Cover

The September issues are always focused on fashion, but this year Marie Claire decided to shake things up. Unwilling to conform once again, the magazine boycotts the standard fall fashion issue in favor of paying tribute to Kate Moss’ iconic Calvin Klein Obsession fragrance campaign. Instead of Kate, Cara Delevingne bares all for the captivating and utterly effortless cover shot by photographer Thomas Whiteside.

US Marie Claire September 2019 : Cara Delevingne by Thomas Whiteside


The cover hit all the right notes for our forum members. “Stunning portrait! Don’t even care about the lack of fashion. Wasn’t expecting to be bowled over, in fact, I thought it would be another Dior reprint cover until I saw Whiteside’s name. So far this one is my favorite U.S. September cover,” applauded Benn98.

“It seems the best September covers are going to be the ones without any clothes…” echoed tigerrouge.

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“Definitely my favorite September cover so far. Very simple yet effective,” proclaimed aracic.

“Never been one for Cara Delevingne, but that’s one gorgeous cover shot — love the coloring of Cara’s bare skin next to the green leather sofa and the whole fold-out concept here. The minimal cover lines work great with the cover image, too. It might not scream September, but it is bound to make an impact on newsstands…” said vogue28.

In the same frame of mind was KINGofVERSAILLES: “One of the best covers of the month, though it’s not exactly a high bar to clear. Cara’s very, very hit or miss for me, but I think this is truly a gorgeous portrait.”

SLFC was pleasantly surprised, too. “I saw the name Cara Delevingne and didn’t expect it to be good. Color me surprised. This is not half bad.”

US Marie Claire September 2019 : Cara Delevingne by Thomas Whiteside


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