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Jennifer Lawrence Stars in Christian Dior’s Vintage-Inspired Pre-Fall 2020 Campaign

Since taking over the helm of Christian Dior back in 2016, Maria Grazia Chiuri hasn’t exactly received a great deal of praise when it comes to the brand’s advertising campaigns (or collections for that matter). It’s always more of the same old, same old — from repetitive model choices to the use of the same photographer season after season. But with the unveiling of the French fashion house’s latest campaign things may finally be looking up. Jennifer Lawrence (obviously) poses before the lens of Brigitte Niedermair for Dior’s latest shot up against a gray backdrop allowing the Pre-Fall 2020 collection to do all the talking.

Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2020 : Jennifer Lawrence by Brigitte Niedermair


Members of our forums were pleasantly surprised. “Although it’s exactly the same boring campaign as every other campaign under MGC, I actually like this set of pictures. There’s a very vintage feel to JLaw’s beauty here, especially in the first portrait — I really like that image. It’s nothing to write home about, but it’s certainly a nice departure from incredibly dull Ruth Bell and Selena Forrest,” aracic appreciated.

“Happy for Brigitte, she brought the best out of a woman who I’m bored to death with. There’s something almost fetishistic about this campaign and I cannot help but gravitate toward it. Is goody two-shoes Miss Dior taking a walk on the wild side? One can hope,” noted YohjiAddict.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this about a Jennifer Lawrence for Dior campaign, but these images are stunning,” confessed dodencebt.

In complete agreement was vogue28: “These images are indeed stunning and perhaps I would’ve fawned over them even more had we not already seen this concept several times previously from MGC’s Christian Dior. It’s the all black that is doing it for me here, feels like a palate cleanser from previous campaigns.”

“We can officially now say she’s a better model than Ruth Bell and Selena Forrest at least,” proclaimed bluebanter.

Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2020 : Jennifer Lawrence by Brigitte Niedermair


See more from the campaign and share your thoughts on Dior’s latest here.

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Vogue Addresses the Global Pandemic With a Beautiful and Symbolic Irving Penn Cover

Anna Wintour has been at the forefront of helping the fashion industry get through the ongoing global pandemic. She’s created the A Common Thread initiative along with the CFDA and joined forces with fashion figureheads to produce Vogue Global Conversations via Zoom. Now Wintour combines Vogue‘s June and July issues to address the current health crisis. Instead of featuring Florence Pugh, Billie Eilish, Gal Gadot or even a handful of models, the mag opts for a beautiful and symbolic alternative. Unable to produce photoshoots as a result of social distancing, Vogue picked an unpublished Irving Penn portrait of a rose from 1970 for the front cover of its special double issue.

US Vogue June/July 2020 by Irving Penn


The cover struck a chord with our forum members. “I think it’s beautiful, very appropriate given the current circumstances. The use of an unpublished Irving Penn image has Anna Wintour’s name written all over it. A sense of certainty in a world of uncertainty, which I can appreciate,” voiced vogue28.

“It’s a beautiful image and a beautiful cover,” echoed mepps.

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“I like the cover, simple but beautiful. Considering how bad the situation is in the U.S. — specifically New York City — I find it very appropriate,” commended jorgepalomo.

Sharing the same sentiment was Urban Stylin: “It is a beautiful cover and makes sense in these times. It doesn’t feel as contrived as some and we should be glad that it’s not some celebrity selfie.”

“It could have been better, but I like it. It’s definitely more creative than Emanuele Farneti’s lazy plain white cover. At least this involved digging through the archives and deciding which archival photo was best suited for the special issue. This is definitely a must-have issue!” declared MON.

LastNight felt the same way. “Oh it’s gorgeous! I love the idea and how great to have a Penn photograph on the cover.”

Share your thoughts on Vogue‘s latest and join the conversation here.

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Joey Yung Poses in Gucci on Vogue Hong Kong’s Sleek and Minimal April 2020 Covers

Vogue Hong Kong has been very hit or miss on our forums ever since its inaugural issue featuring a trio of Gigi Hadid and Fei Fei Sun covers. Covers starring Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid have sufficed over recent months, but the title’s first anniversary issue with Naomi Campbell failed to impress last month. Now Vogue Hong Kong welcomes some homegrown talent to its April 2020 installment (something magazines don’t often do). Photographed by forum favorite Luigi & Iango, singer and actress Joey Yung appears on a set of sleek and minimal covers sporting a look from Gucci’s Spring 2020 collection for the mag’s latest.

Vogue Hong Kong April 2020 : Joey Yung by Luigi & Iango


The covers divided our forum members. “People are probably going to hate on these covers because it’s Vogue Hong Kong, but I love the first one. If it was British Vogue and Dua Lipa everyone would swoon,” declared A.D.C. the moment the covers struck.

“I actually like it. Simple and clean,” said lightblue.

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“We have Luigi & Iango, zero signs of weird post-production, minimal art direction and a sense of glamour — so I cannot complain, really,” voiced vogue28.

“This would have been nice, but her expression didn’t sell it,” Urban Stylin pointed out.

MON wasn’t impressed by the outcome, either. “Yikes. The styling is terrible and tacky. The art direction leaves much to be desired. Too bare for my liking. Vogue Hong Kong really needs to step up. They are on their way to replace the former Vogue Taiwan.”

Benn98 shared the same sentiment: “Just goes to show what an important role creative direction and styling play! Both covers look like they could work for ELLE Taiwan, very subpar. And I find the styling rather cheap. Another dud for this pointless edition.”

“Where’s the Luigi & Iango magic? They did her so dirty,” MDNA called out.

Vogue Hong Kong April 2020 : Joey Yung by Luigi & Iango


Impressed? Share your thoughts with us here.

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Jihyo Serves Face on Allure’s May 2020 Cover

We’re huge advocates for diversity, but it’s unfortunately a rare occasion to see an Asian face on the cover of a mainstream American glossy. But Michelle Lee has already demonstrated her ability to deliver on the diversity front at Allure. (Remember those triumphant June 2018 covers featuring a trio of Asian beauties?) For May 2020, Jihyo (of the South Korean girl group Twice) appears on Allure‘s latest photographed by Ahn Jooyoung for the magazine’s “Best of Global Beauty” issue.

Allure May 2020 : Jihyo by Ahn Jooyoung


The cover immediately caught the attention of our forum members. “Interesting… I wonder how many people in the U.S. know her?” asked phungnam96.

“Michelle’s track record when it comes to Asian beauty is abysmal and I’m all for fresh faces, but this is not the solution. Surely there are Asian women in America who would have been better choices?” wondered Benn98.

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“Lucy Liu. A gorgeous household name print is being so ignorant about,” replied Srdjan.

“Because we should continue pushing the same and only recognizable Asian actress of the last 20 years instead of introducing people to some new ones,” A.D.C. fired back.

Urban Stylin was impressed: “I actually love the cover, very fresh and clean. South Korean-inspired skin care regimens and beauty have become very popular in the West so the cover subject makes sense.”

“Looks more like a jewelry ad than a magazine cover, but I welcome the sight of any American magazine putting an Asian face on the front of an issue,” applauded tigerrouge.

Are you a fan? See more from Allure‘s latest (including the digital cover starring JB of GOT7) and share your thoughts here.

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Steven Meisel Photographs a Bevy of Beauties for Zara’s Spring 2020 Campaign

Zara has been in our good graces since 2017 after tapping legendary photographer Steven Meisel to capture its advertising campaigns. Season after season, our forum members have nothing but praise for Meisel’s contributions to the Spanish retailer’s campaigns. And Spring 2020 is no different. Back for a seventh time, Meisel captures Abby Champion, Julia Nobis, Lexi Boling, Mona Tougaard, Ning Jinyi and Sacha Quenby (each styled by Karl Templer) for the series of romantic black and white images under the creative direction of Fabien Baron.

Zara S/S 2020 by Steven Meisel


The brand’s latest campaign was a big hit on our forums. “Absolutely insane,” declared helmutnotdead in admiration.

“Absolute perfection! It’s embarrassing that Zara can beat each and every high end label season after season with their Meisel campaigns. Dior who? Chanel who? Givenchy who? This ended up being my favorite campaign of this season,” proclaimed aracic.

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“Zara is the most luxurious brand out there,” dontbeadrag chimed in.

“Sooooo gorgeous. Love the group shots especially. Thank God for Zara LOL,” added bluestar.

“A gorgeous campaign… Meisel is an absolute genius because once again everything featured looks far more expensive than it actually is. Zara struck gold with Meisel and everyone else included here and long may the partnership continue,” raved vogue28.

Zara S/S 2020 by Steven Meisel


Check out the Spring 2020 advertising campaign in full here.

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Ignasi Monreal Illustrates Vogue Spain’s Calm and Tranquil May 2020 Cover

Our favorite fashion glossies are starting to address the global pandemic. First came Vogue Portugal’s mask-wearing models followed by Vogue Italia’s statement of solidarity with an all-white cover paying homage to medics. Vogue Spain’s response to the crisis arrives in the form of its May 2020 edition after a flawless Ana de Armas offering last month. Eugenia de la Torriente commissioned artist Ignasi Monreal to illustrate the front cover (a first in the publication’s 32-year history). Inspired by British Vogue‘s October 1945 cover after World War II, Vogue Spain’s latest left our forum members in awe.

Vogue España May 2020 by Ignasi Monreal


“The cover is gorgeous, very dreamy. Definitely something to behold and that’s the difference between Farneti’s illustrated covers and this one,” proclaimed Benn98 the moment the cover came to light.

“Watch and learn Farneti! The message is there but it’s not forced, there’s a sense of fashion and calmness at the same time. Love it!” voiced apple in agreement.

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“I like it, a bit of calmness/tranquility in these turbulent times,” Nymphaea chimed in.

“How lovely, this is the creative way you can do a cover during COVID-19,” applauded Miss Dalloway.

MON was also thrilled with the outcome: “Now this is how you do it. Beautiful beyond words! It’s an illustration and yet somehow it feels like a fashion magazine. I just love this!”

Breathless shared the same sentiment. “Now that’s how you do a cover during these rough times!”

“It’s a beautiful illustration… I live in Spain and gotta say, the message is so right. There’s a sense of community right now that I never experienced before,” said kokobombon.

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