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Vogue Picks Paintings for Its September 2020 Covers

From covers celebrating global beauty to the magazine’s beautiful and symbolic answer to the pandemic to a powerful Simone Biles cover just last month, Vogue has been nothing short of amazing this year thus far. Anna Wintour isn’t about to let standards slip with the unveiling of the title’s all-important September 2020 issue. Names like Kamala Harris, Naomi Campbell and Gigi Hadid floated around our Cover Rumor Thread, but Wintour is full of surprises bestowing upon us a pair of covers by American artists Jordan Casteel and Kerry James Marshall. Cover one (below) created by Casteel features Aurora James on a Brooklyn rooftop draped in Pyer Moss, while Marshall’s alternative (after the jump) showcases a fictional character wearing Off-White.

US Vogue September 2020 by Jordan Casteel & Kerry James Marshall


How did the mag’s latest fare on our forums? “An illustrated cover? This is so very…May 2020 now that the VAST majority of Vogues around the globe have managed to produce conventional photoshoots amid the pandemic. Surely a Vogue-worthy fashion photographer was available in New York. Not into this at all,” voiced vogue28.

“Hope? More like Nope. This is abysmal. Wintour should have left over a decade ago, but her gigantic ego will not let that happen of course. Another nail in the coffin of U.S. Vogue,” added SanderGreen.

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“I’m just…so tired. What a missed opportunity to create a beautiful, powerful, uplifting cover. All these attempts at the theme of ‘hope’ have been utterly hopeless. No wonder no one’s buying magazines,” LastNight chimed in.

KINGofVERSAILLES wasn’t impressed, either. “I don’t like this painting at all as a magazine cover, certainly not for the September issue of Vogue…”

“I’m all for cover illustrations, but when they are pretty and done right, not done tacky and looking like they should be in a children’s book. This isn’t even a cover that embodies fashion or glamour or anything!” proclaimed Mercury6181.

US Vogue September 2020 by Jordan Casteel & Kerry James Marshall


Which cover do you prefer? Share your thoughts and await the contents of Vogue‘s September issue here.

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Vanity Fair Pays Tribute to Breonna Taylor With Its September 2020 Cover

Radhika Jones continues to make all the right moves over at Vanity Fair. The magazine is definitely at the top of our reading list following its triumphant Viola Davis cover. For September 2020, Jones turned over the reins to Ta-Nehisi Coates, who serves as guest editor for the publication’s latest issue “The Great Fire.” Coates opts to give Vanity Fair‘s front cover to Breonna Taylor via a beautiful image produced by artist Amy Sherald.

Vanity Fair September 2020 : Breonna Taylor by Amy Sherald


The cover sparked conversation on our forums. “This is a gorgeous illustration. One hundred percent sure that in print this will be striking. A win for me,” commended jorgepalomo.

“Now this is how you do an illustrated cover. Beautiful and sad, but will be buying this for sure,” declared Miss Dalloway.

“Absolutely gorgeous illustration! Beautiful cover,” echoed mepps.

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Urban Stylin shared the same sentiment: “Now this perfectly works for a cover considering the subject and the colors are beautiful.”

“As much as I appreciate the effort, I don’t find comfort in the fact that they’re profiting off of her,” voiced MON.

“I see it more as a celebration. So much has been said about her death (and the ones who murdered her), but it’s also important to celebrate her life, which is what it looks like they’ll be doing. With Ta-Nehisi being the guest editor, I’m confident it was done tastefully and thoughtfully,” replied Marc10.

Share your thoughts on Vanity Fair‘s latest here.

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Adwoa Aboah Is All Smiles on British ELLE’s September 2020 Cover

British ELLE has been extremely hit or miss on our forums lately. The magazine first won us over with a stunning Claudia Schiffer offering followed by a “drab and uninspiring” cover featuring Florence Pugh. Margarita Gambles gave us a serious case of summer wanderlust for July, while last month’s Dua Lipa cover seemed pretty dated. Ditching the reprints, ELLE U.K. is back to producing its own content for September 2020 welcoming Adwoa Aboah to the all-important issue photographed by Liz Johnson Artur. In the newsstand cover (below), Adwoa (who already fronts British Vogue‘s latest) smiles while wearing a mix of clothing from various independent Brit designers. ELLE also asked several students from across the United Kingdom to submit artwork for a series of special subscribers’ covers (after the jump).

UK Elle September 2020 : Adwoa Aboah by Liz Johnson Artur


The cover sure caught the attention of our forum members. “Wow, interesting! Definitely not their best cover, but it’s something different and daring and I think it will command attention on the newsstand whether it’s through like or dislike. Once again it looks like a very dated cover, this time the 90s,” voiced Benn98.

“Ugly as hell,” proclaimed Srdjan.

“This magazine is such trash now. Sorry, but NO,” added an unimpressed caioherrero.

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In complete agreement was vogue28: “Atrocious cover, an absolute eyesore and almost headache-inducing. A truly awful offering for September.”

But not everyone shared the same sentiment. “I’ll take it. Adwoa is the only current-era model that can work the demented aesthetic successfully on her sheer force of presence. She resembles Stacey McKenzie here and that’s enough to make this cover work,” defended Phuel.

“I don’t like Adwoa, but the image is quite nice actually. I like the bright colors and her smile, it’s quite refreshing and happy,” declared aracic.

[Piece Of Me] also admired the outcome. “I like it! It is a striking and ‘different’ image that will look very good on the newsstand and gives a 90s vibe that I love and miss so much.”

UK Elle September 2020 : Adwoa Aboah by Liz Johnson Artur


See more from British ELLE‘s latest and share your thoughts here.

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Vogue Germany’s September 2020 Cover Causes Quite a Stir on Our Forums

So far this year hasn’t been a good one for Vogue Germany. The magazine got off to a rough start with an intolerable January cover, unsuccessfully profiled women over 50 for May, made us cringe with a Toni Garrn and Alex Pettyfer offering for June and the title’s answer to the pandemic fell flat on our forums. Now the German fashion bible’s edition for the most important issue on the print calendar is here with Nicole Atieno landing her very first Vogue cover for September 2020. The Kenyan-born beauty poses against a white backdrop wearing a look from Miu Miu’s Fall 2020 collection while holding a bunch of flowers before the lens of Stefan Heinrichs.

Vogue Germany September 2020 : Nicole Atieno by Stefan Heinrichs


The cover sparked debate on our forums. “What’s the point of giving someone a cover if you actively cover their face? You don’t have to be a Harvard graduate to realize how st*pid that is,” voiced MON.

“Yeah, I don’t think it’s a good idea to cover her face like that, it’s low-key problematic,” agreed FashionMuseDior.

“How DARE they do this BS!!! Shame on them!!” exclaimed an unimpressed Miss Dalloway.

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In the same frame of mind was mathiaskatz: “Nicole is a great model and does not need flowers or any other props. Shame.”

“It’s not a bad cover, even if it feels a bit like something Vogue Nippon would’ve done 11 years ago. But it doesn’t feel right that half her face is covered. Even if it’s with flowers,” added mikel.

“I don’t think the cover is that tragic. It’s cute overall,” defended Srdjan.

Mercury6181 was kind of a fan. “I am happy for Nicole and I generally like the simplistic green color scheme and I think the flowers are a good prop, they add some color and excitement to the image.”

A hit or miss of a cover? See more from Vogue Germany’s September 2020 edition and share your thoughts here.

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Kerry Washington Looks Radiant in Cushnie on Town & Country’s September 2020 Cover

It’s been a long time since Town & Country made us sit up and take notice. We’re talking back in April 2019 with the unveiling of its gorgeous Jodie Comer cover. Now the publication has our undivided attention once again thanks to Stellene Volandes’ superb choice of cover star for September 2020. Kerry Washington, who has a track record of spectacular magazine covers, stars on the mag’s latest issue in a lilac Cushnie creation selected by Law Roach. Kerry poses up against lush greenery for the stellar shot captured remotely by photographic duo AB+DM.

Town & Country September 2020 : Kerry Washington by AB+DM


But the cover received mixed reviews. “A gorgeous cover — love the use of the lilac Cushnie dress against the greenery and how it complements Kerry’s skin tone. For me, this is a fail-safe cover image (the classic American Vogue type), which I find hard to criticize,” declared vogue28 the moment the cover dropped.

“Stunning cover, something I have missed seeing for a long time,” stated phungnam96.

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“She is a beauty, but I don’t like the cover! Insane Photoshop!” Lola701 pointed out.

Also noticing signs of post-production was bluestar: “Kerry’s gorgeous, but the Photoshop is indeed a bit too harsh here…”

“A beautiful woman Photoshopped to death,” agreed RaisinBoy. “And what a sloppy job with the airbrushing. The matchy-matchy masthead and the out-of-touch headlines (seriously, who writes those?) only add to the tragedy.”

“Kerry is so beautiful and I actually like the styling, but something about the airbrushing and/or makeup has her looking not her best. Not terrible, but a wasted opportunity,” voiced KINGofVERSAILLES.

Are you impressed? Check out Kerry’s cover shoot and join the conversation here.

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Nicolas Ghesquière Steps Behind the Lens for Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2020 Campaign

It’s been several years since Nicolas Ghesquière took the reins at Louis Vuitton and it’s fair to say that the vast majority of his advertising campaigns have failed to impress. Not even ads featuring Emma Stone, Selena Gomez or Catherine Deneuve have won over our forum members. Now the French designer steps behind the lens serving as photographer for the brand’s latest campaign. Calling upon a handful of his friends and muses for the occasion, Ghesquière welcomes Léa Seydoux, Lous and the Yakuza, Akon Changkou, Krow Kian, Sora Choi, Dina Asher-Smith, Stacy Martin, Noémie Merlant, Marina Foïs and Mariam de Vinzelle as the faces of the French fashion house’s Fall 2020 collection shot against a clean backdrop in his makeshift Paris studio.

Louis Vuitton F/W 2020.21 by Nicolas Ghesquière


The campaign became a topic of conversation on our forums. “The only thing that makes it pop are the color frames. This man killed Louis Vuitton,” declared Srdjan.

“R.I.P. fashion photography,” added an underwhelmed Ed...

“Another awful campaign by Louis Vuitton as expected. I can barely even remember the last time they did something good,” Nomar chimed in.

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But not everyone was disappointed. “Better than Collier Snore, the cast is very much to my liking, Stacy Martin and Sora Choi could sell me anything. The clothes look good. Not astounding or anything, but I expected much worse,” admitted YohjiAddict.

“More life in these images than any image Collier ever created for the brand,” agreed grimm.

“Thank god it’s not Collier Schorr!” proclaimed Lola701. “It’s almost embarrassing to see that this is better than Collier Schorr! It’s straightforward commercial fashion photography. Nothing wrong with that.”

Also pleasantly surprised was kenndale: “I don’t hate this. Everyone looks great.”

Louis Vuitton F/W 2020.21 by Nicolas Ghesquière


See Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2020 campaign in full and share your thoughts here.