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Kate Moss, Adut Akech, Gigi Hadid and More Front i-D Magazine’s ‘The Icons and Idols Issue’

While i-D isn’t the magazine it once was, things are starting to look up for the publication now that Alastair McKimm is at the helm. We went through all of 2019 without a single cover making waves on our forums, but i-D‘s first offering of 2020 has caught our attention. For “The Icons and Idols Issue,” the mag is giving us six covers to choose from down at the newsstand. There’s Kate Moss by Mario Sorrenti, Adut Akech by Daniel Jackson, Rianne Van Rompaey by Alasdair McLellan, Gigi Hadid by Jamie Hawkesworth, Binx Walton by Oliver Hadlee Pearch and Kaia Gerber by Willy Vanderperre. What more could we possibly ask for?

i-D Spring 2020 : The 'Icons and Idols' Issue


The covers immediately sparked debate on our forums. “Iconic Kate! Kate does everything right, even when she does it wrong. The ultimate model/muse,” said MissMagAddict.

“Not her strongest cover for i-D, but you simply can’t go wrong with Kate,” agreed aracic.

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“I do love the all-black outfit next to the vibrant blue skies and ocean backdrop. Kate Moss is always a good idea!” echoed vogue28.

“Jamie Hawkesworth can never do any wrong! Gigi’s cover is way better than Kate’s IMO,” declared blusheels.

Also quick to praise their favorite was mikel: “OMG! Love the Adut cover!”

“Loving all the covers so far!” guimon chimed in.

“Well they aren’t lying, this is ‘The Icons and Idols Issue’ and I love all of it. Definitely buying this one…” raved SLFC.

i-D Spring 2020 : The 'Icons and Idols' Issue


Which cover will you be tracking down? Share your thoughts and see more from i-D‘s latest here.

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Kim Kardashian, Cher and Naomi Campbell Form the Ultimate Biker Gang on CR Fashion Book’s Spring 2020 Covers

Kim Kardashian, Cher and Naomi Campbell join forces for a bevy of stunning covers for CR Fashion Book‘s Spring 2020 edition. The three icons were captured by photographic duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott on location in downtown Los Angeles for the series of black and white covers styled by Carine Roitfeld. All sporting bouffant hairstyles a la Priscilla Presley, the trio rocks all-black outfits to form the ultimate fantasy biker gang.

CR Fashion Book #16 S/S 2020 : Kim Kardashian West, Cher & Naomi Campbell by Mert & Marcus


The covers were a hit with our forum members. “Fabulous! We all knew this was coming and I still let out a tiny gasp. It’s an all power cast shot in a confident, powerful way. Kudos to everyone involved,” applauded dodencebt.

“I love it! Very unexpected. Finally good CR Fashion Book covers,” raved jorgepalomo.

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Also sharing the same level of enthusiasm was Benn98: “I need that close-up cover of Cher! Without a doubt the best of the lot. This is thematic and dramatic, exactly what’s missing from fashion magazines right now. The other ones don’t look too shabby. Great coup for CR Fashion Book…”

“Kim and her two biggest style icons. It’s quite spectacular! I’m very pleased to see they’re back to the old logo and vibe, CR Fashion Book used to be great once and this looks like a step in the right direction toward that greatness again,” approved aracic.

“Wow, I was not expecting to like Kim’s cover the best,” tipi1355 chimed in.

“Kim looks fantastic here, definitely her best cover so far!” agreed Zorka.

CR Fashion Book #16 S/S 2020 : Kim Kardashian West, Cher & Naomi Campbell by Mert & Marcus


Check out some previews of the cover shoot and share your thoughts here.

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Zendaya Stars on Vogue Australia’s Questionable March 2020 Cover

We’re always happy to see Zendaya, but some of our favorite fashion glossies have never truly been able to do the Euphoria star justice. Not even Allure, InStyle or Vogue have gotten it right (but Marie Claire and ELLE have). Now Zendaya takes to the cover of Vogue Australia making her debut on the Aussie fashion bible for March 2020. Posing before the lens of Daniel Jackson with Christine Centenera on styling duties, Zendaya wears a look from Gucci’s Spring 2020 collection for the cover shot.

Vogue Australia March 2020 : Zendaya by Daniel Jackson


Zendaya’s latest split our forums. “They did her dirty. They managed to make her look like she was in a brothel. This doesn’t even look like my Zendaya. Seems like Vogue Australia is on a mission to butcher every gorgeous cover star they have,” called out MON.

“Awful. And normally Daniel Jackson is pretty reliable. What happened here?” asked mikel.

“Awful shot of her, awful styling and awful art direction,” said Miss Dalloway.

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In the same frame of mind was Benn98: “Looks dirty and grimy and not in a sexy way. Jackson only excels in the studio.”

“I would never have guessed Daniel Jackson had shot this, purely because it’s so harsh and untypical of Jackson’s usual work. The cover shot is hideous, hate the styling from Christine Centenera, the set, the mood and that deeply unattractive font,” complained vogue28.

Forum member slayage couldn’t have disagreed more. “I love this. After last month’s pedestrian-looking cover, I was expecting something similar for March, but THANK GOD they finally produced imagery that cannot be found on the pages of Marie Claire in favor of something more fashion-y.”

“I think that the cover is refreshing! The green makes you feel nostalgic about the (now) vintage 2000s,” Srdjan shared.

Are you a fan? Check out Zendaya’s cover feature and join the conversation here.

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Candice Swanepoel Rocks Double Denim on Vogue Japan’s ‘Basic’ April 2020 Cover

Our month is pretty much made whenever Luigi & Iango shoot the cover of Vogue Japan (or any other magazine cover for that matter). But thanks to a rather disappointing model extravaganza offering last month, Luigi & Iango’s last Japanese Vogue outing fell short. Ditching the multi-girl concept this time around, Candice Swanepoel goes solo in an attempt to help the photographic duo redeem itself for April 2020. The South African stunner rocks double denim (from Celine’s Spring 2020 collection) picked by Anna Dello Russo for the straightforward and polished cover shot.

Vogue Japan April 2020 : Candice Swanepoel by Luigi & Iango


Once again Vogue Japan divided our forums. “So I guess the background covers didn’t perform well if they’re back to their old self again. I’m mad about the denim-on-denim look personally so I like the styling and it’s the only thing I like here,” commented Benn98.

“Two months in a row for Candice! Nice to know there’s still a Vogue Japan cover slot for a genuine supermodel. I’m a creature of habit so I’m delighted that they’re back to their text-heavy, white-backdrop, literal-styling self,” applauded magsaddict.

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“What a bombshell!” raved CocoM.

But not everyone was pleased with the outcome. “Make no mistake that I’m a Luigi & Iango fan, but the word ‘basic’ sprung to mind when I first saw this,” admitted vogue28.

MON wasn’t impressed, either. “Yikes. Everything is basic. The hair. The styling. The pose. Even the color scheme. Luigi & Iango excels with colored backgrounds. The white ones almost always fall flat. Next.”

“I LOVE Candice to death! But that is not a good facial expression…” proclaimed guimon.

“I’m getting bored Jessica Simpson at the mall vibes from the styling, but I don’t care because it’s still better than everything else out there at the moment,” voiced marsnoop2.

Await the contents of the issue and join the conversation here.

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Victoria Beckham Sizzles Under the Sun on Vogue Greece’s Pair of March 2020 Covers

Is there any edition of Vogue Victoria Beckham has yet to cover? After all, she has landed everything from Vogue Paris to Vogue Korea to Vogue Australia to Vogue Russia to British Vogue to American Vogue (alongside her fellow Spice Girls back in 1998) — and often returns for a second or third appearance. Victoria’s latest conquest is landing a set of Vogue Greece March 2020 sultry covers lensed by photographer Alexi Lubomirski. Complete with styling from Daniela Agnelli, Victoria sports her namesake label for the first cover (below) and dons a dress from Greek label Zeus + Dione on the second (after the jump).

Vogue Greece March 2020 : Victoria Beckham by Alexi Lubomirski


The covers immediately caught the attention of our forum members. “These are actually gorgeous covers with VB. Like them both and the fact she has her eyes closed. The makeup looks great. Victoria is not someone I associate with summer, color or skin! But Vogue Greece really pulled it off, the cover with the blue dress is fantastic…” applauded Miss Dalloway.

“I actually like these, they make me long for a Greek vacation! The blue dress cover is a great throwback to the mid aughts,” said dodencebt.

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“Love the first cover!” declared mikel.

But not everyone was impressed. “This woman’s desperation to be on every single edition of Vogue was at first annoying, but now it’s really sad because she knows it’s really the only way to keep herself in the fashion conversation. Maybe do fewer Vogue covers and focus more on your ailing business,” ranted Benn98.

“Such lazy covers. VB’s formula is starting to bore me already,” complained an underwhelmed MON.

Srdjan shared the same sentiment: “I can’t be appreciative of yet another cover with VB.”

Vogue Greece March 2020 : Victoria Beckham by Alexi Lubomirski


Which cover do you prefer? Sound off and join the conversation here.

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Hailey Bieber Goes Retro on Vogue Spain’s Stunning March 2020 Cover

The industry continues to embrace Hailey Bieber and she must sell magazines like hot cakes since in the last few months we’ve seen the American beauty on the covers of Vogue Australia and Vogue Hong Kong. She’s even currently fronting the latest edition of American ELLE. In a move that surprises no one, Hailey just popped up on yet another international edition of Vogue. For March 2020, the model makes her debut on Vogue Spain wearing a look from Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2020 collection picked by Patrick Mackie for the 70s-inspired cover shot photographed by Emma Summerton.

Vogue España March 2020 : Hailey Bieber by Emma Summerton


Hailey’s gathering quite the following on our forums. “It’s hard to dislike her when she’s looking so beautiful in her recent work. In my eyes, she’s always going to be a celebrity subject and not an actual model, but this is yet another gorgeous Hailey cover — Vogue Australia, Vogue Hong Kong, ELLE and now Vogue Spain. She’s on a roll! Eat your heart out, Kendull,” raved aracic.

“Really beautiful and that Marc Jacobs collection photographs like a dream. I’m glad it’s everywhere,” added dodencebt.

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“Oh, OK! This is easily her best cover and the best I have seen her look on a cover,” said a pleasantly surprised Miss Dalloway.

“This is definitely her best cover yet,” Benn98 agreed.

In the same frame of mind was jorgepalomo: “I dislike her, but it’s a gorgeous cover.”

“One of her best print jobs for sure!” expressed Xone.

“Gorgeous cover!” shared Handbag Queen.

Do you agree? Check out some previews of Hailey’s accompanying cover feature and share your thoughts here.