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This Ohio Graphic Designer Turned His Braids Into a Colorful Louis Vuitton-Inspired Work of Art

Ever loved a brand so much you found a way to make it your hairstyle? Magnus Juliano, 27-year-old rapper and graphic artist, just stunned and amused everyone on the internet with his Louis Vuitton braids. 

The Louis Vuitton charms were made with a 3D Printer in Eat Crow Studio and his hair was styled by Ciera Jackson. Juliano said that it took six months and multiple tries for his idea to become a reality.

Juliano told Vogue that his look pays homage to his African-American roots as well as Vuitton designer Virgil Abloh: “African American roots are rich in hair jewelry and headdress—it’s our fabric. I chose [to pay tribute to] Louis Vuitton because of the impact [the brand has] had on art and design, but from the perspective of designers like Dapper Dan, who didn’t have access to [luxury brands], yet still made hip hop couture using their likeness.” Adding, “Virgil, a brilliant black streetwear creative, is helming one of the biggest fashion houses in history. That representation makes me feel like the sky is the limit!”

If you enjoyed seeing Juliano’s fun braids, there are more looks on his Instagram, including Legos and feathers. 

[ via Vogue ]

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Emma Stone Wears a ‘Floral Straitjacket’ on the February Cover of British Vogue

To kick-start award season, Edward Enninful gives up British Vogue‘s February 2019 cover to actress Emma Stone, whose last notable appearance at the newsstand was for US ELLE‘s September issue. Photographed by Craig McDean and styled before a pale blue backdrop by Venetia Scott, Emma wears statement blue eyeshadow, a red lip and a jacquard Louis Vuitton jacket (because what else?).

UK Vogue February 2019 : Emma Stone by Craig McDean


Members of our forums weren’t exactly… awestruck. “American Vogue is that you?” asked jorgepalomo.

“Sex, lies and motherhood? Is this Cosmopolitan? So he’s also using the American Vogue headline font now too? He desires that job so much it’s painful to watch,” stated aracic.

“Reading those cover lines is giving me déjà vu, they seem lifted straight off past issues of US Vogue! Emma in Louis Vuitton, groundbreaking. Bills got to get paid I guess,” A.D.C echoed.

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Margot Robbie Takes a Dip on Porter’s Winter Escape Cover

Margot Robbie is capturing our post-holiday mood perfectly on the latest cover of Porter. Four years after its inaugural issue (starring Gisele Bündchen), the Aussie actress is finally making her debut as a Porter cover girl (fresh from Harper’s Bazaar) while following in the footsteps of Julianne Moore, Lupita Nyong’o and Natalie Portman, to name just a few. Photographed by Yelena Yemchuk and styled by Camille Bidault-Waddington on location in Los Angeles, Margot takes a dip in the pool wearing a swimsuit from Chanel (for which she is brand ambassador).

Porter #30 Winter Escape 2018 : Margot Robbie by Yelena Yemchuk


Despite Porter‘s attempts at brightening up our winter, the cover failed to stimulate our forum members. “I appreciate the risk they took but the slimming effect of the water makes her neck look insanely long. It’s all so robotic and uncomfortable, she reminds me of an android,” complained dodencebt.

“The water concept isn’t clever, it comes across as amateur hour,” HeatherAnne added.

“Definitely not the right pose for this shot. Like she’s trying too hard to keep her face outside of the water. And the elongated neck is creepy. It’s a shame because I like the minimalism and crispness of the cover overall,” Benn98 chimed in.

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Year in Review: The Best (and Worst!) Magazine Covers of 2018

There’s no arguing that 2018 has been an eventful year for the print industry as just about every major fashion glossy struggles to stay afloat amongst the fierce competition. The publications are now under strict budgets as they battle it out each month at the newsstand.

This year, Interview went bust for a hot minute while Vogue Poland and Vogue Czechoslovakia made their highly anticipated debuts (with a Vogue Hong Kong coming in early 2019 too). We witnessed Samantha Barry take over (and ruin) Glamour while watching Nina Garcia blossom at the helm of ELLE, amid constant rumors that Anna Wintour is to exit Vogue. Digital is allegedly kicking print’s behind with both Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue now producing digital covers to coincide with their traditional print schedule (and much to the dismay of our forum members).

And through it all, global fashion magazines endure the intense scrutiny of our forum members as they fiercely dissect the covers on offer — ultimately either winning or losing our seal of approval. It’s now time for us to reflect back on the year in fashion magazines in our annual list of best and worst covers.

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Hailey Bieber Does Disco Diva on Vogue Arabia for December

Vogue Arabia has been (more than) good to us throughout 2018. The magazine served up a sleek and sophisticated Irina Shayk cover in February, followed up with a set of exquisite Iman & Imaan Hammam covers, made a bold political statement mid-year, gave Nicki Minaj her very first Vogue cover for September and made modeling icon Naomi Campbell its cover girl last month. To close out the year, Arabian Vogue introduces Hailey Bieber as a married woman with a set of covers for December. Photographed by Zoey Groosman, the blonde beauty goes disco glam on cover one (below) with 70s-inspired makeup and appears more subtle in the black and white cover two (after the jump).

Vogue Arabia December 2018 : Hailey Bieber by Zoey Grossman


For our forum members, however, the covers proved to be an instant disappointment. “This looks nothing like her which is the most positive thing I can say right now,” commented dodencebt when the cover (above) came to light.

“Wait, is that seriously her? Not in a million years would I have recognized her, WTF,” scoffed Miss Dalloway.

“Better than I was expecting considering that is Justin Bieber’s wife. But nothing great. We have seen this so many times before,” chimed in Perickles.

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Emily Blunt Is Practically Perfect in Every Way on British Harper’s Bazaar for January 2019

Emily Blunt won us over with her charming American Vogue cover last month and works her magic again while making a delightful appearance on British Harper’s Bazaar. We should’ve known the magazine would do the Brit actress justice, with Emily receiving the full UK Bazaar experience for her cover shoot. Photographed by Richard Phibbs and styled by Miranda Almond wearing a red Dolce & Gabbana dress, the Mary Poppins Returns star looks elegant, regal and practically perfect in every way on the newsstand cover for January 2019.

UK Harper’s Bazaar January 2019 : Emily Blunt by Richard Phibbs


It’s safe to say our forum members will be running to the newsstand for a copy. “Very pretty. I loved the literal take US Vogue took with Emily/Mary Poppins, but I also really enjoy the more subtle nod here with the bird on her shoulder; it feels very festive too, which is nice for a January issue,” applauded LastNight.

“…and this is how you use a theme in a subtle way!” echoed kokobombon.

“Lovely, very pretty and subtle, just perfect,” Nymphaea admired.

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