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Zoë Kravitz Rocks Saint Laurent on ELLE’s February 2020 Cover

There are certain models and actresses who can do no wrong on the covers of our favorite fashion glossies and Zoë Kravitz is one of them. Just look at Zoë’s covers of Teen Vogue, Allure, InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar and British Vogue and you’ll understand why. So we aren’t at all surprised to see Nina Garcia welcome back the Saint Laurent brand ambassador to the cover of ELLE two years after her last appearance. Photographed by Paola Kudacki and styled by Andrew Mukamal, Zoë rocks a black minidress from Saint Laurent’s Spring 2020 collection in the cool cover shot.

US Elle February 2020 : Zoë Kravitz by Paola Kudacki


Our forum members weren’t exactly thrilled with the outcome. “It could’ve been a really beautiful cover if her eyes had more energy and if her hair was sleeker,” critiqued mikel the moment the cover dropped.

“It should have been good, but it looks like her body has been scrawled out with black marker in order to censor it on the newsstand…” tigerrouge chimed in.

“Falls short, could have been great,” echoed an underwhelmed Miss Dalloway.

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GERGIN wasn’t impressed, either: “I really don’t like the backdrop.”

“A missed opportunity. Terrible. A waste of Zoë,” declared MON.

But not everyone was disappointed. “It lacks energy, but it’s a beautiful cover nonetheless. Zoë looks gorgeous and I love the neckline,” reasoned dodencebt.

“Love the way that dress fits on her and the angle looks great, although nothing new for U.S. ELLE,” added Benn98.

“I did loathe the hairstyle at first, thought it ruined the entire cover, but I can perhaps appreciate the laid-back hair when paired with the dramatic neckline of the Saint Laurent dress and the fact Zoë photographs so beautifully,” voiced vogue28.

Are you a fan? Share your thoughts and join the conversation here.

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Florence Pugh Lands Her First Vogue Cover for February 2020

Is 2020 the year we fall back in love with American Vogue? The magazine finished off 2019 with a line of beautiful covers featuring Olivia Colman, Rihanna and Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The fashion bible proves it’s the gift that keeps on giving by bestowing upon us Vogue first-timer Florence Pugh for February 2020. Captured by photographer Daniel Jackson, the actress gives good face decked out in Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2020 collection courtesy of Jorden Bickham.

US Vogue February 2020 : Florence Pugh by Daniel Jackson


The cover was an instant hit. “Positively surprised! Every month I keep expecting a disappointment because that’s how it usually goes with Vogue, but they are indeed on a roll. Loving this!” approved aracic.

“American Vogue is back! Finally! Stunning cover,” raved biagiolr.

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“American Vogue, you’re doing amazing sweetie,” applauded dodencebt.

Echoing the same sentiment was GERGIN: “I have to say American Vogue is on a roll!”

“The image itself is just stunning. Florence has broken out in a huge way this past year and I believe this is her first major cover so kudos to Anna,” commented KINGofVERSAILLES.

“I just LOVE that cover. Daniel Jackson is not one of my favorite photographers, but this time I’m impressed! Thank god it’s a fresh face, she’s beautiful!” exclaimed Mihail Mihailov.

“I have no idea who she is (I stopped caring about celebrities a long time ago), but it’s a beautiful cover. Very beautiful,” admitted Srdjan.

Check out Florence’s accompanying cover feature and share your thoughts here.

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Harper’s Bazaar February 2020 Covers Divide Our Forum Members

It would be fair to say that Harper’s Bazaar wasn’t our go-to magazine down at the newsstand last year. And we didn’t have high hopes for the American title for 2020. For February, Gwyneth Paltrow returns for her umpteenth Bazaar cover, this time before the lens of photographer Zoey Grossman. While we love a bright and vibrant cover for February — and Gwyneth delivers just that wearing one of Tom Ford’s breast plates in the refreshing newsstand cover (below) and Gucci for the subscribers’ alternative (after the jump) — the obvious retouching was quite off-putting.

US Harper’s Bazaar February 2020 : Gwyneth Paltrow by Zoey Grossman


“I actually like this,” expressed a pleasantly surprised MON.

“By Harper’s Bazaar standards, this one is a masterpiece! Everything looks quite lovely compared to the rest of their covers,” proclaimed aracic.

“Considering it’s a Glenda Bailey-commissioned cover? Magnificent. The retouching is as usual way over the top, but the composition of the image looks fresh,” echoed Benn98.

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Forum member dodencebt felt the same way: “I unapologetically love Gwyneth and this is actually a stunning, albeit overly retouched, shot of her.”

“Gwyneth looks stunning and that metallic Tom Ford bustier contradicts the laid-back styling of her nicely, making the cover look fierce, fabulous and feminine all at the same time,” approved slayage.

Although not everyone liked what they saw. “She looks inhuman at this point, so retouched. You can’t tell her age or if she’s made by computer or is a real person. I also find her extremely beige and super boring, the cover itself is super generic and dull,” declared Bertrando3.

“My god, when will we be rid of Glenda and her awful reign of the same awful cover subjects over and over!” complained Miss Dalloway.

US Harper’s Bazaar February 2020 : Gwyneth Paltrow by Zoey Grossman


Which cover do you prefer? Share your thoughts here.

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Gigi Hadid, Joan Smalls, Irina Shayk and Adriana Lima Pose Up a Storm in Max Mara’s Spring 2020 Campaign

Ever since 2016, we’ve applauded Max Mara for making the marvelous decision to welcome back Steven Meisel as its campaign photographer of choice. Meisel’s campaigns for the Italian fashion house during the 90s were everything (and more) and he continues to raise the bar in 2020. Following last season’s multi-girl casting, Meisel opts to shoot another handful of the industry’s finest for Max Mara’s Spring 2020 offering, assembling models Gigi Hadid, Joan Smalls, Irina Shayk and Adriana Lima before his lens in a studio setting in outfits picked by Carine Roitfeld.

Max Mara S/S 2020 : Gigi Hadid, Joan Smalls, Adriana Lima & Irina Shayk by Steven Meisel


But the ads failed to enchant our forum members. “Awful cast and expressions, both look horrible. I love Max Mara, but they should get rid of Carine,” said anlabe32.

“If anybody has a doubt that Carine is involved in this, I guess those doubts went away. The collection wasn’t good… I feel like Carine is the only one supporting Joan’s career at this point. It seems like she is only doing Carine’s projects…” voiced Lola701.

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“This looks awkward, the posing is off and definitely looks more pre-fall than spring,” commented Riseup.

“So, so lazy,” disapproved an underwhelmed bluebanter.

Max Mara S/S 2020 : Gigi Hadid, Joan Smalls, Adriana Lima & Irina Shayk by Steven Meisel


“So far it looks like one of Luigi & Iango’s March/September shoots for Vogue Japan, featuring a big cast of great models trying to copy Meisel’s style. I like it, but this ain’t the Meisel I love,” aracic chimed in.

“Not a great campaign, but I’m happy for Joan. Every year people think she’s going to fade and she keeps proving them wrong,” declared pollyanna90.

Sharing the same sentiment was TommysBaby: “Nice to see Joan and I LOVED Gigi’s Max Mara by Meisel campaigns. But this is not it.”

“You call these supermodels? They look like models on their first photoshoot. I’ve heard of wooden acting, but I think this is the first time I’ve seen wooden posing,” mocked GivenchyHomme.

Max Mara S/S 2020 : Gigi Hadid, Joan Smalls, Adriana Lima & Irina Shayk by Steven Meisel


Dare to disagree? Share your thoughts and see more from Max Mara’s Spring 2020 campaign here.

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Victoria Beckham’s British Harper’s Bazaar February 2020 Covers Offer Nothing New

Change is in the air over at British Harper’s Bazaar now that Justine Picardie is out and Lydia Slater is in, serving as the title’s acting editor-in-chief. We noticed zero change with the magazine’s January offering starring Gemma Arterton and nothing really changed on the mag’s February 2020 installment. Fresh from the cover of Vogue Poland, Victoria Beckham makes a return to Harper’s Bazaar U.K. eight years after her last appearance. Photographed by Ellen von Unwerth and styled by Cathy Kasterine, the Brit fashion guru turned makeup mogul naturally wears her eponymous label for the pair of covers.

UK Harper’s Bazaar February 2020 : Victoria Beckham by Ellen Von Unwerth


Unfortunately, the covers failed to excite our forum members. “One can tell Justine is no longer there! You have Victoria on the cover, who I don’t think she particularly cared for (certainly don’t recall her getting a cover under Justine). And then there’s the overall image which harks back to the Lucy Yeomans era with that design. It may have worked back then, but in 2020 it looks painfully generic,” wrote Benn98.

“I hate the pose, she looks so stiff,” complained kokobombon.

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“It’s one and the same for VB,” MON pointed out, suggesting the covers were just more of the same old.

In the same frame of mind was HeatherAnne: “She is the absolute dullest, end of story. No idea how she books all this press. How quickly with one issue they lose their identity and become indistinguishable from all the other garbage magazines out there.”

“This magazine is starting to look like a replacement for Marie Claire,” tigerrouge chimed in.

“She looks beautiful, love the dress, but this does look dated. But this will sell at the newsstands! VB is always a good choice for a dead month because she will sell copies,” defended Miss Dalloway.

UK Harper’s Bazaar February 2020 : Victoria Beckham by Ellen Von Unwerth


Check out the subscribers’ cover and see Victoria’s cover feature in full here.

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Kristen Stewart Stars in Chanel’s ‘Stale and Boring’ Spring 2020 Campaign

We are all well aware that Kristen Stewart is affiliated with Chanel. Upon signing on the dotted line back in 2013, Stewart was immediately put to work shooting with the late Karl Lagerfeld for various advertising campaigns. Recently, we’ve been treated to a series of campaigns featuring models of the moment, but now Stewart is back showcasing the brand’s Spring 2020 collection. Photographed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, the actress strikes a pose before a minimalist gray backdrop.

Chanel S/S 2020 : Kristen Stewart by Jean-Baptiste Mondino


The campaign didn’t impress our forum members. “She looks so uncomfortable and stiff. That outfit also doesn’t suit her at all,” critiqued Nomar.

“The collection was bad, the campaign is bad… And Jean-Baptiste Mondino? Really? After the flawless Karim Sadli campaigns? Chanel is definitely off my radar. In one year they have ruined the magic that took 30 years to be solidified,” proclaimed a frustrated Lola701.

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“Who wants to look like that?” wondered Conbothsides.

“Never liked Kristen in general, never liked her messy look and never understood how she became Chanel’s principal ambassador when she clearly doesn’t care about fashion and doesn’t have any allure,” admitted apple.

“This campaign is just awful. I just wish the fashion industry would just hire actual fashion models for their campaigns rather than hiring these inappropriate celebrities and social media girls,” Greyyyyy chimed in.

In the same frame of mind was Mercury6181: “Very stale and boring, nothing exciting is happening in this campaign so far. This is a prime example of the talent models bring to a shoot. Any of the Chanel girls, Vittoria, Adut, Rianne, etc., would’ve made this campaign way more intriguing.”

Share your thoughts and see more of Chanel’s Spring 2020 advertising campaign here.