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Gal Gadot Looks Ravishing in Red on Vanity Fair’s November 2020 Cover

Radhika Jones is slowly but surely building Vanity Fair‘s momentum. The mag definitely wowed us with a spectacular Viola Davis offering along with a powerful Breonna Taylor cover. But the title’s recent Elle Fanning cover fell short. Now Gal Gadot makes her solo debut on Vanity Fair for November 2020. Photographed by Dudi Hasson and styled by Noa Rennert, the actress wears a Saint Laurent Fall 2020 red latex dress for the striking image.

Vanity Fair November 2020 : Gal Gadot by Dudi Hasson


“Stunning cover,” raved LastNight.

“Beautiful cover and very beautiful use of the Saint Laurent dress! They have managed to give a softer look to latex!” noted Lola701.

“It’s a breath of fresh air. Everything works — art direction, styling and pose,” echoed Benn98.

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Sharing the same level of enthusiasm was vogue28: “A quintessential Vanity Fair cover, very reminiscent of the magazine’s heyday, but with a modern twist. I love the use of the Saint Laurent dress with the matching masthead, the location, the pose and sleek art direction. Gorgeous, just gorgeous and I will be sure to grab myself a copy!”

“Stunning cover! Very Herb Ritts for Vogue,” jorgepalomo pointed out.

“Cover is great,” commented Fiercification.

Ken Doll Jenner described the photography as “exquisite.”

See Gal’s cover story and join the conversation here.

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Ana de Armas Stuns on Vogue Mexico’s Striking and Sultry October 2020 Covers

It’s hard to believe that the last time Vogue Mexico grabbed our attention was way back in January 2019. But the Mexican fashion bible is definitely back on our radar with the unveiling of its October 2020 covers. It obviously helps that the magazine picked Ana de Armas for the two striking and sultry covers. With a flawless Vogue Spain cover already under her belt, the actress was captured down on the beach by Alique with George Cortina on styling duties. For cover one (below) Ana serves face wearing a pair of black latex gloves, while the second cover (after the jump) showcases her natural beauty.

Vogue Mexico & Latin America October 2020 : Ana de Armas by Alique


Needless to say, the covers are receiving lots of love on our forums. “LOVE this! Sexy, high fashion and classy!” expressed Bertrando3 the moment the covers were revealed.

“Very stunning!” raved Urban Stylin.

“Ana looks phenomenal on both covers, what a bombshell!” declared Fiercification.

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In complete agreement was vogue28: “Utterly fabulous, but I am not at all surprised considering the involvement of George Cortina. No one can do strong, sultry and sexy like Cortina and such striking black and white photography from Alique, too. The most sublime Vogue Mexico shoot in a VERY long time!”

“A very pleasant surprise, can’t say I expected to like this! Ana is beautiful as always and Alique delivered. Both covers are pretty great! First one looks like it was inspired by Christy Turlington‘s iconic portrait by Herb Ritts,” admired aracic.

“Alique paying mad skilled tribute to Herb Ritts’ portrait of Christy Turlington…” echoed Phuel.

Vogue Mexico & Latin America October 2020 : Ana de Armas by Alique


Ana’s cover shoot is absolutely a must-see. Check it out and share your thoughts here.

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Freja Beha Erichsen, Laetitia Casta and Debra Shaw Star in Saint Laurent’s Fall 2020 Campaign

Anthony Vaccarello’s Saint Laurent Fall 2020 collection was a hit on our forums. Now the advertising campaign has dropped. The vast majority of ads for the storied French fashion house under the designer’s tenure have gone over well on our forums. (It helps that they’ve featured everyone from Kate Moss to Mica Argañaraz to Kaia Gerber to Anja Rubik.) Juergen Teller is back as photographer with Vaccarello tapping his muses Freja Beha Erichsen, Laetitia Casta and Debra Shaw as the faces of the bourgeois-inspired collection with the trio striking poses around Paris.

Saint Laurent F/W 2020.21 : Freja Beha Erichsen, Laetitia Casta & Debra Shaw by Juergen Teller


Perhaps a change in photographer is needed for next season. “I don’t understand why Vaccarello insists on booking Teller every season. Vaccarello does beautiful collections, but these campaigns are just so uninspiring,” commented YSL87.

“Only Juergen can make a collection this good look unappealing and cheap,” echoed avonlea002.

“Vaccarello paid the wrong photographer for this campaign,” agreed GivenchyAddict.

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Sharing the same sentiment was Salvatore: “So you mean to tell me Vaccarello gave, in my opinion, the best show/collection of Fall 2020 and this is the campaign we get for it?”

“I wish it was just Laetitia — this campaign does Freja no favors. She looks like people should be ringing a hotline to report suspected human trafficking,” noted tigerrouge.

“I actually like this, but Freja just seems so out of place, I can’t help but be annoyed with her shots. Laetitia, on the other hand, is truly selling it for me,” shared Overindulgence.

But not everyone was disappointed by the outcome. “I feel like this just works. The colors pop. This gives me like…the freshness in the air after the rain, love it when Juergen can capture that mood for me,” admired russianelf.

“Love Debra Shaw. Amazing to see her in a YSL campaign!” raved mikel.

Saint Laurent F/W 2020.21 : Freja Beha Erichsen, Laetitia Casta & Debra Shaw by Juergen Teller


See Shaw’s ad and share your thoughts on the new Saint Laurent campaign here.

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Gabrielle Union Makes a Statement on Marie Claire’s October 2020 Cover

We’re obviously huge champions of diversity on magazine covers. So Marie Claire has been on our radar lately thanks to brilliant Janet Mock and Megan Thee Stallion covers. Now the American glossy’s digital issue for October 2020 is here featuring none other than Gabrielle Union. Shot by Djeneba Aduayom out in the Los Angeles desert, the American actress and co-founder of Flawless by Gabrielle Union wears Chanel (courtesy of Thomas Christos Kikis) for the truly striking cover image.

US Marie Claire October 2020 : Gabrielle Union by Djeneba Aduayom


The cover fell completely flat on our forums. “These headlines are sloppy to me. Also not crazy about this photo. Is it pasted on top of the background?” wondered lookieloo.

“Is she attending Marie Claire’s funeral?” added mikel.

Echoing the same sentiment was Ken Doll Jenner: “WTF, this looks like an elementary school student just discovered Photoshop.”

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“How does one even take a bad photo of Gabrielle Union? Does not compute,” expressed KINGofVERSAILLES.

“Truly, truly horrible,” proclaimed jal718.

“What’s the point of these digital covers? There are no digital issues you can actually flick through online, right? This is just a website article/feature so why make a fake cover and confuse people?” questioned Srdjan.

But vogue28 disagreed with the majority. “I must be looking at something different because I believe this has the makings of a great cover. Upon first look, I loved the colors and styling, how direct the photography is and the overall feel for October. Gabrielle Union isn’t exactly on every fashion magazine cover either so that’s a bonus in itself.”

Are you a fan? Join the conversation here.

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You’ll Either Love or Loathe Kristen Stewart’s InStyle November 2020 Covers

You may find it hard to believe that we’re 10 months into 2020 and Kristen Stewart hasn’t made a notable appearance down at the newsstand. But that’s all about to change with the unveiling of InStyle‘s latest. Our forum members have been singing the American glossy’s praises lately following a series of triumphant covers starring Cynthia Erivo, Zendaya and Alicia Keys. Now Kristen fronts the mag’s November 2020 issue with two covers both photographed by Olivia Malone. Styled by Rebecca Ramsey, the actress sports a red number from Christopher John Rogers for the delightful newsstand cover (below) and strikes a pose under clear blue skies in Michael Kors Collection for the subscribers’ alternative (after the jump).

US InStyle November 2020 : Kristen Stewart by Olivia Malone


The covers divided our forums. “‘Who showed up’…definitely not the makeup artist and hairstylist,” mocked MON.

“Neither did Kristen Stewart, but then again that’s true to form,” replied Benn98. “It’s beyond me how this person continues to book covers and campaigns when she’s the least photogenic with the least likable personality. She hasn’t had a good hair day since Twilight.”

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“She has the same photogenic allure as Alicia Vikander. Exciting as watching paint dry,” added WAVES.

“What a mess,” declared an unimpressed jal718.

But not everyone was underwhelmed. “Actually, it’s gorgeous! One of her best covers! I love the color and she looks sooooo great,” admired fluxxx.

In the same frame of mind was vogue28: “Always been a fan of Kristen Stewart and therefore like seeing her on magazine covers — and this is no exception. The subscribers’ cover is atrocious, but the newsstand alternative is far better, love the lighting for a November cover, which perfectly resembles the autumn lighting outside right now.”

US InStyle November 2020 : Kristen Stewart by Olivia Malone


Which cover do you prefer? Have your say here.

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Kamala Harris Serves as ELLE’s November 2020 Cover Star

Nina Garcia continues to show rivals Anna Wintour and Samira Nasr that she’s able to score the crème de la crème for ELLE‘s front covers. Over the last 10 months we’ve encountered Hailey Bieber, Sophie Turner, Dua Lipa, Rosalía, Cardi B and K-pop sensation Blackpink down at the newsstand. Now Garcia manages to land Kamala Harris for the magazine’s November 2020 cover. The American senator and 2020 vice president candidate was photographed in Washington, D.C. by photographic duo Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

US Elle November 2020 : Kamala Harris by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin


The cover set off a fierce debate on our forums. “I hate when fashion magazines put politicians on covers,” voiced avonlea002.

“Fashion magazines take themselves WAY too seriously now and when they all fall, they have nobody to blame but themselves,” HeatherAnne chimed in.

“What a coup for ELLE. Though this leaves me cold. Why in black and white though? Her color should’ve been celebrated as the first black woman vice president nominee,” declared MON.

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“It’s not a bad cover, but I don’t like the shot they used. With the hand placement and the invisible neck, it looks like someone is holding a Kamala mask in front of their face,” mikel pointed out.

Benn98 wasn’t impressed: “I don’t like the cover, either. Font is too harsh, the random office chair outdoors and the image is just not cover-worthy. Doesn’t look like Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin’s work at all.”

“It’s an OK shot, it’s not really that great, but honestly stop putting politicians on fashion magazine covers… What happened to escapism?” asked SLFC.

“Straight up, it’s just a bad cover regardless of who it is,” said SophiaVB.

A hit or miss? Share your thoughts here.