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Kaia Gerber Makes Her British Vogue Debut With a Stunning October 2019 Cover

Edward Enninful keeps thinking outside the box, giving us Meghan Markle as British Vogue‘s guest editor last month and featuring Karlie Kloss and Zoë Kravitz on the cover in recent months — both posing before the lens of Steven Meisel. The legendary photographer is back with the goods once again, capturing Kaia Gerber as she makes her debut on the title as the magazine’s October 2019 cover star. In a nod to covers from the past, the current face of Versace and Jimmy Choo looks elegant wearing a look from Valentino’s Resort 2020 collection chosen by Joe McKenna.

UK Vogue October 2019 : Kaia Gerber by Steven Meisel


The cover was a hit. “I absolutely love the cover, it really should have been September,” commented dodencebt the moment the cover dropped.

“I’m ecstatic! Such a stunning cover, I couldn’t be more satisfied! It’s an instant classic! We’ll just pretend this is September and that Lindbergh disaster never happened,” stated aracic.

“I LOVE THE COVER! This is so refreshing after those painful September covers,” shared slayage.

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“Black giraffe, stunning! This reminds me of Adwoa [Aboah]‘s cover from December 2017. It’s simple and clean, but it catches your attention. This is a classic Vogue cover,” praised crmsnsnwflks.

“Wow, what a cover to wake up to this morning! She is stunning and works so well with Meisel. How lucky are we to have had four Meisel covers this year. Which have all been stunning,” echoed Blayne266.

“Now that‘s what a cover should look like!” heralded liberty33r1b.

“I mean, look at that face! Kaia is such a stunner. This issue is a must-have,” declared jorgepalomo.

Check out some previews of Kaia’s cover feature, await the contents of the issue and share your thoughts here.

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Gigi Hadid Delivers Two Dynamic Covers for Vogue Brazil’s September Issue

Given the fact that we crowned Gigi Hadid the top cover model of 2018, we expected to see Gigi splashed across just about every September 2019 cover. But that hasn’t been the case. Gigi’s last notable presence down at the newsstand was Vogue Italia’s July 2019 issue. Finally, Gigi makes her September 2019 debut courtesy of Vogue Brazil. A year since her last stint on the Brazilian fashion bible, the current face of Moschino, Prada and Burberry goes before the lens of photographic duo Luigi & Iango, delivering a pair of dynamic covers. For the first cover (below), Gigi wears pieces from Chanel’s Fall 2019 collection picked by Pedro Sales. The top model channels her inner Morticia Addams while going topless on the second black-and-white cover (after the jump).

Vogue Brazil September 2019 : Gigi Hadid by Luigi & Iango


For the most part, our forum members approved. “No doubt, my new favorite Gigi cover of all time! And winner of September for me. Just perfect. Old-school close-up, nice layout, nice font, gorgeous face and beautiful long hair!” raved aracic.

“I absolutely love it, so classy and perfect for a September issue. Gigi and Luigi & Iango did such a good job here,” declared anadmm.

“Actually gorgeous, both work for me,” wrote Miss Dalloway.

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Also full of enthusiasm was kokurox: “The first cover is gorgeous, Gigi looks like a Final Fantasy character.”

“Love the first one! Reminds me of those 60s Vogue covers,” pointed out FashionMuseDior.

Not everyone was so elated with the outcome, though. “I sort of wanna like this, but is there something wrong with her makeup or is it just bad Photoshop? I think they wanted to sharpen her cheekbones,” voiced KissMiss.

“I see it as well. And while I will agree that the first cover is a charming throwback to the [Diana] Vreeland era, you’re right. The makeup/retouching make this look more like Morticia Addams…” said Benn98.

Blayne266 wasn’t exactly jumping for joy, either. “I do really like both covers and that sort of 60s/90s look, but I think there’s something off about her skin color, it’s very pale/gray-toned, which just makes it look cold.”

Vogue Brazil September 2019 : Gigi Hadid by Luigi & Iango


Take a peek at Gigi’s accompanying cover shoot and join the conversation here.

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Adut Akech and Rebecca Leigh Longendyke Compete for Best Vogue Germany September 2019 Cover

Given the fact it’s almost September, we half-expected to see a bevy of German models (like Claudia Schiffer and Anna Ewers) make a splash on the cover of Vogue Germany this month. The magazine thrills us all the same, however, by giving its September 2019 edition to two models of the moment: forum favorites Adut Akech and Rebecca Leigh Longendyke. The models each pose before the lens of photographer Chris Colls for their respective covers with both Nicola Knels and Maximilian Aufschnaiter on styling duties. An emerald green number from Givenchy’s Fall 2019 collection was selected for Adut, while Rebecca works a head-to-toe look from Gucci’s latest collection on the other cover.

Vogue Germany September 2019 : Adut Akech & Rebecca Longendyke by Chris Colls


Our forum members had an immediate favorite. “I love Adut in all the green. She looks good in that color. Happy for her,” commented RanThe the second the covers came to light.

“Adut’s cover is absolutely stunning! Love her in the green Givenchy!” echoed Nepenthes.

“Adut’s cover is so eye-catching with the vibrant green. I like both covers though, simple but well done,” approved Nomar.

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“I love Adut, but her cover falls flat for me. Rebecca’s is better because of her facial expression being slightly more alive, but I’m really not a fan of the styling. I’m a little disappointed TBH, especially since this is for September,” complained an underwhelmed bluestar.

ForTheImage shared the same sentiment: “Never thought I’d be saying this, but Rebecca’s cover is actually doing more for me than Adut’s. Adut looks great in the green Givenchy (though the green text on top of that is a bit much) and her face is flawless as ever, but the expression and pose are a bit too lifeless for me.”

“I like both covers, Adut’s one is a little bit meh, but she looks good in that color. Rebecca, God! She looks beautiful! One of her best works by far,” proclaimed jorgepalomo.

Vogue Germany September 2019 : Adut Akech & Rebecca Longendyke by Chris Colls


Let us know which cover you prefer here.

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You’ll Either Love or Hate the First Chanel Campaign Without Karl Lagerfeld

We’re still coming to terms with the tragic loss of Karl Lagerfeld as the house of Chanel is still trying to find its footing in his absence. Back in March, Virginie Viard presented Lagerfeld’s last collection for the iconic French fashion house and now the campaign is finally here. Styled by Carine Roitfeld, models Kris Grikaite, Rebecca Leigh Longendyke, Vittoria Ceretti, Jing Wen and Mona Tougaard appear in the studio-shot ads. The collection is showcased beautifully since the girls were captured before a clean white backdrop with the sleek art direction paying tribute to Lagerfeld’s Chanel campaigns from the 90s.

Chanel F/W 2019.20


The campaign received mixed reviews on our forums. “It looks so badly Photoshopped. Like they shot a lookbook and merged all the girls together. And everyone’s hair doesn’t look good. I’m still waiting for the rest, but kind of disappointed,” voiced Ivanovaju after checking out the first campaign image (above).

“If they were shot together, it would have looked more fluid and natural. Instead they look completely disjointed. They all have a different expression, it’s quite awkward to see them put together. Virginie has absolutely no taste or imagination,” critiqued GivenchyHomme.

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“A shame really because I like the clothes, but this looks like America’s Next Top Model,” said Nymphaea.

Also majorly underwhelmed was dodencebt: “Is this what Chanel is going to be now? The in-house team shooting the campaigns in a Lagerfeld-esque style that looks even cheaper than the original?”

“Seriously…Karl deserved better. This is a wonderful collection, a very important collection that closed a very important era in fashion and to have a mediocre amateur lookbook is a pity,” Lola701 pointed out.

Chanel F/W 2019.20


Although not everyone felt let down by the outcome. “After getting the Chanel: The Karl Lagerfeld Campaigns book a while back and having looked through it from cover to cover, I cannot help but love this for how it resembles Karl’s earlier campaigns from the 90s in terms of layout and styling — and I think that’s very fitting for the first without Lagerfeld,” approved vogue28.

“I actually love the simplicity of this campaign,” echoed zacatecas570.

Forum member aracic felt the same way. “I definitely agree, this turned out to be one of the best Chanel campaigns in recent memory. Although it may seem like a lookbook due to its simplicity, I find a certain beauty in it. The frames add a lot to it, too.”

Chanel F/W 2019.20


See more from Chanel’s Fall 2019 advertising campaign and share your thoughts here.

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Kim Kardashian Just Won September With These Stunning Vogue Arabia Covers

The fashion glossies pull out all the stops for the most important month on the newsstand calendar. (See the Meghan Markle guest-edited issue of British Vogue for proof.) Vogue Arabia’s offering is sure to turn heads as well thanks to Kim Kardashian. No stranger to the cover of Vogue, the social media sensation poses on location in the California desert wearing Mugler, including pieces from the Thierry Mugler archive. Photographed by Txema Yeste with styling from Katie Trotter and art direction courtesy of Manfred Thierry Mugler, Kim shines on a trio of stunning covers.

Vogue Arabia September 2019 : Kim Kardashian West by Txema Yeste


Now this is how you do September. “Wow! That’s stunning!” raved jorgepalomo.

“I absolutely love this. Couldn’t care less for Kim, but it’s undeniable that she is a real influencer and this is a beautiful cover. What makes me happy and love this is Txema though: so talented! I wish other Vogues would take notice of him,” praised apple.

“The way he captures silhouette is astounding!” echoed Benn98.

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“The cover looks delicious! This is impressive knowing what the other Vogue September issue covers have been this year so far,” crmsnsnwflks chimed in.

Sharing the same sentiment was Karl Boucher: “Wow! My favorite September cover so far.”

“Most definitely the best September cover!” applauded Urban Stylin.

“Seriously who would have ever thought that in 2019 the best September cover by far would go to Kim? What a world we live in. Shade aside, Txema is a fantastic photographer and the editorial is stunning,” commented marsnoop2.

“This is a very good cover and fairly memorable. Which is more than I can say for any other September issue really,” declared Fiercification.

Vogue Arabia September 2019 : Kim Kardashian West by Txema Yeste


See more from Kim’s shoot, weigh in on your favorite cover and share your thoughts here.

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Angelina Jolie Scores Her Second September Cover Courtesy of British ELLE

By now we’re pretty used to ELLE using one major cover star across its international editions for the exact same issue. Back in April we were treated to multiple Taylor Swift covers and then there were the several Selena Gomez offerings for October 2018. Following in their footsteps is none other than Angelina Jolie, fresh from her American ELLE appearance the star now graces the British edition for September 2019. One again captured by photographer Alexi Lubomirski and styled by Elizabeth Stewart, Angelina wears Stella McCartney in the welcoming cover shot.

UK Elle September 2019 : Angelina Jolie by Alexi Lubomirski


Our forum members sounded off on their favorite. “U.S. edition for the win,” declared jorgepalomo.

“Too much text, ain’t no one reading all of those cover lines. The U.S. edition’s cover is way better than this, never thought I would say that, but there you go,” called out slayage.

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“Couldn’t they add any more text?” asked a sarcastic Srdjan.

“Colors are too muted and her pout looks forced. I suppose Angelina’s team had a hand in the styling because it’s way too understated for September. And could it look any more like a mid-00s cover of American ELLE if it tried?” wondered an underwhelmed Benn98.

Although not everyone was left unsatisfied. “Quite casual, but I like it,” confessed KissMiss.

In the same frame of mind was vogue28: “Quite fond of this (prefer it to the American edition at least), can appreciate how straight-on the cover shot is and I like the tame styling for a September cover. Almost reminiscent of British Harper’s Bazaar covers, which I’m not mad at.”

UK Elle September 2019 : Angelina Jolie by Alexi Lubomirski


See more from Angelina’s cover feature and let us know which cover you prefer here.