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Amber Valletta Delights on Vogue Netherlands’ Dreamy July/August 2020 Covers

Vogue Netherlands hasn’t really impressed since November 2019 with its Bella Hadid offering. But featuring one of the original supermodels from the 90s is one surefire way to grab our attention. This month the magazine does just that by bestowing upon us none other than forum favorite Amber Valletta for its double July/August 2020 edition. The American beauty and environmental activist makes her Vogue Netherlands debut with a pair of delightful covers. Captured by photographer Annemarieke van Drimmelen, Amber enjoys a sun-drenched day down on a Malibu beach.

Vogue Netherlands July/August 2020 : Amber Valletta by Annemarieke van Drimmelen


The covers received nothing but praise. “The second cover might be the best they’ve ever had,” applauded anlabe32.

“Very lovely. Summery, easygoing, golden, late-afternoon vibe with a tinge of late-60s nostalgia captured effortlessly. Such a welcome moment of escape from the current maddening world,” declared Phuel.

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“Love the mood, so melancholic,” admired FashionMuseDior.

Forum member lauralynn025 was also a fan: “I like both covers. But I really love the first because it is giving me summer vibes, but it’s still Vogue-worthy. The second is obviously amazing…as usual with Amber!”

“I’m a fan of both covers, too. Love how the two covers complement each other in terms of color. They’re both beautiful, but out of the two, the first is my favorite. The muted yellow tones are fabulous for a summer issue, especially alongside the black masthead. And of course, Amber Valletta is always a good idea!” raved vogue28.

Vogue Netherlands July/August 2020 : Amber Valletta by Annemarieke van Drimmelen


Which cover is your favorite? Sound off and see more from Vogue Netherlands’ latest here.

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British Vogue Offers 14 Covers for August 2020

The global pandemic has wreaked havoc on the fashion industry and we have to hand it to our favorite fashion glossies for powering on through the crisis. Edward Enninful has been earning major kudos at British Vogue of late thanks to a great Judi Dench cover and a trio of covers celebrating frontline workers just last month. Enninful’s latest achievement includes not one, not two, but 14 covers for the publication’s August 2020 installment. The selection of covers shows various landscapes from around the U.K. drawn by the likes of David Sims, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Nadine Ijewere, David Hockney (below) and more.

UK Vogue August 2020 : British Landscapes by Fourteen Different Subjects


The multi-cover concept proved too much for our forum members. “Fourteen covers? Artwork after an issue dedicated to ‘normal people’ instead of models/celebs on the cover? Is British Vogue turning into Vogue Italia?” asked apple.

“Love the David Hockney one, but 14? Why?!” wondered Miss Dalloway.

“I’ve been sleeping very bad lately, but these 14 covers will surely be the insomnia remedy I’ve been waiting for,” declared YohjiAddict.

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“I quite like it to be honest! I like the concept. Fourteen is overkill for sure, but I’m here for the general idea of it. Love the Hockney and intrigued to see the others,” added honeycombchild.

Benn98 felt the same way: “It’s a beautiful piece, but very generic in the sense that it will appeal to everyone and their mum. I imagine that was the intent. But 14 covers? My god, one Farneti is enough!”

“I love the cover. It is appropriate, easily brightening up your day and giving you peace of mind amidst the chaos…” MDNA chimed in.

“It’s a beautiful cover and quite a coup for any magazine, let alone U.K. Vogue, to get Hockney — I mean we’re talking about one of the greatest British artists of the last century,” stated Fiercification.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of the remaining covers. In the meantime, share your thoughts on British Vogue‘s latest by joining the conversation here.

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Teyana Taylor Outshines Pharrell Williams and Arca on i-D’s Summer 2020 Covers

Thanks to Alastair McKimm, i-D is officially back on our radar. He kicked off 2020 with an array of “icons and idols” and asked 19 top models to pose remotely for a special digital edition back in April. Now we’re treated to “The Faith in Chaos” issue for Summer 2020 with three covers to choose from. Pharrell Williams fronts cover one (below) shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. Teyana Taylor strikes a dynamic pose on cover two (below left) captured by Mario Sorrenti. Juergen Teller snapped Arca via FaceTime for the third and final installment (below right).

i-D Summer 2020 : The ‘Faith In Chaos’ Issue


Pharrell’s cover was the first to come under scrutiny. “The weirdest celebrity/photographer match on Earth. Looks terrible. UNIQLO catalogs look better than this and looking at the clothes — looks like this image came straight out of there,” disapproved dontbeadrag.

“Amateur cover. I don’t understand why Mert & Marcus stopped playing with the colors and over-retouching their photos, which was their trademark,” kokurox chimed in.

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“I’m here for Teyana. She always photographs beautifully,” applauded mepps.

Lola701 was also a fan: “I love Teyana! Great energy!”

“I kinda like Pharrell by Mert & Marcus…but my fave out of the bunch is Teyana Taylor. Sorrenti’s done wonders, love the styling and posing from Teyana here, who just oozes confidence. The Juergen Teller cover, however, is an absolute embarrassment,” slammed vogue28.

In the same frame of mind was mikel. “Not even Juergen Teller can get away with a cover like that. Horrible.”

i-D Summer 2020 : The ‘Faith In Chaos’ Issue


Which cover do you prefer? Join the conversation here.

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Mica Argañaraz and Natasja Madsen Rock Louis Vuitton on Vogue Paris’ July 2020 Covers

Nothing can stop Emmanuelle Alt — not even the global pandemic. After all, it’s been business as usual over at Vogue Paris. First, there was that pair of dazzling Gigi and Bella Hadid covers for May/June. Now the mag delights yet again for July 2020. The French fashion bible gives us two more covers with Mica Argañaraz serving Gia Carangi realness while rocking a double denim look from Louis Vuitton photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg (below). Henrik Purienne was enlisted to capture the alternative (after the jump), which features Natasja Madsen sporting an enviable golden tan and a pair of Louis Vuitton bikini bottoms.

Vogue Paris July 2020 : Mica Argañaraz by Nathaniel Goldberg & Natasja Madsen by Henrik Purienne


Both covers received nothing but praise on our forums. “Emmanuelle Alt and Vogue Paris can’t be bothered by what’s happening. I’m here for it,” heralded MON.

“Once again, Emmanuelle Alt has hit the nail on the head and deserves a round of applause. This pandemic is a true testament to these editors (and the industry as a whole), but Alt has produced Vogue Paris with an effortless ease here. Neither of these covers compromise the typical Vogue Paris aesthetic,” raved vogue28.

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“I love it! Mica looks gorgeous,” said jorgepalomo.

“I love this and love that they went with Mica,” approved Miss Dalloway.

“It’s so refreshing to see Mica smiling and in a different context than what we are used to see her in. I like it. Reminds me of Gia Carangi,” FashionMuseDior pointed out.

Forum member lauralynn025 was a fan, too. “I love both of them! The second is kind of giving me an early 2000s summer vibe. Love it!”

“I hesitate which one to buy…I like both. The hair and smile of Mica’s cover and the sultriness of the second one…” shared Xone.

Vogue Paris July 2020 : Mica Argañaraz by Nathaniel Goldberg & Natasja Madsen by Henrik Purienne


Join the conversation and check out previews of the issue here.

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Christy Turlington, Ashley Graham and Others Are ‘Voices of Hope’ for the Latest Edition of Harper’s Bazaar

The American edition of Harper’s Bazaar has definitely been a topic of conversation on our forums lately. Especially since Glenda Bailey announced her departure and Samira Nasr took the reins. We’ve been obviously anticipating the magazine’s answer to the global pandemic and the wait is finally over. For Summer 2020, the mag treats us to six covers celebrating “Voices of Hope”. Christy Turlington, Allyson Felix, Ashley Graham, Representative Lauren Underwood, Dr. Leana Wen along with Melissa DeRosa were all photographed over Zoom by Mario Sorrenti.

US Harper’s Bazaar Summer 2020 by Mario Sorrenti


The covers clearly came as a surprise to our forum members. “This isn’t American Harper’s Bazaar for me. As much as I hated Glenda, I must admit I’m already nostalgic for her overly-airbrushed, text-stacked, busy covers…” commented aracic.

“None of the images have the precision you’d expect from a cover shot. Everything looks a little off — awkward posing, clothes that don’t fit and several wouldn’t even make the cut as holiday snaps,” said tigerrouge.

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“I am not impressed. I find the covers boring. There’s nothing distinctive about them. Might as well be a random Vogue or a newspaper from IKEA,” scoffed avonlea002.

“The commercial glamour I’ve come to associate with Harper’s Bazaar is totally absent here. But this was shot during a lockdown and global pandemic and it’s several steps above what more respected magazines have been releasing so I’ll take it,” declared KINGofVERSAILLES.

“Finally a change has arrived at U.S. Harper’s Bazaar, love this!” praised Miss Dalloway.

US Harper’s Bazaar Summer 2020 by Mario Sorrenti


Which cover is your favorite? Sound off and share your thoughts here.

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Vogue Germany’s July/August 2020 Cover Features a Hermes Scarf Blowing in the Wind

We’ve made it abundantly clear over recent months that Vogue Germany isn’t our favorite magazine on the market. After all, the mag failed to celebrate the vast majority of its 40th anniversary in style last year and covers starring Hailey Bieber, Helen Mirren and Toni Garrn haven’t cut it in 2020. Given the current pandemic, publications are scrambling for content with Vogue Germany enlisting photographer Julia Noni to capture the cover solo for its double July/August issue. The image consists of a portrait of a Hermes scarf blowing in the wind on a beach in Normandy, France.

Vogue Germany July/August 2020 by Julia Noni


The outcome fell (mostly) flat on our forums, however. “Looks like a rejected Hermes campaign,” declared phungnam96.

“An unremarkable image, made even more unremarkable by the hideous layout,” added mikel.

“Can we finally drop all these boring gimmicks now and go back to fashion please? It’s not interesting anymore,” remarked an underwhelmed aracic.

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Forum member niknak wasn’t impressed: “I understand the world has been turned upside down, but I can’t deal with any more of these humdrum summer covers. They are so drab and depressing to look at.”

“The only one who is happy with this is Hermes. This is lazy,” disapproved Nymphaea.

But kokobombon actually admired the cover. “It has sort of a post-apocalyptic fashiony vibe that I’m loving. The tagline ‘longing for summer’ fits the current mood…”

“I must say this might be the first Vogue cover during the pandemic which I enjoy,” shared Alien Sex Friend.

A hit or miss? Share your thoughts and check out the contents of the issue here.