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Lily-Rose Depp Stars in Chanel’s Sun-Drenched Cruise 2021 Campaign

We’re all well aware that Lily-Rose Depp is affiliated with Chanel. Since 2015 she’s appeared in the French fashion house’s eyewear campaigns and mainline ads (alongside Cara Delevingne), worn Chanel on countless magazines covers (even posing with Karl Lagerfeld on Vogue Paris) and became the face of the brand’s N°5 L’Eau scent. So we aren’t surprised to see the young model starring in Chanel’s Cruise 2021 campaign captured posing around the grounds of a Mediterranean villa by Karim Sadli.

Chanel Cruise 2021 : Lily-Rose Depp by Karim Sadli


“It’s Chanel x H&M?” wondered an unimpressed thatsfierce.

“It all looks so cheap,” proclaimed Ghesquiere32.

“One word: cheap,” echoed helmutnotdead.

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“They look like cheap Chanel imitations. Lily-Rose looks great, but cheap-looking clothes are cheap-looking clothes no matter who is wearing them,” voiced GivenchyHomme.

But not everyone felt the same way. “I think Lily-Rose fits Chanel and looks great in it… She has a combination of both French chic and Los Angeles cool, which fits the essence of the modern Chanel woman,” said Overindulgence.

Lola701 was also a fan: “I think the campaign is good. Good photography and it’s slightly uplifting.”

“I love it, think the concept of the campaign and the choice to cast Lily-Rose Depp capture the spirit of Virginie Viard’s collection perfectly — and the sight of a sun-drenched swimming pool is pretty much exactly what I’m craving right now,” raved vogue28.

Chanel Cruise 2021 : Lily-Rose Depp by Karim Sadli


See more from Chanel’s Cruise 2021 campaign and join the conversation here.

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Vanessa Kirby Serves as Harper’s Bazaar’s Surprising December 2020/January 2021 Cover Star

One thing we’ve learned about Samira Nasr is that she has a knack for selecting fresh and exciting faces for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. Take Sarah Paulson and Liya Kebede who recently made their debuts on the magazine. Now Vanessa Kirby can be added to the impressive list with the actress gracing Bazaar‘s double December/January issue. The English beauty lends her elegance and poise to the cover decked out in a pink Prada coat from the brand’s Spring 2021 menswear collection courtesy of Charlotte Roberts for the image captured by Scott Trindle.

US Harper’s Bazaar December 2020/January 2021 : Vanessa Kirby by Scott Trindle


Bazaar‘s latest divided our forum members. “Amazing to see Vanessa on a major U.S. cover. We stan!” admired [Piece Of Me].

“I am ALL for seeing Vanessa Kirby, she’s photographed beautifully here (surprise, surprise) and everything feels and looks…expensive. A very classy and sophisticated cover…” praised vogue28.

“Well this is a surprise! Would never expect to see Vanessa here, but she’s more than a welcome sight!” approved aracic.

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For everyone else, the cover was a major letdown. “I like Vanessa, but what the hell is this? It has no soul, no sophistication. It’s just…there,” said dodencebt.

“I love Vanessa but wish she wasn’t clutching the coat so close to her face. She’s losing her neck!” noted RedSmokeRise.

“Do editors know how to pick a good shot anymore these days?” asked Ken Doll Jenner.

Miss Dalloway couldn’t agree more: “This is NOT a cover shot, Samira really has no clue at all!”

Bertrando3 described the cover as “sad, boring and dull,” but do you agree? Share your thoughts here.

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Kaia Gerber Sports Moncler on Vogue China’s December 2020 Cover

Kaia Gerber’s body of work just keeps growing. This year alone we’ve seen the all-American beauty grace the covers of i-D, V Magazine, American Vogue, Vogue Japan along with Vogue Italia (twice). Now Kaia helps Vogue China close the book on 2020 (just as Angelica Cheung announces her departure from the magazine). In a dramatic departure from her sultry Japanese Vogue appearance, the in-demand model fronts Chinese Vogue‘s December issue sporting Moncler while posing for photographer Craig McDean.

Vogue China December 2020 : Kaia Gerber by Craig McDean


But the cover fell flat on our forums. “This is a perfect year-end cover as it perfectly embodies 2020 — rough,” critiqued MON.

“I don’t think it makes a strong statement to end the year and the styling is off-putting, trying too hard to be cool and edgy…which is not at all Vogue China’s forte,” YohjiAddict chimed in.

“The hair and harsh makeup ruined it,” declared an obviously disappointed Urban Stylin.

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“Oh no, Craig, looks like he just gave up and is trying to make 2009 happen again,” voiced BlueRuin.

“Lazy, lazy, lazy…looks like a remix of McDean’s American Vogue editorials but boring and not in a good way,” disapproved Xone.

Phuel isn’t impressed, either. “Any new model doing her first test shot could have done better. Any new photographer doing test shots for an agency to build up their book could have shot better.”

Bertrando3 was also clearly underwhelmed: “Can these Instagirls TRY at the very least to actually model when they are doing shoots? Girls like Kaia manage to always look super bored and lifeless…”

Share your thoughts and see more here.

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Irina Shayk’s December 2020 Cover of Vogue Germany ‘Screams Fashion and Glamour’

It’s fair to say that Vogue Germany has missed the mark for most of the year. Covers featuring Hailey Bieber, Helen Mirren, Toni Garrn and Nicole Atieno have all been questionable. (Although the German fashion bible did slightly redeem itself last month thanks to forum favorite Raquel Zimmermann.) Now the mag closes out 2020 with Irina Shayk. Fresh off the cover of Vogue Czechoslovakia, the Russian beauty wears a sequin Dolce & Gabbana dress in the glitzy and somewhat festive cover image shot by photographic duo Luigi & Iango.

Vogue Germany December 2020 : Irina Shayk by Luigi & Iango


The cover was immediately declared a total triumph. “Wow, the most un-Vogue Germany cover and yet it works! Everything looks so fresh and glamorous here, not phrases they’re known for. Stunning way to end the year. Gives me hope for 2021,” praised Benn98.

“Well wow, very glamorous!” heralded Srdjan.

“Irina, Luigi & Iango and a strong dose of glamour is always a recipe for success,” vogue28 pointed out.

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“I knew this would be a good one before even opening the thread! Irina works amazingly with Luigi & Iango (just remember that stunning cover for Vogue Japan) and this is no exception! As mentioned, it looks so fresh and glamorous, both of which Vogue Germany lacked this year,” voiced aracic.

Miss Dalloway shared the same level of enthusiasm: “Finally an appealing cover from Vogue Germany this year, wow! But of course someone as beautiful as Irina is hard to ruin…”

“She looks gorgeous! Finally a good cover for Vogue Germany!” echoed WAVES.

“At least this screams fashion and glamour,” applauded annikad.

Irina’s accompanying cover story is a total must-see. Check it out and join the conversation here.

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Alex Andrews and Georgia Palmer Each Earn a Vogue Italia Cover for November 2020

Emanuele Farneti loves a good gimmick. Like creating a CGI cover star for Vogue Italia. Or producing 100 covers for the title’s September issue. Or showing the Biebers sharing an embrace just last month. For November 2020, Alex Andrews and Georgia Palmer make their debuts on the Italian fashion bible. Posing before the lens of David Sims, each land their own cover for the issue celebrating individual beauty.

Vogue Italia November 2020 : Alex Andrews & Georgia Palmer by David Sims


Alex’s cover (above) was the first to drop. “That cover doesn’t make any sense at all,” said liberty33r1b.

“The little text bubble ruins it. This is a Vogue cover, not the comics section in the Sunday paper,” declared a clearly unimpressed GivenchyHomme.

Srdjan described the cover as “amateur” and “underwhelming.”

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“Meh. This is OK considering how the bar is set so low for Vogue Italia,” noted MON.

WAVES obviously isn’t jumping for joy: “It’s pretty. Vogue covers lately are never stunning, impressive, amazing or groundbreaking. They’re just pretty…”

“After everything I’ve seen on the front of fashion magazines this year, especially this edition…it’s alright,” confessed tigerrouge.

“Out of the two, Georgia Palmer’s cover is the strongest, love the cropping, the minimal styling and how you’re commanded by Georgia’s presence and expression. A total nonevent of two covers and neither make me want to make a purchase…” voiced vogue28.

Vogue Italia November 2020 : Alex Andrews & Georgia Palmer by David Sims


Which cover do you prefer? Share your thoughts and check out more from Vogue Italia’s latest here.

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Zendaya Wears Valentino and a Pair of Nikes on ELLE’s December/January Cover

Zendaya just delivered a bold and beautiful InStyle September cover. Now following in the footsteps of Blackpink, Cardi B along with Kamala Harris, Zendaya covers the December/January edition of ELLE. (But we’re always up for seeing the Emmy Award-winning actress down at newsstands.) Styled by Law Roach, the current Vogue Hong Kong cover star sports a pair of Nikes and a flashy Valentino haute couture creation for the cover image captured by Micaiah Carter.

US Elle December 2020/January 2021 : Zendaya by Micaiah Carter


Although our forum members definitely aren’t fans. “Awful styling and done by her personal dresser? Stands to reason. This is why ELLE will always be ELLE and never Vogue. The ‘stylist’ probably thought they were being edgy by adding the sneakers, but it’s just messy,” declared an obviously underwhelmed Benn98.

“Another celebrity styled by her personal stylist,” scoffed Lola701.

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“As for the cover, she looks pissed off there. I’d be too if I were styled that way. But Zendaya honey, since you were styled by your own stylist for this cover, all I have to say is: you made your bed, now lie in it,” added an absolutely disappointed Ken Doll Jenner.

MON clearly feels the same way: “Some of the shots remind me of Tyler Mitchell’s questionable aesthetic.”

“A dud of a cover and wouldn’t be mad if Zendaya was to take a hiatus from newsstands through 2021. InStyle, Vogue Hong Kong and now ELLE within a few short months. This feels like a nonevent of a cover for U.S. ELLE as a result,” ranted vogue28.

Check out Zendaya’s cover feature and join the conversation here.