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Lindsay Lohan’s New Clothing Line Is One Big Addiction Joke

Addiction — serious personal and societal issue or cute way to sell clothes? If you’re Civil clothing, it’s the latter. The streetwear brand has tapped Lindsay Lohan for a limited-edition collaboration called “My Addiction” because, ha-ha! Get it? She’s suffered from drug and alcohol abuse issues that have negatively affected her career! Why not exploit that for a few cool coins?

The collection is slated to hit PacSun this week and consists of graphic T-shirts emblazoned with images of the actress as well as baseball jerseys, tanks, sweatshirts, beanies and tall socks. 

According to TMZ, Civil clothing came up with the name, which Lindsay was apparently cool with. Which is alright, but like, seriously, what wouldn’t she be cool with at this point?

The collection is set to hit stores December 12, but if you can’t wait, you’ll be able to purchase items from the collection via the PacSun website tomorrow.

[via TMZ, Civil]

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You, Too Can Buy Looks from Beyoncé’s 7/11 Video


If Beyoncé has something nice, then all women should have it because that’s just how it works. Keeping to this rule, Bey and crew have kindly made all her looks from her epic 7/11 video available on the singer’s official branded apparel site.

Got an ugly sweater party coming up? Bey’s got a pullover for that. How do you weigh your baked goods? By the pound? Let everyone know with a sweatshirt.

So even if you don’t have a fabulous Christmas tree or your apartment isn’t as nice as Beyoncés hotel room, at least you can go to bed knowing you and the biggest pop star in the world own the same sweatshirt. And that’s the greatest Christmas gift of all. 

[via Hollywood Reporter]

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BANDE DES QUATRES Unisex Collection Offers Earrings, Necklaces and More

Earrings For Couples: The Latest Accessory Trend

Boyfriend jeans, an oversize sweatshirt, a pair of socks now and again (if they fit!) — sometimes sharing your fashion favorites with your partner or bestie is fun, but what about your accessories? Your earrings?

This season, Montreal-meets-New-York brand BANDE DES QUATRES pushes gender boundaries with Minimalists IV, a collection of less-is-more inspired jewelry and accessories, including earrings, necklaces and more for men and women. (more…)

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Lindsay Ellingson’s Makeup Line Is Coming This Spring

Every model needs a side hustle and Lindsay Ellingson is going to make hers cosmetics. The Victoria’s Secret model has announced that she’s launching Wander Beauty, a cosmetics line inspired by her many travels. 

The collection, which drops in April, will be available through QVC, with a range of lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyeliner pens, mascara, highlighters and more. The brand will kick off with the release of a dual blush and highlighter stick, which Ellingson says can also work for your lips.

We imagine the range will also include a sweet selection of tropical and vibrant colors. Ellingson is no stranger to swimsuit shoots on the beach, and we bet that as a Victoria’s Secret model, many of her travels include locations with white sand and turquoise waters.  (more…)

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MAC Teams Up with Milliner Philip Treacy for New Collection



Beloved Irish milliner Philip Treacy will be launching a collection with MAC Cosmetics in April. “Makeup…enhances the features. Which is what hats are about,” said Treacy to WWD. “It’s a painless surgery.” This is not the first time that the London-based designer has worked with the cosmetics giant and this time the collection will focus on three color palette.

Details are yet to be revealed but the makeup palettes are inspired by Treacy’s hats: Metallic by an Art Deco silver headpiece, Colorful by a feathered pink one, and Gothic from a black lace mask. The “Turner-esque” and “Night-out-in-Santorini” inspired campaign was photographed by Sølve Sundsbø and the images were created by the milliner and a team of MAC makeup artists.

The collection will be available in April and other products include two Pro Longwear Paint Pots, two highlighter powders, three lipsticks, three Fluid eyeliners and a mascara.

[via WWD]

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NYC Is Building a New Fashion Center in Brooklyn

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

These days, it seems Brooklyn warehouses are simply turning into homes for wealthy New York transplants or venues for enormous hipster raves. But the fashion industry is looking to make at least one of these spaces more functional. New York City has just announced plans to invest $3.5 million in a location called the Manufacturing Innovation Hub for Apparel, Textiles & Wearable Tech. 

The center will be located in Sunset Park’s Liberty View Industrial Plaza and aims to encourage growth for New York City designers, as well as bolster the fashion manufacturing industry in the area. The 110,000-square-foot location will be home to about 50 designers and approximately 20 to 30 businesses. The hope is that by bringing in a diverse group of fashion and tech companies, it will encourage them to work together and foster creativity and innovation which, ultimately, is good for the city’s economy. The Hub will contain a diverse grouping of spaces; WWD notes there will be classrooms, workspaces for designers, manufacturing units, storage space and more. 

The Hub is expected to create about 300 jobs and will hopefully spark collaboration between designers and tech, further expanding the growing wearables market. 

Construction on the site is supposed to start once Fashion Week is over in February and the facility should be open by 2016.

[via WWD]