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Montana’s New Legislative Dress Code Called Sexist

It looks like the dress code issue extends beyond high schools. Women in the Montana Legislature are about to experience some big changes now that Republicans have implemented a new dress code for floor sessions in the State Legislature. The guidelines have been criticized for being antiquated and women who work in the Capitol are saying that the new codes will put their attire under frivolous scrutiny. 

“It makes it acceptable for someone who’s supposed to be my peer and my equal to look me up and down and comment on what I’m wearing. That doesn’t feel right,” democratic house member Jenny Eck told the NThe New York Times. According to Republican majority leader Keith Regier, the new dress code was made in response to government newbies asking what sort of attire would be appropriate for work. 

The dress code calls for “formal business attire” from both sexes (and members of the media, interns and other staff), but the women’s guidelines are far more detailed than the men’s. While men are encouraged to wear suits, dress pants and shirts, formal shoes, a tie and a jacket, women are asked to “be sensitive to skirt lengths and necklines.” They are also given a wider list of inappropriate footwear including flip flops, open-toe sandals and tennis shoes. Leggings are also included as inappropriate attire, which makes us wonder if anyone was slipping on their Lululemons before a long day of filibustering. Clothing made from fleece and jersey material is also listed as a no-no.  (more…)

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Tracy Anderson Is Expanding Her Fitness Empire

Image: Michael Blanchard

Maria Baum and Tracy Anderson; Image: Michael Blanchard

It was only a few weeks ago that Gwyneth Paltrow made headlines when it was announced that she had hired ex-Martha Stewart CEO Lisa Gersh as the new Goop CEO (the irony). Now she’s making headlines for hiring a new CEO for her joint venture with friend and business partner Tracy Anderson.

“Over the last 16 years, my mission has always been to empower and support the people of which the Tracy Anderson Method serves by helping them create balance where there is imbalance in their lives,” Anderson told us. “It’s with great pride that Gwyneth and I have appointed Maria Baum as the Chief Executive Officer of Tracy Anderson to spearhead a new and advanced level of support through innovative programs, products, experiences and services that our company will offer clients worldwide.”

What exactly are these programs and products? They will likely include new permanent studio locations and pop-up locations in the U.S. and internationally (Anderson already offers private training in London) as well as a high-end clothing line (Anderson has dipped her toes into the luxury activewear space before).  (more…)

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Chanel Cosmetics and Ports 1961 Make Major Creative Hires

Change is a-comin’ to Chanel cosmetics and Ports 1961 as both have made major hires to their creative teams.


Image: Chanel

First up is Chanel, which hired Lucia Pica for its newly-created global creative makeup and color designer position. Pica is expected to start January 1, though according to Fashionista, it is still not confirmed whether or not she will participate in creating the runway looks for Chanel’s Fall 2015 show come Paris Fashion Week. She will be creating makeup products for the brand, so it will definitely be exciting to see how she brings her perspective to the storied Chanel brand. But don’t hold your breath since her creations won’t hit shelves until 2016.

As for Ports 1961, the label just named Natasa Cagalj as its new creative director. Cagalj is a Lanvin alum and also sat as head of design for Stella McCartney, a position she held for seven years before leaving in 2012. Cagalj will take over for Fiona Cibani, who will ease into her new position as president of Ports NY Inc. Cibani calls the decision to appoint Cagalj a “long-term” one, so we’re interested to see how she transforms the brand.

Clearly, the fashion world has a lot to look forward to in 2015!

[via Fashionista, Vogue UK]

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Vogue Spain’s January Cover with Sigrid Agren ‘Couldn’t Get Any Cheaper’ (Forum Buzz)

In with the new and out with the old? Vogue Spain kicks off 2015 by tapping some fresh talent for its new January cover. The magazine enlisted Cuneyt Akeroglu to photograph Sigrid Agren for the first issue of the upcoming year. The Turkish photographer, who often creates covers for Turkish Vogue, shot Sigrid for the magazine’s latest installment against a vivid red background wearing a jumper and pants, while clutching a handbag. Sigrid herself hasn’t starred on Spanish Vogue‘s cover before, so we applaud the monthly glossy for delivering something different this time around. 

Vogue Spain January 2015 Sigrid Agren


Are our forum members impressed? “It couldn’t get any cheaper….OMFG,” exclaimed bbofbalenciaga.

“The background has a strong contrast while Sigrid herself (quality wise) looks dull. Very campaign looking. The layout is horrid,” added MON, clearly unimpressed by Vogue Spain’s efforts this month.

A.D.C. agreed: “It doesn’t look like Vogue Spain. Good for them for trying something different but this really is a downgrade for them. Looks like the cover to one of the cheaper Vogues.”

“Oh, why?” cried narcyza, who went on to write, “Sigrid is [a] beautiful girl. This cover it’s just ugly!”

Creative certainly wasn’t feeling it: “Are they serious? Is this for real? It really doesn’t get any cheaper than this. What a vulgar and out of fashion cover. It’s so bad it hurts my eyes. Who thought it was a good idea? Yolanda Sacristán, leave Vogue Spain alone. OMG, this is a new low.”

But not everyone had a negative point of view. “It’s one of those covers that you either love, or hate! But I think they tried something different, and it works,” posted Miss Dalloway.

“I’m glad to see something a bit different from them, to be honest,” blueorchid noted in agreement.

Share your own opinion of Vogue Spain’s January 2015 cover inside the thread here.

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WATCH: Kendall Jenner’s Dazed Cover Shoot Gets Turned Into a Video

Kendall Jenner gets to werque in a new fashion film by Dazed magazine. The spot, which is just a little over a minute, is inspired by Andy Warhol’s screen tests and shows the model as she poses in a series of looks from her Dazed spread.

The reality star-cum-bonafide model takes on a few different characters, all of which we finally see come to life in motion with this new video short. We see Jenner sometimes blinking vacantly into the camera, wide-eyed holding a lamp, other times casting a smoldering glance from behind a floral-festooned veil. It’s a chance to see Kendall in action and a firsthand look at her modeling chops while she’s in front of the camera.

Jenner is featured on the cover of Dazed‘s current issue, heralding her presence as “changing the face of fashion.” She sits at the top of its “Dazed 100” list.

Watch Ms. Jenner pose and preen in the video above.

[via Dazed]

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Rihanna Is Puma’s New Creative Director

Image: Instagram

Image: WENN

Rihanna’s about to have a busy 2015 now that she’s got a new gig lined up with Puma. The songstress has been named the athletic brand’s new creative director for womenswear and global brand ambassador. RiRi will be involved with both creating new styles and updating popular mainstays. She will also appear in Puma’s fall campaign.

According to WWD, the partnership will extend over a number of years, so you can expect to see a lot of Rihanna x Puma in the future. 

Rihanna’s been on social media promoting her new partnership with the brand in true RiRi form with a set of glamorous Instagram photos and a Puma hashtag. She also posted a shoe selfie snap of her crisp white Puma creepers with thick, black soles. If we could make any guesses, we’d wager that this collection will probably have a lot of crop tops, a fair share of cool jogging pants and more than a few pairs of fresh kicks. 


creep #puma

A photo posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

This isn’t Rihanna’s first time designing. She previously teamed up for a multi-season collaboration with River Island. We’re interested to see what she comes up with for Puma. Fly athletic gear seems to be right up the singer’s alley.

[via WWD]