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Lara Bingle Dodged Fake Tan Stains on Her White Josh Goot Getup

Lara Bingle

Photo: KHAP/GG/GC Images

Lara Bingle is in town promoting her new tanning range, The Base by Lara Bingle, showing off the product’s stain-free qualities by dodging any ugly-orange marks in an all-white Josh Goot getup.

The model-turned-entrepreneur stepped onto the streets of Sydney in a masculine ensemble, including a sports-luxe backless zipper tank teamed with white trousers and a skirt over the top. Even though she was so close to nailing the all-white errythang without a stain in sight, Lara chose to break it up with statement black pumps to add some chic business-woman sophistication.


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There’s no doubt that the crisp-white separates and skin-baring features showed off her fake-tanned skin well, while also promoting the product in a strategic and subtle manner, but we’re not sure how to feel about the overall outfit. We’re pretty open to the pants-under-dresses trend, but the pants-under-skirt look doesn’t seem to be a winner here. So good promo for her tanning line. Josh Goot’s range, not so much.

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Was Kim Kardashian Plastic-fantastic in Latex Couture?

Kim Kardashian

Photo: Scott Barbour/Getty

2014 has been a tough year for keeping Kim Kardashian out of Australia, headlines, and revealing outfits. The reality star was back in Melbourne last night to promote her new fragrance, Fleur Fatale, and decided a latex ensemble would be a marvellous choice for the paparazzi-filled red carpet.

I don’t think anyone was terribly phased on how little Kim left to the imagination in this skin-tight combo with exposed cleavage, because, let’s be honest, we’ve all seen her naked now anyway. It’s more the use of latex, the same material used to protect us from sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies, that has raised an eyebrow or two.

The blush-pink bodysuit and pencil skirt was by latex couture designer Atsuko Kudo, and props to Kim for getting into the uncomfortable-looking synthetic fabric. But we can’t turn a blind eye to how trashy the getup looks, despite its hefty price tag (around $535 AUD). We do love those suede pointed shoes, though.

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Christian Louboutin’s Newest Nail Polish Costs as Much as His Shoes

When Christian Louboutin debuted his $50 nail polish, we were all like, “Dang, $50? You could get a Drybar blowout for cheaper and it would probably last longer, plus you get free cookies and wine!” Yeah, we thought the price was pretty exorbitant then, but compared to the shoe designer’s newest lacquer? That $50 price tag looks like a mere drop in the bucket. 


All frivolities are valid in the name of luxury and Louboutin’s latest nail polish falls firmly into that category. Just in time for the holidays, the designer is releasing Starlight, a special edition of one of Louboutin’s signature red hues, except the bottle is decorated with 1,500 Strass crystals, hand-glued into a blinged-out gradient pattern. The precious polish comes in a velvet bag and is housed in a box decorated with red flowers and even more crystals. How much does such a fancy bottle of paint cost you? Oh, just $675.

Seriously — the cost of this bottle of lacquer is more than what you would pay for two pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes during a sample sale! And even at discounted prices, those shoes ain’t cheap. Heck, they’re even selling a pair of burgundy satin pumps right now that cost as much. But if the $675 price tag doesn’t bother you, then congratulations — you are Louboutin’s target customer and you are the kind of girl who has everything. Must be nice.

If you’ve got the cash, you can purchase a bottle at Christian Louboutin.

[via InStyle]

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Diane von Furstenberg Is Spending $100 Million to Build an Island in the Hudson River

Image: NY Post

Image: New York Post

If the whole Hudson Yards thing doesn’t pan out for Diane von Furstenberg, at least she can stage her future shows on the island she’s building in the Hudson River. According to the New York Post, The Diller – von Furstenberg Family Foundation has given over $100 million to the city to rebuild Pier 55 into a 2.7-acre park. The donation will cover the bulk of the $130 million cost, which will include building 341 concrete piles of different lengths to create a rolling hill effect. The island, designed by Mathews Nielsen and Britain’s Heatherwick Studio, will also include an amphitheater that seats 700 people, which will be home to free and inexpensive performances for the public. The state will pay to extend the West Street Esplanade, so that the island is easily accessible from mainland Manhattan. 

The designer is obviously thrilled about her involvement in this new project, noting that “New York has always reminded me of Venice, so I am happy the time has come to properly honor its waterways.” 

If anything, it will be a beautiful location to send post fashion show emails once it’s finished.


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Elden Henson’s Red Carpet Man Braids Are Everything

There are plenty of guys who give us hair envy and today, we’re going to add Elden Henson to the list. The actor is busy promoting the latest The Hunger Games movie and turned out to the film’s Los Angeles premiere yesterday in style. Rounding out his smart suit ensemble, he finished his look with a pair of French braids down the sides of his head.

Image: Getty Images

Image: Getty

Braids on guys are nothing new, but we love this look on Elden — it’s giving us a faux-cropped effect that we’re dying to recreate. As much as we love to see his feathered brown-to-strawberry-blond locks billowing in the wind, we’re completely digging this style and we think maybe more guys should consider stealing a page from his book. (more…)

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Kim Kardashian Balanced That Glass on Her Booty All By Herself, Thank You Very Much

We’ve heard from just about everyone on the topic of Kim Kardashian’s racy Paper magazine cover, but save for a few tweets and Instagrams, we haven’t heard much about the shoot from the model herself…that is, until now. The reality star paid a visit to Australian TV show The Project to dish on her latest, greatest feature. While Kim has been criticized by the propriety police about the cover, the reality star says she feels very confident about her decision to take off her clothes for photographer Jean-Paul Goude.


“I was so honored and excited to work with [photographer Jean-Paul Goude] because he is a legend, and for me that was something I wanted to do to make myself feel confident,” she said. “As a role model I’m not saying anyone else should do that, but for me it was an art project and it taught me to do what you want to do. I’m never one to preach, but I felt really positive and really good about myself. I love the photos, I did it for me, I hope other people like them.”

In the interview, Kim also revealed that she balanced that champagne glass on her booty herself — no Photoshop needed. But that’s not to say she didn’t pay for her acrobatic efforts. “My back hurt for about a week after that shoot…I used muscles..[Goude] has an art of posing you and it was definitely not comfortable.” 

It seems her efforts paid off!

[via Us Weekly]