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C.Wonder Is Closing a Bunch of Its Stores

Image: C.Wonder

Image: C.Wonder

C.Wonder fans better hightail it to the nearest location because the retailer is about to close a lot of its stores. The house Christopher Burch built in 2011 is about to go from retail to wholesale, according to BuzzFeed. The store was said to be a revenge project after his divorce with billionaire fashion mogul Tory Burch. 

Over the years, critics of C.Wonder couldn’t help but see the similarities between Christopher’s brand and Tory’s, and they’re right: that blue blood, East Coast prep aesthetic is something both labels gravitate towards. Apparently, Burch was so keen on showing up his ex-wife that he expanded his label too rapidly. Several shady and unwise business moves have ultimately hurt the brand. BuzzFeed points to a Flatiron location in New York City that Burch was rumored to have bought because Tory’s favorite hair salon is in the same building. 

C.Wonder expects to shutter 20 of its 32 stores by January 1 and transition into a wholesale business in hopes that it can make the leap into department stores. The brand has less than $75 million in sales annually, meanwhile Tory Burch’s brand is sitting pretty raking in over a billion dollars last year. 

Somewhere in the world, Tory is smugly sipping champagne and counting her cash, completely unbothered.

[via BuzzFeed]

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Joe Fresh’s Holiday 2014 Collection Is in Stores and We Want Absolutely Everything

Who says you need to spend an arm and a leg to look put together this winter? Joe Fresh’s Holiday 2014 womenswear lookbook is filled with drool-worthy winter-perfect items that don’t cost a bundle.

Joe Fresh Holiday 2014 Cosy Sweaters

Chock-full of lush faux fur scarves, cosy sweaters, office-to-party skirts, socks for toasty toes, affordable (and warm!) winter parkas…add a little or a lot to your list.

Dresses for the Season: Joe Fresh

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your best friend, mother, sister, work wife or boss, these separates are sure to fill anyone’s stockings and tree with a whole lot of joy. (more…)

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Evangeline Lilly Wrote a Children’s Book

Evangeline Lilly

image: Getty

She may have once been Lost, but Evangeline Lilly has found her new calling as a children’s book author. The Canadian-born beauty was at Toronto’s Indigo Manulife Centre book store on Wednesday to sign copies and read from her debut book The Squickerwonkers.

Dressed in a quirky and whimsical ensemble that could only be pulled off by a children’s book author who looks like Evangeline Lilly (and even then), she did a reading of her book that tells the story of spooky marionettes who teach a spoiled little girl about manners and hammed it up for the eager audience. She wore the same quizzical outfit for book stops in New York City earlier this week, so maybe it’s a thing…? Regardless, the 35-year-old mother-of-one seems to really have hit her stride with writing for kids, telling the New York Daily News, “I was not entirely satisfied with my career as an actress and was looking for something that would fulfill me creatively and give me all the things that I want out of a job.” And she wanted to send a message of responsibility to kids: “I just don’t think that a lot of the time the messages we send kids prepare them for real life.”

Although she intends to take more time off in 2015 to write, Evangeline stars once again as Tauriel in the upcoming movie The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, slated for release in mid-December.

[New York Daily News]

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Britney Spears, Gwyneth Paltrow and More Read All the Mean Things People Say About Them on Twitter


Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Celebrities could all use a spoonful of humility and the Twitterati is here to administer the dosage. Jimmy Kimmel ran another installation of celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves, which will never not be funny – even if some of the tweets are making fun of the most perfect perfect human specimen ever, aka Scott Foley.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Britney Spears, Chris Pratt, Lenda Dunham, Ty Burrell and more read what fans (or rather haters) really think of them for Jimmy Kimmel Live, and as always, it’s hilarious. 

Find out why Gerard Butler “does all these sh*t films” and what animal part people think Lena Dunham’s boobs look like below.

[via Jimmy Kimmel Live]

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Franca Sozzani Is Not Pleased with Milan’s 5-Day Fashion Week

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

It looks like Giorgio Armani isn’t the only one not feeling Milan’s five-day Fashion Week. Last season, the Italian city enjoyed (or rather, didn’t enjoy) a shorter week — five days as opposed to the usual six. Next season, thanks to Armani, it will be six again after the designer insisted on it to the Italian Fashion Chamber’s great delight.

Vogue Italia Editor-in-Chief Franca Sozzani will probably also be stoked about the extra day. The editrix sat down with WWD and the topic of Milan’s shortened schedule came up. Sozzani made clear her disapproval, saying that it is up to Italy’s fashion set to make changes, so that this never happens again.

“We lack an organization that will support fashion week. The five-day week shows a lack of vision and that we are not able to command respect,” she said. “I am not saying it’s anyone’s fault in particular, it’s our fault. We have the highest concentration of brands, how can we accommodate everyone in four or five days? In New York there are between four and six big designers, and the shows last one week. There is something wrong here. It’s our fault. We can’t stand up for it. They take our ads, don’t they? Why don’t they want to stay longer in Milan? Why do we have to comply? We have the most beautiful brands, they are Italians.”

Shade to the New York designers aside, Sozzani does have a point. It’s up to the Italians to demand a longer week, although it looks like Mr. Armani is taking the initiative on that end. 

[via WWD]

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Margot Robbie’s Underwater Cover for W Magazine ‘Misses the Boat’ (Forum Buzz)

Not your average cover image for a fashion magazine but we’re just thankful to see the beautiful Margot Robbie. W Magazine tapped the Aussie actress for its annual art issue, which coincides with the December 2014 edition. Photographed by contemporary video artist Bill Viola, The Wolf of Wall Street star poses for an interesting underwater shoot wearing a Donna Karan dress.

W Magazine December 2014 Margot Robbie


Our forum members share their mixed reactions. “Is this a joke? The wonky left eye, the I’m-about-to-fart face… What are you doing Mr. Tonchi?” questions Flashbang.

“Oh my… what a truly dreadful image? Her facial expression! The concept is great, and underwater photography can produce some beautiful imagery (Kate Winslet in that shot by Annie for example…) but wow. I’m shocked that image was selected for a cover,” adds an underwhelmed honeycombchild.

Also not feeling the cover shot is Miss Dalloway who writes, “I get what they went from, but it makes for a horribly unappealing cover! You have such a stunning girl, with a million dollar face, and you do this to her?!! Even some shots in the spread would make for a better cover, because she is giving better face. When Tonchi misses the boat, he really misses it!”

Yet not all reviews are negative. “In my opinion it´s not a flattering image (for her) but I love it, it´s beautiful and haunting and it´s always nice to see a cover not set against a plain background. I´m happy for Margot, I don´t know much about her but she comes across like such a nice and charming person,” credits kokobombon.

SallyAlbright agrees and writes, “Oh, Margot. I just have the biggest girl crush on her, she is so funny and cool in addition to being stunning. I love the concept and I love that she finally got a big cover, but it is definitely not her best picture. Still exciting, though.”

Are you a fan of W’s latest cover? See inside for some previews and tell us what you think here.