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Maty Fall, Sora Choi and Others Star in Christian Dior’s Enchanting Cruise 2021 Campaign

Ever since taking over the helm of Christian Dior back in 2016, Maria Grazia Chiuri’s advertising campaigns have clearly failed to impress. The Fall 2020 campaign was declared a dud on our forums and the Spring 2020 offering went largely unnoticed. Not even Ruth Bell along with Selena Forrest could save Fall 2019. Now Dior’s Cruise 2021 campaign transports us to Italy with models Chai Maximus, Maty Fall, Maryel Uchida, Selena Forrest and Sora Choi looking enchanting before the lens of Lean Lui.

Christian Dior Resort 2021 by Lean Lui


“Someone at Dior must have finally woken up and decided to save the brand… Love these images,” praised Ken Doll Jenner.

“Love it and I bet the campaign looks like art in print,” said Urban Stylin.

“Just by this one picture I can tell this is the best Dior campaign under MGC. Simple but so beautiful. Love the mood,” admired guimon.

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Benn98 was also pleasantly surprised by the outcome. “This is stunning, best Dior campaign in years!”

“Great cast and beautiful concept. I must say that it’s one of the best campaigns of MGC,” echoed YSL87.

“MGC producing a decent campaign? No plain-looking studio background? I’m actually shocked,” added Nomar.

“I might be the only one who thinks this is not THAT good, especially for a brand like Dior…” shared Ed..

In the same frame of mind was vogue28: “The photography here is very underwhelming, the girls are emoting nothing and I find the image to be incredibly flat and lifeless.”

See more from the campaign and share your thoughts here.

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Harry Styles Makes History as Vogue’s First Solo Male Cover Star for December 2020

Anna Wintour and American Vogue have been a topic of conversation on our forums throughout 2020. At the beginning of the year, Florence Pugh made her debut on the magazine, global beauties dominated the April issue, a glam Gal Gadot covered May’s edition and the title offered a symbolic Irving Penn cover in response to the pandemic. The mag also commissioned two black artists for September and brought back modeling royalty Naomi Campbell. Now Harry Styles appears on Vogue’s December 2020 offering becoming the publication’s first-ever solo male cover star in the process. The musician wears a jacket and dress from Gucci selected by Camilla Nickerson for the cover image captured on the Seven Sisters Cliffs in East Sussex, England by Vogue regular Tyler Mitchell.

US Vogue December 2020 : Harry Styles by Tyler Mitchell


Vogue‘s latest took us by complete surprise. “You have got to be kidding me. I did not see this coming. However, I’m OK with it,” shared MON.

“I actually really like this. Very simple and beautiful,” appreciated Kite.

“I’m here for it. Harry isn’t someone I particularly find attractive at all, but I like his music a lot actually and I’m here for what he stands for. That he doesn’t so much as bat an eyelid at the fact he’s in a dress. On a woman’s magazine. Go for it I say. I’m surprised and happy Anna went so bold!” added honeycombchild.

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But other forum members simply weren’t buying it. “Harry Styles in a dress? Is this supposed to be a groundbreaking, gender-bending, boundary-breaking cover? Please! The final nail in Vogue‘s coffin for me,” disapproved aracic.

“His status as a fashion icon is so fake and manufactured. Funny how he never dressed like this before his Gucci contract,” HodanChloe pointed out.

“An embarrassment of a cover, just devastating to think this is what we’re now reduced to. And the suits question why print is dying and sales are declining? I refuse to believe this is the answer,” voiced vogue28.

“It’s exciting! And unexpected. And that’s what a cover should be in 2020,” defended 8eight.

Check out Harry’s cover feature and join the discussion here.

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Lily Collins Dials Up the Drama on Vogue Arabia’s November 2020 Covers

Manuel Arnaut is definitely doing fantastic things with Vogue Arabia. The magazine picked Kourtney Kardashian along with Farida Khelfa as cover stars. It also gave its September cover to a young girl affected by the devastating explosion in Beirut. Now Lily Collins makes her first Vogue cover appearance on the mag’s November 2020 issue captured by Thomas Whiteside. For cover one (below), Lily serves face wearing a latex Saint Laurent number, while on cover two (after the jump) the star of Netflix’s Emily in Paris sports a showstopping Schiaparelli creation.

Vogue Arabia November 2020 : Lily Collins by Thomas Whiteside


One cover clearly stood out. “Odd choice for Vogue Arabia for a cover star, kind of an average shoot, pretty boring as far as first impressions go,” voiced SLFC.

“Really random… I guess they really like Emily in Paris in the Middle East? Also her arm behind the masthead is strange,” added BlueRuin.

“The second cover is stunning and glamorous, while the first one leaves much to be desired,” noted MON.

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“The second cover is divine!” agreed cottonmouth13.

“First cover is meh, but that second cover is gorgeous!” echoed bluestar.

“Immediately I was a fan of the first cover — loved the simplicity of it all, the straightforward photography from Thomas Whiteside and how polished the overall look is. The lighting is extremely flattering and Lily looks flawless! However, it’s the second cover which completely seals the deal for me — just pure perfection,” vogue28 pointed out.

“Second cover is gorgeous! Makes me want to purchase the issue,” shared jorgepalomo.

Vogue Arabia November 2020 : Lily Collins by Thomas Whiteside


Check out Lily’s cover feature and share your thoughts here.

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Viola Davis Strikes a Confident Pose on InStyle’s December 2020 Cover

You’ve got to hand it to Laura Brown. She’s managed to steer InStyle through 2020 with effortless ease without resorting to illustrated covers or combined issues. Instead, the magazine has offered beautiful installments featuring Kerry Washington, Carey Mulligan, Alicia Keys, Zendaya and Cynthia Erivo. Closing out the year with a bang, Laura makes Viola Davis the mag’s cover star for December 2020. Captured by photographic duo AB+DM and styled by Elizabeth Stewart, the American actress suits up in a houndstooth Wolk Morais creation for the bold newsstand cover.

US InStyle December 2020 : Viola Davis by AB+DM


But our forum members thought something was off. “Oh wow, what a HORRIBLE shot of her. From the styling to that god-awful makeup, ugh! We see Viola so rarely on covers and they do this to her?” proclaimed Miss Dalloway.

“What on earth?” exclaimed MON.

Urban Stylin was clearly not a fan: “The cover doesn’t work for her, that type of styling would probably for a teen or someone in their early 20s like Zendaya… The angle and harsh makeup are not helping, either.”

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“I usually love houndstooth, but that’s overload. The outfit wears her instead of the other way around. Viola looks best with minimal, understated styling. This just looks wrong on so many levels,” said Ken Doll Jenner.

“I’m sorry, but whoever did her hair and makeup should be sacked. Doesn’t look anything like her,” Benn98 pointed out.

Although [Piece Of Me] disagreed. “I am definitely biased, as I love everything Viola does, so I do like the cover. It’s maybe not her best shot (and does not come close to her amazing Vanity Fair cover earlier this year), but it feels like something different for her.”

“That cover exudes confidence!” praised crmsnsnwflks.

Check out Viola’s cover feature and join the conversation here.

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James Charles Scores a Pair of Vogue Portugal Covers for November 2020

Vogue Portugal’s most definitely made a name for itself over recent years (for both good and bad reasons). The magazine’s covers with Alek Wek and Sharon Stone thrilled us to no end last year. But the Portuguese publication came under fire on our forums over recent months due to its questionable April cover in response to the global health crisis and made us uncomfortable with its “madness” issue back in July. Despite the mishaps and in an effort to stay on our radar, the mag taps James Charles as its November 2020 cover star. The American internet personality, YouTube sensation and makeup artist appears on a pair of covers sporting bold makeup looks for the two vibrant cover images both shot by photographer Marcus Cooper.

Vogue Portugal November 2020 : James Charles by Marcus Cooper


Members of our forums couldn’t quite believe their eyes. “I was looking at that cover intending to make a joke that they’d given James Charles a Vogue cover and then I saw that they actually had given him a cover. I’m cackling!” exclaimed KINGofVERSAILLES.

“I truly am speechless this time. And I’m not one of those people who hate social media stars, but the two don’t mix for me,” said Scotty.

“Garbage. No matter how anyone wants to justify this in the spectrum of social media. Garbage. Vogue Portugal is dead to me. Truth be told it was hardly breathing anyway,” stated Vitamine W.

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YohjiAddict also wasn’t sold: “James Charles is pure trash, period. He doesn’t belong anywhere near Vogue along with other creatures of the YouTube abyss.”

“Yikes, you’ve got to be kidding me! Why Vogue? Would Allure not make more sense if he had to get a cover?” asked Benn98.

“Nowadays, every clown will get publicity like this just because they are ‘different’ or ‘unique’ in some way,” added an unimpressed Srdjan.

“I feel like at this point James Charles is a walking meme so seeing his name on Vogue is so funny to me,” declared russianelf.

Vogue Portugal November 2020 : James Charles by Marcus Cooper


Sound off on the covers here.

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Bella Hadid Falls Victim to Some Questionable Styling on Vogue Japan’s December 2020 Cover

Throughout 2020, Bella Hadid has pretty much been a constant fixture down at newsstands. The American beauty has covered everything from Vogue Hong Kong to Vogue Paris to Vogue Korea and even joined Riccardo Tisci and Carla Bruni on ELLE France. Vogue Japan closes the chapter on 2020 by inviting Bella back to its cover for December with photographic duo Luigi & Iango capturing Bella’s sixth Vogue cover appearance of the year. The current face of Versace’s Dylan Blue fragrances (along with Hailey Bieber) strikes a pose in a look from Gucci’s Fall 2020 collection (picked by Anna Dello Russo) before one of the mag’s signature white backdrops.

Vogue Japan December 2020 : Bella Hadid by Luigi & Iango


Bella’s latest received mixed feedback on our forums. “Love it! It’s so (maybe unintentionally) funny and quintessential kitschy Vogue Japan that I can’t help loving it. And on top of that, there’s Bella by Luigi & Iango, which is always a dream,” praised aracic.

“Very Vogue Nippon circa mid 2000s,” pointed out magsaddict.

“I agree! And that’s why I like it,” replied mikel.

“Wow, I actually love this. Bella photographs like a dream,” raved Ghesquiere32.

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“God…Bella is truly stunning. But who decided that that look from Gucci Fall 2020 was it? I actually liked the look on the runway, but what an odd pairing. Nonetheless, it’s still kind of cute and fun and works for Vogue Japan…” commented Overindulgence.

Although the styling wasn’t for everyone. “She’s the queen of the hoedown,” mocked GivenchyHomme.

“Such a bad cover. Bella is capable of doing some amazing covers as she has proved over the years, but nothing works for me here. The outfit is ridiculous, hair looks horrible and her face looks frozen,” YSL87 chimed in.

Meanwhile matheus_s described the cover as “a new low,” but do you agree? Join the conversation here.