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Why Gwyneth Paltrow Didn’t Get a Job at Yahoo Food

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

In this economy, it sometimes seems like your college degree would be better used as kindling for a trash can fire. That is, unless you are applying for a job at Yahoo, as CEO Marissa Mayer will only hire people who have degrees. This strict company policy is to blame for the website’s marked lack of Gwyneth Paltrow’s precious pearls of wisdom on its food site. The New York Times did a profile on Mayer which noted that Paltrow’s name was brought up when the site was trying to select a contributing editor for Yahoo Food. 

Apparently, the fact that Paltrow didn’t graduate college made Mayer LOL when she was suggested for the editor position. “Even though the actress Gwyneth Paltrow had created a best-selling cookbook and popular lifestyle blog, Mayer, who habitually asked deputies where they attended college, balked at hiring her as a contributing editor for Yahoo Food. According to one executive, Mayer disapproved of the fact that Paltrow did not graduate college.”

But don’t hate on Paltrow – she was much too busy winning Oscars and profiting off her strong connections in show business to be bothered with graduating. And something tells us she wouldn’t be too broken up about not getting the job. 

[NYT via Gawker]

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Gigi Hadid Twirls in Reverse for LOVE

Christmas is fast approaching, but LOVE wants you, or rather, Gigi Hadid, to rewind a little bit. For the 22nd day on their advent calendar, the magazine tapped the buzzy model to dance, twirl, flip her hair and blow a few kisses for the camera, all of which she does in rewind.

Directed by Daniel Jackson, we see a playful Gigi serving a generous helping of sideboob in a crochet cut out bodysuit, ripped white jeans and a denim jacket with plenty of patches on it. So far, Katie Grand has managed to tap a smattering of it-models for LOVE‘s advent calendar, including Hadid’s BFFs Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin. Kris Jenner, Lindsay Lohan and Alessandra Ambrosio also got a little shine in this year’s calendar.

Watch Gigi in action above!

[via LOVE YouTube]

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WATCH: George Clooney’s Full Downton Abbey Appearance

Downton Abbey teamed up with ITV for a charity Christmas special, for which we will forever be grateful. Why? Because said special includes an appearance from George Clooney.

For its “Text Santa” telethon, the Downton Abbey cast, Jeremy Piven and Joanna Lumley join forces for a funny short that explores what Downton Abbey would be like without Lord Grantham. Lumley plays an angel that shows Grantham inside a topsy-turvy Downton where the servants play strip poker, George Clooney (aka Lord Hollywood) makes out with Cora Crawley and everyone takes selfies.

Watch the full (hilarious) clip above!

[via Gawker]

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Carolyn Murphy Returns for a Second Time in a Row for MaxMara’s Campaign (Forum Buzz)

She’s back! Carolyn Murphy returns as the face of MaxMara’s new collection. Having previously posed for Mario Sorrenti for the brand’s Fall 2014 campaign, the team behind the shoot decided to switch the concept up this time around and sat Carolyn amongst a sea of prints — which oddly enough complement the clothes perfectly. Giving us a slight 70s vibe, the Estée Lauder beauty queen poses for a range of shots which can all be found inside our thread.

Max Mara Spring 2015 Carolyn Murphy Mario Sorrenti


The background doesn’t appear to be sitting well with the majority of our forum members, however. Nymphaea writes, “The spots are driving me crazy!” 

“I like that they’re using props instead of a plain background but everything is so busy, I don´t know where to look… too messy for me,” agrees kokobombon.

“I’m glad to see Carolyn as I love her but God the background is just too busy!!” replies VersaceVixen09.

Ash92 is just simply left underwhelmed: “I could imagine this being a good idea at the drawing board but they should have seen how messy this is once the images were shot.”

Yet things began to look up as Kite posts, “I really like the use of the spots. It will be very attention grabbing and powerful in print and I think it really stands out amongst many of the duller campaigns we have already seen this season.”

“I agree, have to admit I was expecting to be disappointed by Sorrenti again, but the way they’re using textures here is brilliant,” shares a pleasantly surprised Legolas.

See MaxMara’s Spring 2015 campaign in full inside the thread here. Be sure to add your own two cents! 

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What Has Vogue Ukraine Done with Carmen Kass’ Face? (Forum Buzz)

We’d like to give a round of applause to Vogue Ukraine for welcoming back Carmen Kass to the Condé Nast fashion bible. Curiously, Carmen’s last cover of Vogue was way back in September 2012 for Vogue Mexico, so an appearance was long overdue. The magazine hired Russian photographer Jegor Zaika to capture Carmen wearing a minimal outfit from Sportmax styled by Philip Vlasov, making for a fresh January front cover.

Vogue Ukraine January 2015 Carmen Kass


But our forum members are noticing something a little off about the cover. Do you? “Awful airbrushing. They made her look like Timon from The Lion King,” exclaimed an unimpressed Creative, who set the tone of the entire thread.

“Whoa! A model like Carmen does not need her face changed! Seriously!!!! So nice to see her back on the cover of Vogue, shame they felt she had to be transformed,” added Miss Dalloway.

VersaceVixen009 felt the same way and echoed, “So happy to see my Carmen but God the airbrushing is NOT necessary!!”

Also not showing much enthusiasm was kokobombon: “The eye, the nose… Photoshop disaster! Awful styling and color scheme imo.”

“I’m so confused by her head positioning! Have they reapplied it onto a different neck?” questioned Cosmic Voices.

MyNameIs shared everyone’s sentiments regarding the post-production. “Yeah, disappointing way to start the year for VUA. Love the choice of Carmen, and I think there was a good idea there somewhere, but it doesn’t come together. The aggressive Photoshopping doesn’t help.”

Are you upset with the amount of airbrushing Carmen’s received on Vogue Ukraine? Join the discussion here.

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Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Fashion Show Is Heading to Puerto Rico

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is moving again in 2015, this time to a much warmer climate. This year’s show went down in London after several years of staging in New York City, but it looks like Victoria’s Secret has a newer, warmer location selected for its next big swimsuit event. 

Fox News says Puerto Rico’s Economic and Trade Development Department Secretary Alberto Baco has announced in a press release that Victoria’s Secret would be filming its swimsuit fashion show on the island, and the lingerie brand has booked 428 hotel rooms for the event. Victoria’s Secret has already started shooting for the show, which we wager will likely have a lot of hubbub and press surrounding it. 

The show is expected to play in 190 countries, reaching about 12 million viewers. CBS is expected to broadcast this installation. So, brace yourselves for another round of leggy ladies looking lovely in barely any actual clothing.

[The Hollywood Reporter via Fox News]