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The Hunt Slonem x Echo Design Collab Debuts At Bloomingdale’s

Hunt Slonem x Echo Design; Image: Echo Design

Hunt Slonem x Echo Design; Image: Echo Design

Hollywood royalty worships American neo-Expressionist Hunt Slonem. Kate Hudson has his whimsical artwork mounted on her walls; so does Jennifer Lopez, Mandy Moore, Sharon Stone, Brooke Shields and Julianne Moore. But if the average Jane wanted to get her hands on a prized piece of work by Slonem, she’d have to fork over a substantial amount of cash. (One glance at 1st Dibs priced Slonem’s paintings as high as $45,000 while most were labeled “price upon request.”)

Luckily, the world-renowned artist is offering up his iconic bunnies, birds and butterflies on a different medium for a fraction of the cost. Slonem has partnered with fashion and accessories brand Echo Design on a limited-edition capsule collection. The vibrant lineup includes six unique scarf designs and one signature tote bag, which is available in three color-ways: black and white, orange and fuchsia and turquoise and blue.

“Echo Design and I are new friends,” said Hunt Slonem in an official statement. “I have never worked in this capacity before and I am absolutely thrilled with the tote bags and scarves. I am very, very happy with the results and I am looking forward to our future working together.”

The Hunt Slonem x Echo Design collection is priced between $48 an $148 and will be available for purchase at Bloomingdale’s on 59th Street and on through the month of December. (Right now, you can place an order on four of the scarves at Echo Design.) The collection will roll out to additional branches and specialty stores for Spring 2015.

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Attention Brands: Your Best Way to Sell to Millennial Women Is Still Via Bloggers

If you’re a retailer, we really hope you’re looking at blogs because a recent study done by Bloglovin’ shows that’s how millennial women are shopping. The blogger community held a press dinner on Tuesday to discuss just how much blogs and social media influence women’s purchases, and one quick look at the results will tell you, if brands aren’t working with bloggers, they are missing out. 


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In fact, 66 percent of the women between the ages of 18 and 35 surveyed said they read blogs at least once a week and 69 percent said they were more likely to consider making a purchase after reading a positive review on a product. In all, more than half of young millennial women (58 percent) say they are more likely to purchase something they see on a blog. It’s clear that a blogger’s stamp of approval can be like gold if a brand is trying to sell something.

People purchase from blogs because the subjects are relatable. With so many millennial women reading blogs every week and making purchases based on what they see, it’s important for brands looking to reach that audience to tap into the right bloggers. It works in the same way celebrity endorsements do. According to Advertising Age, Harvard Business School professor Anita Elberse found that celebrity endorsements increased sales for brands up to 20 percent. Given Bloglovin’s data, it looks as if a blogger endorsement could be just as or more effective, at least when it comes to selling to millennial women. Of course, bloggers often have a smaller audience than celebrities, but linking up with enough bloggers could really make an impact. 

The Internet is by far the most influential medium through which millennial women make purchases. A total of 53 percent said that the net has a strong or moderate effect on what they buy, beating out television and even fashion magazines. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about bloggers being “over,” a trend that’s come and gone. An article on Fashionista suggests that native advertising on blogs isn’t drawing in the sort of results brands are looking for anymore. “Bloggers argue that brands aren’t upfront about what they’re looking for in terms of tangible results, and brands argue that bloggers are unable to deliver anything tangible.” Brands are paying bloggers huge sums of money to endorse products and often feel cheated when they don’t get the kind of boost they feel they need. But the fact that there is no metric standard when it comes to these sorts of partnerships is partially to blame. The article also notes that brands often focus on pairing up with “top” bloggers for projects, forgetting that there may be others who may not have the same name recognition as Bryanboy or the Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine, but may have more luck in producing the kind of results they’re looking for. 

But these findings from Bloglovin’ prove that all is not lost on the blogger front. People still want to and will buy from bloggers, it’s just about setting a standard and eyeing the right people, as opposed to the most recognizable. It’s important for brands to find that right market, which is difficult to navigate since blogs are a relatively new medium, and both sides are still trying to navigate and fix the kinks. Bloglovin’s numbers are encouraging for advertisers as far as possibilities for sales. If more than half of women are willing to buy something they see on a blog, it could be helpful for brands to actually think about what these women are buying in the first place and decide whether or not their products are in line with the tastes of the audience. A blogger’s stamp of approval can be very fruitful, as long as you’re planting the seeds on fertile grounds.

[via tFS inbox]


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Good Luck Getting L.L.Bean Boots This Holiday Season Because You Probably Won’t

Image: L.L. Bean

Image: L.L.Bean

L.L.Bean is going to have to step its game up real quick. The brand’s famous Bean Boots are back in style, and due to the increasing demand, the company is having a tough time keeping up with orders. One quick look at the website is proof of the overwhelming interest in the classic footwear. If you attempt to order a women’s pair of 8″ boots, be prepared to wait until early February or March to get them. The earliest available dates for most pairs are in January. How is that supposed to help the 60,000 to 100,000 customers during the polar vortex and crazy snow that could hit us this winter? It won’t. 

The company is apparently inundated with that many requests for its functional footwear, and it’s no easy feat to deliver. Just learning how to properly stitch the boots can take as long as six months. L.L.Bean has purchased another molding machine to help reach demand, but that is doing little good as the majority of the boots won’t be available until after winter starts…or is about to end. L.L.Bean says that a lot of customers are kids in high school or college, which is why there is such gridlock. 

Bean Boots are hand stitched by a team of experts, so that could be contributing to why it’s taking so long to fulfill orders. But one thing is clear — with the demand for these boots swiftly rising, it may be time for the folks at L.L.Bean to consider taking the operation to the next level in order to accommodate everyone. Or perhaps it would help for the brand to reconsider how it actually makes the boots in the first place and look for faster options. L.L.Bean prides itself on craftsmanship, but it seems that is the root of the issue. 

So, if you wanted to cop a pair of snow boots this winter, our suggestion is to start searching for a different brand. 


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Does Daphne Groeneveld Resemble Kate Upton on Vogue Netherlands? (Forum Buzz)

Christmas is weeks away, but we are steadily starting to see the first magazine covers of 2015. Vogue Netherlands’ Jan/Feb issue is the most recent cover to drop and our forum members are rapidly voicing their opinions inside the thread. Daphne Groeneveld makes the cover, captured by Nico. This is the Dutch model’s fifth Vogue cover, her most memorable probably being the Tom Ford guest-edited issue of French Vogue. This time around, Daphne strikes a pose sitting cross-legged on the studio floor wearing a beige coat, black cigarette pants and a pair of black high heel booties.

Vogue Netherlands January 2015 February 2015 Daphne Groeneveld


But our forum members seem to think Daphne resembles another model. “To me she looks so much like Kate Upton here. This is a very weak start to 2015, especially those cover lines! Nothing could interest the reader to purchase this issue,” commented Benn98.

“I instantly thought of Kate Upton when I first saw it, otherwise she looks great,” replied khyrk.

“Those shoes ruin the whole styling imo, could have looked better if she was barefoot. I agree with whoever said she looks like Kate Upton, at first glance I thought it was her. Grey background again… oh well…” added kokobombon.

“The way Daphne is off center to make space for the cover lines is bugging me for some reason. It makes the whole cover quite unbalanced. But I’m glad they finally got Daphne on the cover, it’s nice to see her growing into her looks,” posted ash92.

“Quite nice & happy for Daphne Groeneveld! About time! I like the pink ..makes the cover less boring. But I really hope that in 2015 the gloomy grey background will disappear!!” noted DutchHomme.

Nepenthes applauded the magazine’s efforts this month: “So so happy to see Daphne on the cover of her homeland Vogue; it’s high time they used her! She looks undeniably gorgeous and I love her pose. That said, there’s something quite generic about it with the ‘New Year New Look’ cover line and their whole layout really. I was expecting they’d do something more creative with Daphne because she’s so strikingly beautiful. To be honest, it seems that they’re still trying to find their essence as a magazine.”

Are you a fan of Vogue Netherlands’ latest cover? Do you think she resembles Kate? Tell us what you think inside the thread here.

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Amazon Launches Ethical Home Essentials Range

Image: Amazon

Image: Amazon

Amazon is getting into the sustainable market with the launch of a new line of ethical home products. The e-tailer is starting with baby wipes, but will soon debut Amazon Elements in full. The main feature of Amazon Elements products is that you can scan them with your smartphone in order to see information about where and how the product was sourced. 

Word is Amazon is trying to compete with Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company, which has a similar business model and has managed to raise over $120 million in funding. So far, Amazon Elements’ only products are diapers and the aforementioned wipes, which are a bit pricier than other, less “ethical” options. TechCrunch hypothesizes Amazon will also offer a range of healthy juices, based on a category it found under the site’s Elements heading. 

Amazon Elements will only be available to Amazon Prime customers, so if you were planning on getting environmentally-friendly diapers for your little one, we hope that you’ve got the coins to shill out for a membership. 

Amazon will be slowly releasing more products as time goes on, so it will be interesting to see how the line develops. For now, you can shop the products via the website.

[via The Washington Post]

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RUSSH Creates Its ‘Best Cover Ever’ with Magdalena Frackowiak (Forum Buzz)

RUSSH magazine’s December 2014/January 2015 cover has caught the attention of our forum members. Magdalena Frackowiak stars on the Aussie fashion bible’s latest installment and was photographed by Ward Ivan Rafik for a minimalistic fashion shoot. On the cover, the 30-year-old Polish beauty wows in a white bra top teamed with a blue skirt. Styled by Anna Schiffel, Magda also poses for a series of images inside “The Pleasure Issue” of RUSSH, which is available on newsstands now.

Russh Magazine January 2015 Magdalena Frackowaik


Forum members are ecstatic with the outcome of the shoot. “Very happy to see Magdalena, quite unexpected,” raved KateTheGreatest.

“Wow, she looks stunning. The best RUSSH cover ever…” complimented a more than impressed GIVENCHYlover.

Cosmic Voices also showed some love for the cover and expressed, “Wow, utterly stunning cover!”

“Might be the best I’ve ever seen her!” declared marsnoop2.

“Gorgeous cover. Magda looks amazing. It’s hard to believe she’s 30,” agreed MyNameIs.

Also showing enthusiasm was atomicblue: “Color me impressed. I’m absolutely buying this issue. It’s funny because it’s such a simple cover and spread but it’s all executed so elegantly. Everything looks effortless and Magdalena’s old enough to really have that complexity about her that can carry something as minimal as this.”

“Her beauty is everything. Magda looks fantastic. I like this simple cover and all editorial,” noted an impressed narcyza.

Check out Magdalena’s cover story inside the thread and share your own opinion with us here.