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Rebel Wilson Suits Up in Ralph Lauren on InStyle’s Monochromatic May 2019 Cover

Laura Brown has her finger on the pulse, relentless on reshaping everyone’s perception of what newsstands across the globe should look like. Brown has propelled InStlye to new heights since taking the helm in 2016, embracing cover girls like Janet Jackson, Tracee Eliss Ross, Melissa McCarthy and Ciara — and now adding Rebel Wilson to the impressive list. It was only last year that poor Rebel was drowning in fabric for Vogue Australia, but thankfully photographer Robbie Fimmano and stylist Katie Mossman have done the Aussie actress more justice for InStyle, decking her out in Ralph Lauren on a stylish monochromatic cover.

US InStyle May 2019 : Rebel Wilson by Robbie Fimmano


On our forums, however, the cover told a different story. “While I appreciate Laura’s quirky way of doing things, this cover is way too much of a stretch for me. Not her best one since becoming EIC,” wrote an unconvinced Handbag Queen.

“I mean props to InStyle for featuring two plus-sized women in a short span, but that’s all the positive I have to say,” noted MON.

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“Horrific!” called out an unforgiving jal718.

“Where is the beauty though?” asked Perickles, suggesting the cover was missing that certain something.

Forum members soon digested Rebel’s accompanying cover story, where she channels fragrance campaigns from the 70s and 80s. “I actually like the fake ad but execution falls flat,” said mathiaskatz.

Benn98 wasn’t jumping for joy either: “Don’t like what’s happening around her head — the hair color and makeup, but the cover seemed fine until I saw the fake ads. In one shot she literally has no neck!”

Although not everyone was left unsatisfied. “I very much like the monochromatic feel of the cover. Quite fond of the cover story as well as the cover too, which is now giving me all sorts of Yves Saint Laurent x Catherine Deneuve vibes. InStyle most definitely has done Rebel more justice as opposed to Vogue Australia!” vogue28 applauded.

US InStyle May 2019 : Rebel Wilson by Robbie Fimmano


Be sure to check out the rest of Rebel’s shoot and share your thoughts with us here.

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How Eco-Friendly Is Your Vintage Shopping Habit? The RealReal’s Sustainability Calculator Can Tell You

Image: The RealReal

The RealReal, everyone’s favorite way to virtually window shop consigned luxe goods at semi-reasonable prices, is pushing its conscious consumerism further by launching a first-of-its-kind sustainability calculator. 

The company, which has long promoted reusing clothing and accessories to keep them from landfills, worked with organizations that specialize in sustainability and environmental impact such as World Resource Institute, Ellen McArthur Foundation and Shift Advantage. The sustainability calculator is made to measure greenhouse gasses, energy output and water usage typically consumed in the process of creating new clothes and accessories in comparison to the consignment process. Although they do not have complete information regarding the process of each piece they are selling, the calculation depends on weight and fabrications.

The numbers are staggering: Consigning a single pair of jeans would save 279 liters of water while a silk dress would save 30 liters. 

According to their calculations, The RealReal has saved 329 million liters of water and 87 million driving miles through their consignment process. Designers such as Stella McCartney are showing their support for the reselling company’s initiative by becoming partners and offering deals to consumers: for every Stella McCartney item you consign, you’ll get $100 to shop in a Stella McCartney store.

Your conscious consuming doesn’t have to take a hiatus when it comes to your love for designer fashion — The RealReal is proof.

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Rianne van Rompaey Is on the Cover of Vogue Paris Twice in 3 Months

If you’re a firm favorite of Vogue Paris editor-in-chief Emmanuelle Alt, you’ll know it. We don’t suspect for a second that Rianne van Rompaey is oblivious to the fact she’s a new fave of Alt’s, as she is welcomed back onto the cover of Vogue Paris for the second time within three months. Fresh from the March 2019 cover (and the latest cover of Vogue Italia), the Dutch beauty’s reappearance is getting us ready for the summer months ahead in the sultry cover shot, captured on location in the Caribbean by Mikael Jansson and styled by Alt herself, wearing a Miu Miu cable-knit sweater, straw hat and socks (albeit without any bottoms).

Vogue Paris May 2019 : Rianne van Rompaey by Mikael Jansson


Members of our forums either loved or loathed the outcome. “Too much Rianne in VP. I am full. No thanks,” commented GivenchyAddict the moment the cover struck.

“Rianne AGAIN? Give it a REST! No pants on the cover either and it feels very fall-ish. A miss,” wrote Scotty.

“Oh Alt, c’mon … you’re making it extremely hard for me to defend you at this point. We literally just had Rianne on the cover of the March issue! Not to mention this looks more suited to Vogue Netherlands,” critiqued an underwhelmed vogue28.

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“Her facial expression made the photo strange and not sexy, Rianne is beautiful but she doesn’t have sex appeal and her naked doesn’t add nothing to the photo. I’m also not convinced of that hat with the braid and the fact being on the cover again in a short period of time. Bad choices, bad results!” declared an unforgiving DK92.

Although not everyone felt the same way. “Wow, Alt sure loves her but I think this works, I love it!” reasoned Miss Dalloway.

“Oh wow, that is gorgeous. All this brown and yet it looks tropical, cozy and lush,” raved dodencebt.

“Its an unconventional shot, but stayed true to what VP is under Alt. I like it. Love Rianne,” MON praised.

Ken Doll Jenner was full of praise, too, writing, “Love the shot. It has an authentic sense of nonchalance that today’s fashion is confusing with pedestrian-ness. I miss this kind of high-fashion sensuality that had its prevalence in the late 90s-early 00s.”

Hot or a total flop? Await more from the issue and join the on-going debate here.

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Vogue Netherlands’ 100th Anniversary Cover Featuring Doutzen Kroes Falls Flat

You might find it hard to believe that Vogue Netherlands celebrates its 100th issue after launching in 2012. Over the years, our forums have encountered a love/hate relationship with the publication, going head-over-heels for Karlie Kloss, Natasha Poly and Imaan Hammam covers while casting a critical eye toward covers with Gigi Hadid, Bette Franke and Birgit Kos. For May 2019, Vogue Netherlands welcomes back Doutzen Kroes for a ninth time, photographed by Daniel Jackson and styled by George Cortina sitting nonchalantly in a black Isabel Marant bathing suit for what should have felt like a momentous and celebratory occasion.

Vogue Netherlands May 2019 : Doutzen Kroes by Daniel Jackson


For the occasion, expectations on our forums were high — and rightly so. “This is amateurish! Between Doutzen and Daniel Jackson they could have done SO much more,” scoffed a disapproving KateTheGreatest.

“Why is it so hard for them to do a decent cover these days? They used to be so much more fun in their choices, but now it’s all so try-hard,” Miss Dalloway exclaimed.

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“I’ll never understand how these international editions allow subpar work on their covers from photographers and stylists who can deliver something great. What a waste of money,” echoed an equally underwhelmed Benn98.

In complete agreement was vogue28: “Dumbfounded over how amateurish this is, and aside from the fact it’s Doutzen Kroes on the cover, I do not find this very celebratory at all for a 100th issue. Daniel Jackson can produce way better work than this, had to triple check it was even photographed by him!”

“In my eyes, Vogue NL hardly ever produces a decent cover, so in a way, this IS celebrating what they’re all about,” laughed tigerrouge.

Mikel wasn’t here for the unfortunate outcome either. “What a waste of talent and resources,” he stated.

“Doutzen deserves better!” declared DK92.

Just as horrified as our forum members? Share your thoughts on the cover, here.

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Adut Akech Is Electrifying on Allure’s May 2019 Cover

Adut Akech is making big moves within the world of modeling and continues to gain accolades. It was only last month that she scored the cover of Vogue Paris, she’s the current face of mega brands Moschino, Versace, Coach, Fendi and Valentino, and is now adding yet another major mainstream magazine cover to her ever-growing portfolio. Allure brilliantly made Adut the cover girl for May 2019, allowing the Sudan-born beauty to follow in the footsteps of Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Adwoa Aboah while posing before the lens of photographer Daniel Jackson and under the command of stylist Alex White.

Allure May 2019 : Adut Akech by Daniel Jackson


The outcome, unfortunately, completely divided our forums. “I’m obsessed with this, I’m a sucker for darker images with electric colors! Adut is such a superstar, I hope she gets more and more covers this year!” heralded forum member Blayne266.

“I absolutely love this, it’s giving me Grace Jones circa 1980 in Alain Mikli sunglasses vibes,” raved dodencebt.

“This cover is amazing,” championed caioherrero.

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“I love Adut! So no matter what, I’m always here for more Adut!” Lola701 approved.

Yet not everyone was jumping for joy. “Very daring for Allure, but I don’t like it. The composition and art direction is awful, masthead could be in a bolder color, and I think the glasses and glossy lips are a bit much.

But … it’s a huge coup for Adut,” said Benn98.

“Is this a reflective or even a UV cover? That would’ve added something to this shot because otherwise, I don’t understand the sitting in the dark,” commented tigerrouge.

“Cool cover, just wish she didn’t have the glasses,” voiced wendylorene.

Jal718 certainly wasn’t into it, declaring: “Allure is done, worst cover ever!”

Check out Adut’s accompanying cover story in full, and share your thoughts here.

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Kendall Jenner Serves High-Fashion Glamour for Vogue Russia’s May 2019 Issue

If you ask our forum members who they want to see on their favorite fashion glossies each month, Kendall Jenner is probably at the bottom of the list. Over the past year, however, she has started to win them over, thanks to impressive cover appearances on Vogue Italia, American ELLE and Vogue Korea. This month, she makes her debut on Vogue Russia for the May 2019 issue, shot by forum favorites Luigi & Iango and styled by Patrick Mackie. The current face of Stuart Weitzman serves up high fashion and major hair on two uber-glam covers.

Vogue Russia May 2019 : Kendall Jenner by Luigi & Iango


Most of our forum members were impressed. “The first cover is fabulous! Maybe the best I’ve ever seen her! She looks commanding and vulnerable,” admired Lola701.

“The first cover is simply STUNNING,” echoed Zposen.

“For the first time, I like a cover with Kendall,” added jorgepalomo.

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