Model Crystal Renn’s Career is Blowing Up

There is no model hotter right now than Crystal Renn. This American raven-haired beauty with the striking cheekbones started modeling at the mere age of 14, but it wasn’t until she embraced her naturally voluptuous body shape and realized the importance of her mental and physical health that her career really began to take off.

Crystal is making waves in the fashion world as a much sought after full-figured model, delving flawlessly into all aspects of fashion: commercial, editorial, and runway. She can even add published author to her list of accomplishments, with the success of her book Hungry.  This is a motivating memoir of her experience as a model trying to live up to the high expectations of the industry, her path towards learning to finally love the body she was born with, and the rewards that soon came after, both emotionally and in terms of her career.

With the confidence that came with accepting her healthy figure, Crystal sends a strong message to women everywhere that an obsession over body image, and what the media often portrays as beautiful, is not worth suffering over. Nothing is stopping her from achieving her dreams and doing what she does best: model like nobody’s business.

The latest issue of Glamour magazine features Renn on the cover, alongside two slim yet healthy-looking models. She fits right in with her curvy figure and mega-watt smile, showing that women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful and spotlight-worthy. Renn is already a familiar face at Lane Bryant and Torrid, but she is also being featured in numerous high fashion editorials in magazines like Vogue, Vice, Tush, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle.

She even graced the runway at the recent Chanel Resort 2011 show in Saint Tropez. If a man like Karl Lagerfiel is backing up a model like Renn, it can only mean good things for the future of fashion’s curvier set.

As a muse to famed photographer Steven Meisel, and with a long line of covers to her name, Renn’s exposure in the fashion world gives hope that the standards of beauty will extend and broaden to include all kinds of women, not only in the fashion world, but in the entire realm of media. Her rare combination of beauty, intelligence, confidence, and personality makes her an exemplary role model, and her choice to share her experience and unique perspective makes her a trailblazer of her generation.

By staying true to her individuality, and by not conforming to unrealistic standards, she promotes and encourages a healthy awareness and love of oneself that are the key ingredients for success in life. Let’s take this as a step forward in our acceptance of a more diverse and healthy mindset, both on and off the runway. Like Renn, start drumming to your own beat, and the rest will come naturally.