Celebrity Don’ts


Most of the time, we're jealous of celebrities' ability to pull off daring looks–but when they go wrong, they go really wrong.

Luckily, there are usually paparazzi there to catch them in the act so that we can have the last laugh.

Singer Kelis is a two-time offender. What do you get when you cross a polar bear with a cardigan, high-waisted flared leather pants, white jazz shoes, and turquoise nails? I don't think I want to find out.





That coat looks like Kelis either covered herself with old newspapers or belted a sleeping bag.

Either way, whether she's trying to take attention away from the coat with that rainbow scarf or tacky denim purse, it's not working.

It seems as if Camila Alves is leaving modeling for a new career… as a bag lady.
There's nothing like the feeling of bare toes in the sand, but shoes are more appropriate for the sidewalks of Malibu, especially with such a pretty silk tunic.

Eva Longoria Parker's '80s-inspired power suit commands attention, but for the wrong reasons.

There must be some kind of gravity-defying physics going on here, because how that saggy belt is holding up those even baggier culottes is a mystery to me.
Her shorts look like something my grandpa would wear golfing… with enough room for an adult diaper to spare.

Why is Kelly Osbourne tugging at her dress? Maybe this former foul-mouthed Dancing With the Stars contestant, who has lately been looking stunning since her weight loss, is trying to take it off – and for good reason.
The loud print is reminiscent of the designs produced by an iTunes visualizer, and her hair seems to be channeling Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Never thought I'd say this, but it makes me miss the mall-core looks of her The Osbournes days.

Mixing prints can be a refreshing way to create an adventurous look, but what looks like a camo scarf paired with a patchwork dress leaves Lily Allen in a blue period.