Lauren Conrad on Style

These days, being just an actress or a singer does not fully satisfy a celebrity’s spotlight requirements, so it’s never a  surprise when a celeb decides to venture outside their Hollywood niche and try their hand at something new. Whether it’s creating a perfume, delving into the music industry, or designing clothes, it seems like being a triple-threat is all the rage.

When celebrities just use their names or pretty faces to promote their new product or career direction in a way that seems authentic, it can really turn us off.

When it comes to fashion, we don’t want to be tricked into buying a celebrity-endorsed clothing line that was not even technically designed by the famous face in the first place. What we want is authenticity, and an aesthetic that grows from something more personal than a just a strong fan following. So how do we decipher which celebrity career extensions are for real?

Many celebs are turning to pen and paper when it comes to expanding their career options. Former reality star turned designer Lauren Conrad has already penned two best selling novels under her name, and has a third on the way. Although her success as an author has been good, critics have questioned as to who actually wrote the books.  The art of ghostwriting has always been a fact of the business when it comes to celebrity-penned books, and Conrad’s insistence that her words are all her own is arguable. The same goes for her clothing line at Kohl’s – but let’s just take her word for it, since she did happen to be the most likeable, grounded character on The Hills.

Next, Conrad is up to pen a style guide called Lauren Conrad Style, which will hit bookstores in October. While Conrad is no Lady Gaga or Chloe Sevingy, she does present a classic vision of feminine practicality that is a distinct aspect of Los Angeles fashion. But is she influential and unique enough to join the ranks of world-renowned fashion gurus?

Some may say that while Conrad’s fashion choices are pretty and elegant, they are not terribly unique. And while her style has changed drastically for the better since her days on Laguna Beach, this does not qualify her to shell out fashion advice to millions of readers.

Others may say that at least Conrad’s personal style is a reflection of who she is, and for that she should be given credit. With internship experience, a fashion line, and easy access to a stylist that has influenced her tasteful gravitation towards feminine frocks and Chanel purses, she’s got to have some insider tips up her sleeves that will benefit readers who have not quite set foot in the industry yet. And wasn’t she the one who brought back the little side-braid hairstyle? Extra points for that move.

Although her fashion background may seem amateur, and her styling choices less than iconic, the girl never fails to look timelessly chic. So maybe we can learn something from her.

Would you read this book and take fashion advice from Lauren Conrad?