Harley Viera-Newton: Get The Look

Harley Viera-Newton is a NYU Egyptology graduate, radio host, a bassist in a band, House DJ for Dior Beauty, and an Elite model.

The list just seems to go on and on. They don’t just call this long-haired bicoastal 22-year-old an It-girl for nothing.

Not only is she smart, talented, and beautiful, but she’s got one of the most enviable closets of her generation.

London-born and Los Angeles-raised Harley is a seasoned pro when it comes to putting together eclectically chic outfits that flawlessly blend her fashion and musical heritage (her father is in the music business, and her mother is an ex-model-turned-stylist) together with her love for vintage and designer pieces.

Her daily uniform is made up of super short mini dresses in every print imaginable, cut-off Levi’s shorts, cute ankle socks, oxford booties, and her favorite mini Chanel chain purse.

At night when she’s out to party, or DJing for a club full of dapper hipsters in New York City or Paris, it’s all about the skintight bandage dresses. And why not, when she’s got a killer body that looks great in anything she puts on?

Viera-Newton’s limbs never face the light of day without being covered in Tom Binns jewelry, and she hopes to someday work for the designer. And with her fashion credibility, this doesn’t seem like such a far-out idea.

Ever since she became a regular on The Cobrasnake a few years ago, she’s been inspiring girls everywhere to dress for themselves, and to let go once the sun goes down.

But she’s not just another one of those well-dressed hipsters with unlimited use of their parents’ credit cards. Viera-Newton works hard to form her connections within both the fashion and music industries.

With her sociable personality, super chic appearance, educated background, and confidence that can be spotted from a mile away, her future as an influential member of society’s creative set is set in stone.

She just experienced her first Paris Fashion Week last season, and it looks like this girl isn’t going to fall off the charts anytime soon. Her fashion career is just getting started, but she can already insert "style icon" onto her resume – just another thing to add to her repertoire of accomplishments.

Get Harley’s fresh and fun style with this look, below.


1. Stripes & Flowers Dress from Forever 21 – $19.90

2. Jeffrey Campbell Boxxy Desert Booties from Shopbop.com – $200.00

3. Retrosun Vintage Paloma Picasso Sunglasses from Shopbop.com – $220.00

4. Patent Braid Handbag from Storets.com – $75.99

5. Stud Double Layered Belt from Storets.com – $27.99