Seeing Double: Kristen Stewart is Matchy-Matchy

Are we seeing double? No, Kristen Stewart just wore startlingly similar one-armed dresses to the Twilight Saga: Eclipse premiere and The Late Show with David Letterman. Either her edgy dress is reversible (black on one side, white on the other) or she’s got something to hide on her right arm.

The actress isn’t the only one with a mirror image. These stars also unwittingly match with trendy patterns and cuts, but each puts their own spin on the style. Drew Barrymore and Jessica Hart look fresh from the garden in these floral dresses and sunglasses. Barrymore’s skirt is long and pretty, but Hart keeps things short and sweet.

Model Miranda Kerr and Alicia Keys both keep cool in belted, collared onesies. Kerr’s looks ship-shape, but Keys could be on a glam safari.