Kim Kardashian is All Ablaze in Blazers

Kim Kardashian sure knows that the tailored lines and strong shoulders of blazers add a professional and powerful touch to any ensemble – she's almost never without one. Her neutral color palette allows her to recycle the same blazers to create looks for both night and day.

The celebutante dresses up this black blazer with sky-high heels, and later dresses down the same piece with a scarf, comfortable pants, and flat sandals. Kardashian shows off the blazer's satin lining by cuffing the sleeves.

As if her figure needed any enhancing, this cream colored blazer emphasizes Kim's shoulders, creating a strong silhouette. She pairs it with leggings and heels, and later wears it over a romper for an elegant evening cover-up at her sister Khloe's belated birthday celebration.  But wait, there's a third blazer – it must be the bold stripes on this one that caught the eye of so many fans.

Take a cue from Kardashian, and get yourself a couple of hot blazers for fall!