Rihanna and Other Stars Show You How to Rock a Strong Shoulder

After all the years of making fun of my mom’s shoulder pads, I never thought that strong shoulders would ever make a comeback, but they have – in a big way. These celebs show you different ways to try the look.
Don’t try this one at home: Rihanna’s over-the-top structured leotard is a show-stopper, but should probably stay on stage (left). Kim Kardashian wore a blazer – surprise, surprise! – with pointed shoulders for an imposing silhouette (right).
The golden-scaled epaulets that British singer Katie Melua wore on her visit to Good Day New York create a tough-but-glamorous look that follows the current military trend (left). 

Not ready to go all the way with shoulder pads? Take a cue from Australian singer Sophie Monk, who wore a dress with a ruffled neckline that emphasized her shoulders in a subtle way to the Candy Ice Jewelry launch in Hollywood (right).
Just keep your shoulder pads at reasonable proportions to avoid looking like a linebacker.