Lindsay Lohan Owns Her Bad Behavior For Fornarina

For their latest ad campaign, Fornarina shoots a dark-haired Lindsay Lohan dressed up as a troublemaker and party girl. Though this is the tabloid sensation’s second stint with the Italian fashion house, the latest crop of photos reflects a change in the 24-year-old’s public presentation: the new Lohan flaunts her hard edges, having evidently shed the sugar-pop sweetness of her Mean Girl days.

In last year’s Fornarina campaign, Lohan posed in a luxurious mountain villa that looked out on a picturesque Italian skyline. Her blonde hair was long and wavy; she wore ruffled corset tops and girly stilettos. The cheesecake styling and her stilted poses contradicted the tabloid stories that chronicled the starlet’s chaotic personal life, substance abuse, and financial woes. Coupled with her disastrous creative direction of the Unagaro line, Lohan was nothing short of a freak-show.

Though the new Fornarina campaign isn’t exactly an improvement in terms of taste – Lohan is overstyled in knee-high fishnets and heavy jewelry, her stiff poses shot against comically gritty graffiti – the ads are a tongue-in-cheek take on the star’s recent legal controversies. The Lohan featured in the new crop of photos is the same girl that wore a SCRAM bracelet and received a prison sentence. It’s refreshing to see the actress acknowledge her very public bad-girl behavior: Lohan seems like less of a laughingstock when she’s in on the joke.

Image courtesy of Splash News