Joanna Hillman: Get the Look

Joanna Hillman is the Senior Fashion Market Editor at Harper’s Bazaar. She’s got the job a million girls have only in their dreams, and a wardrobe many would sell their souls for. Her smart styling of masculine, feminine, classic, and trendy pieces is riveting and edgy, but she never ceases to look impeccably refined and put together.

Like any great editor, she observes everything down to the smallest detail, which is exactly what makes her such a style icon. Every detail in her outfits is considered, from the necklace around her neck to the sequins on her pants. She not afraid to mix and match multiple statement pieces together in one look, like a mustard yellow blazer with contrasting lapels and a leopard printed satchel bag. 
Nor is she afraid to play with bright in-your-face colors like a red plaid jacket paired with a forest green leather tote. Joanna has the confidence and skill to take the season’s biggest trends and transform them into timeless staples.  Not many can do this, and that is why we will be keeping a close eye on this market editor. Find out how to get one of her most chic and fashion-forward looks, below.


1. Adrienne Landau Leopard Print Vest from Bluefly – $177.29

2. 3/4-Sleeve Stretch Perfect Shirt from J. Crew – $58.00
3. Elizabeth and James Stilt Platform Wedge Booties from Shopbop – $468.00
4. Side Pocket Knit Skirt from Forever 21 – $19.80
5. Synthetic Leather Pancho bag from Queen’s Wardrobe  $139.00
6. Waxed Utility Jacket from J. Crew – $148.00