Hanne Gaby Odiele: Get the Look

Model Hanne Gaby Odiele is known for her eclectic style – one day, she’s a rock star punk, the next, she’s granny chic. Odiele is not afraid to experiment with different styles and make them her own. No color, print, fabric, or texture is off limits for this Belgian model, and that’s why we have our eye on her.

During Paris Fashion Week, Odiele explored her more neo-preppy side. Wearing a cashmere sweater, collared shirt, cuffed jeans, and penny loafers, she added her own twist to the classic prep school look by throwing a voluminous egg-shaped coat over her outfit.

While most university students would wear a trench or pea coat, Odiele’s uniquely shaped coat (styled in a retro 70s print) made her stand out from the pack. Besides the coat, Odiele showcased the rebellious side of her style by cuffing only one leg of her jeans.

With her nonchalant tough girl stance and supermodel poise, you know she’s not just a regular girl next door in a pair of penny loafers – Odiele is one of a kind.

Find out how to get her look, below.

3. Nikala Top from Theory – $180.00