Alexa Chung: Get the Feminine Look

Nobody rocks a quirky, polished look better than Alexa Chung.

Recently, Alexa showed off her signature preppy schoolgirl side with a white collar peeking out from under her crew neck sweater.  Rather than throwing in her normal tomboyish touches, she played up her more feminine sweet side.

After all, what’s more feminine than a full floral circle skirt that hits the knee, and a pair of black pointy bow-front pumps? It’s a throwback to the modest 50s, but Alexa makes it look modern and fresh with her grace, messy hair, and a playful smile.

Alexa never takes herself too seriously when she’s getting dressed, and that is why she is able to pull off a variety of looks.

You too can make a borderline prudish skirt look fashion-forward and subtly sexy – get the look today!


1. Cashmere Slouchy Sweater from J. Crew – $168.00

2. Moving at a Good Clip Heel from Modcloth – $124.99

3. 3/4 Sleeve Perfect Shirt from J.Crew – $58.00

4. Hunter Kelso Doctor Bag Leather Satchel from Bloomingdales – $450.00

5. Grow Light Skirt from Modcloth – $34.99