Christina Aguilera and Other Celebs Choose Wacky Dog Names

Picking out a name for a new dog is a difficult task. 

Countless names come to mind, and finding one that suits you and your dog is a challenge. 

Sure, you can go with something traditional like Rex, or you can shake things up just like these celebrities have.

Christina Aguilera was spotted wearing a white tee, grey track pants, a sweater, and baseball hat when walking her two pet Papillions, Chewy and Stinky.

Jessica Alba sported a fitted purple jacket and jeans while on the red carpet with her two pugs, Sid and Nancy. Mariah Carey, dressed in a fitted yellow dress, sunglasses, and sky-high black strappy heels, went for a walk with her Jack Russell Terrier, Jackson P. Mutley.  
Jennifer Garner was ready to go for a run with her Labrador, Martha Stewart, wearing a white tee, black track pants, and a baby blue hoodie tied around her waist.  Minnie Driver, sporting a long black dress and flip-flops, was seen talking on her cell phone while taking her black lab, Bubba, for a walk. 
Drew Barrymore, wearing a long sleeve black top, white skirt, and oversized purse, entered a taxi with her adopted Labrador/Chow mix, Flossie.  Eva Longoria wore a blue dress accessorized with a white purse and sunglasses while holding her white Maltese, Jinxy.
Rihanna, dressed in white with large hoop earrings, held her maltipoo, DJ Oliver.  Selma Blair, wearing a long black tee with white shorts and sandals, went for a walk with her adopted one-eyed Jack Russell mix named Wink. 
Adam Sandler wore a blue plaid shirt and cut-off khakis while playing on the beach with his English bulldog, Matzoball.  Jake Gyllenhaal wore a blue hoodie and sunglasses while holding his Puggle, Boo Radley.