Katy Perry Gets Married and Gal Pal Rihanna is a No-Show

On Saturday, October 23, 2010, at the luxurious Aman-I-Khas resort in India, close family and friends watched Katy Perry and Russell Brand wed in a traditional Hindu ceremony. Perry and Brand first got engaged on New Years Eve 2010, when he proposed to her in a tent along the Indian mountainside.

Brand commissioned jewelry designer Hanut Singh to find the perfect ring, and Singh led Brand to the Golconda diamond—a beautiful diamond dating back several hundred years, when the Golconda mines were flourishing.

Celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss organized the ceremony, and invitations were sent out asking guests not only to reserve a week for the event, but to also have their passports ready.

Brand wore a long, heavily-ornamented, fitted coat and was seen with henna on his hands.  He entered the ceremony accompanied by a traditional Hindu wedding procession, which included decorated camels, elephants, and horses.

Perry is said to have worn a gray Elie Saab haute couture dress with lace sleeves. Perry underwent several outfit changes during the course of the evening, and her bridal wardrobe included pieces from designers Zuhair Murad and Donna Mizani.  She also incorporated Indian wedding traditions into her attire.  These included the Nath, a nose ring worn by brides throughout the wedding day, which is then removed by the groom on the wedding night, and pre-wedding bridal henna.

The private ceremony, performed by a Christian minister, was attended by approximately 80 of the couples’ closest family and friends.  During the ceremony, Perry and Brand were tied together with silk scarves as they circled a fire seven times, as part of Hindu tradition.

Brand and Perry wrote their own wedding vows, and it was rumored that Perry’s lasted for 39 minutes.  Perry expressed her love for her new husband, telling him that she felt they had been together in a previous life, and that they were here to complete and make each other stronger.

After the ceremony, festivities included fire jugglers and fire-eaters, snake charmers, dance troupes, and folk singers and drummers.  The wedding feast featured both traditional Indian food and Vegan dishes.

Around 11:00 p.m., unbeknownst to the guests in the tent, a tiger appeared, but it was quickly chased away by resort employees. 

As the celebration drew to a close, Brand boasted that he was going to take Perry through the Kama Sutra. Perry, however, told pals she was going to work on getting pregnant (and that a fortune-telling parrot had predicted it!).  Perry gave Brand a baby elephant as a love token, while Brand presented his bride with a ruby supposedly imbued with protective powers.

Unfortunately, Perry’s close friend Rihanna, who had been expected to fly into India for the ceremony, missed out.  Perry had booked a special room at the resort for Rihanna, but the singer was a no-show at the last minute. It‘s rumored that Rihanna wasn’t able to attend because she had to go into the studio to record. 

Regardless, the celebration was both romantic and rambunctious—a perfect fit for the newly wed Mr. and Mrs. Brand.