10 Celebs We Want to Make Over

For the most part, Hollywood’s leading men and women are glamorous, proper, and very well groomed.

But for every 50 stars with nary a hair out of place, there is one celebrity consistently deemed a beauty disaster.

Blame it on disheveled hair, cheap extensions, too much make-up, sun-damaged skin, tacky clothes, or a look that’s simply out of place for the occasion.

Here are 10 stars who seem to always miss the mark.

1. Lindsay Lohan: It comes as little surprise that court dates, hard partying, and too much sun exposure aren’t exactly a recipe for beautiful skin.

2. Jared Leto: Where’s the cutie from My So Called Life? Leto looks more like his drug-addicted character in Requiem For A Dream these days.  3. Christina Aguilera: So much for hoping XTina would get a post-divorce, toned down makeover.
4. Pamela Anderson:  Au natural doesn’t work for everyone, and although Anderson has beautiful bone structure, all that Baywatch sun damage has left her skin in need of more than a bit of daily cover-up.  5. Joan Rivers:  Her face may be frightening, and her cat-like eyebrows over-the-top, but at least Rivers has beautiful (albeit surgically enhanced) hands.
6. Carrot Top:  A man should never wear more make-up than his date.  Carrot Top looks like a scary soccer mom.  7. Taylor Momsen:  The actress/singer’s raccoon eyes and disheveled platinum hair wouldn’t work on anyone – unless they were part of a Halloween costume.  Knowing that Momsen is still just a teenager makes her overdone look even more disturbing.
8. Axl Rose:  Think Brett Michaels’ hair is bad? Nothing can compare to Axl Rose in cornrows.   
9. Aubrey O’Day:  Sure, she’s single and on the prowl, but even so, combining eye lash extensions that nearly touch her brows with cat eye make-up and crimson lips is overkill. 10.  Leighton Meester:  Clearly, Meester is trying to distance herself from her posh Upper East Side Gossip Girl counterpart, but off-the-mark eye colors, thick brows, and bright popping lips are not the way to go.