Kat Von D: Celebrity Fantasy Makeover

What if you could give one of your favorite celebrities a complete fashion makeover?  Katherine Drachenberg, or Kat Von D as she is more widely known, is undeniably a beautiful and talented woman. She initially came to the attention of American television viewers as the homesick LA tattoo artist starring in TLC’s reality program, Miami Ink.

Since then, she has acquired her own show, dated a number of high-profile rockers, and created her own line of cosmetics. However, what she has become most famous for, above all her accomplishments, is dating notorious bad boy Jesse James (although reportedly she just dumped him, to go back to Nikki Sixx).

Once the poster-child for Sunset Boulevard’s “Rock-and-Roll to the Bone” aesthetic, Von D can now be found gracing red carpets and attending celebrity events in what critics have described as “bozo wigs,” “unmatched foundation” and “cheaply made joker suits”.

Poor Kat. One would think that with money, fame, and success would come a better sense of style and a more polished wardrobe. Does she not have any sane friends in the image industry?


Well, we’ve got her back. We’ve dreamed up a Celebrity Fantasy Makeover that doesn’t compromise her rocker roots.


We preferred Kat’s hair when it was long and shaggy with a middle part, and she’s one of the few people we think can pull off an unnatural shade of black. We’d love to see her return to a look like the one she displayed at the American Music Awards (just lose the hipster headband, please).


Kat is blasted with tattoos, and that gives her an instant edge. There’s really no need to toughen up her look with a harsh face full of make-up. We’re dying to see her sporting a clean face with a rosy, healthy glow like this look at the Lanvin Spring 2011 show.


Kat’s 5’ 9” with a killer bod, so she’d do well to pick looks straight off the runway. We’d love to see her pair her toughness with something smart and sweet, like this outfit from Balmain’s Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear collection.