10 Celebrities Who Dress Like It’s Halloween Every Day

Halloween comes but once a year, and for most, this means a night or two of dressing up in garb we normally wouldn't be caught dead in.

Luckily for us, we can justify these fashion faux pas because, “Hey, it's Halloween!"

However, some take the holiday a little more seriously and embrace it year round.

Celebrities are known for making bold fashion choices, and they can get away with ensembles that wouldn't go over well with your boss on a Monday morning, but there is a fine line between a bold fashion choice and an outrageous costume.

Here are 10 celebrities who embrace the Halloween spirit every day.






1. Ke$ha

Our favorite pop brat of the moment, Ke$ha is a fan of face paint and glitter, and regularly borrows Ziggy Stardust's lighting bolt across across her eye. The "Tik ToK" singer has even said she gets naked, slathers on the baby oil, and rolls around in glitter before she takes to the stage. Her style is a blend of former MTV VJ Jesse Camp, Courtney Love, and the sales rack at Forever 21. But between the dayglow blue lipstick, strutting the streets of Soho in a tiger mask, and donning culturally insensitive native headdresses on more than one occasion, it makes you wonder what she wore on October 31.


2. Lady Gaga

While Lady Gaga is heralded as a fashionista, there are probably very few of you ready to outfit yourself in flank steak. Gaga's garb is part of the pseudo-insane, cartoon-like, die-for-my-art pop princess character she has constructed for herself. And since Lady Gaga is playing a character, it's fitting that she forgoes clothes for costumes. Clearly, she's having fun with her Alexander McQueen heels that look like a torture device, red lace veil/crown combos, and 19th Century feathered Phantom of the Opera numbers. For Gaga, every single day is a chance to wear a new costume. Did you know that she dressed up as her sister Natalie last Halloween? Lady G in sports attire? Now that is some scary stuff.


3. Perez Hilton

While Perez Hilton might have recently vowed to stop being such a bully on his website, that doesn't mean we are going to take it easy on him here. The gossip blogger has a lot of nerve calling some of the hottest celebs out when he's known to dress like a multicolored eyesore. As a grown man who sports electric blue, hot pink, and blindingly bright orange hair, his wardrobe is less of a fashion statement and more of a mall-punk costume. In the past, he's worn floral blazers sans shirt, pink shorts, and electric yellow high tops.  If we ran into him, we might confuse him for his Floridian grandmother—circa 1986.


4. Taylor Momsen

Just a couple years, ago Taylor Momsen was a shiny, happy teen on a hit TV show. Then something happened, and she started channeling the angst and depression her Gossip Girl character was going through into her everyday life. Clearly a devoted method actor, Momsen has decided to embody Jenny's bratty attitude year-round. The 17-year-old, who fronts the band "Pretty Reckless", has committed to the character by forgoing pants for garters and thigh-high stockings in broad daylight, rocking six-inch lucite heels (commonly found on the stages of gentlemen's clubs), and trying to beat Avril Lavigne in the raccoon eye competition. No one can doubt her commitment to her craft.


5. Adam Lambert

American Idol runner up Adam Lambert has a very particular style. But doesn't it feel like he's playing dress up? Leather pants and guy-liner alone do not a rock star make. With his dated asymmetrical jet-black haircut and kohl-rimmed eyes, we just see a dated emo-kid/high school MySpace user Halloween costume. Problem is, he wears it day after day. Come on, Adam.  Emo is dead.


6. Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood, like Taylor Momsen, used to wear clothes rather than costumes. But then she started dating rocker Marilyn Manson, dyed her blond locks black, and put on her best Dita Von Teese costume. Now, there is nothing wrong with dressing up like one of the sexiest women alive, unless she is your boyfriend's ex. Over the last few years, Wood has perfected her Dita impression, sporting blood red lips, wearing black cinched-waist clothing, and forgoing her daily Vitamin D intake by permanently staying out of the sun.


7. Katy Perry

Katy Perry has adorable style, but it's pretty hard for most people to pull off because it looks like she walked off the set of a Vargas Girl pinup shoot. Katy is a big fan of rompers and vintage high-waisted shorts worn with bralet tops. On their own, they are completely wearable, but when worn all together, it starts veering into Halloweenland. Clearly a fan of the holiday, she's shown up to events dressed as a bride…and the groom, a sexy calendar girl, and the living embodiment of Las Vegas.


8. Andre Leon Talley

He may work for Vogue, but the line between fashion and costume has seriously been crossed. Talley is a fan of giant furs and giant capes. No matter how many times we tell ourselves he's a leader in the fashion industry, we can't help but think he looks like a super villain.



9. Marilyn Manson

Every time we see a "goth" we do a double take. It has been years since the subculture dwindled, leaving fewer raven-haired, fishnets-on-the-arms, long-leather-jacket-wearing folks in the general population. But it seems like Manson didn’t get the memo – he's been pulling the shock rocker goth thing for more than two decades now. His daily look is a wonderful zombie costume, if you are ever in need of ideas.


10. Bai Ling

Tabloid writers love it when Bai Ling shows up at an event because they know they have one spot filled on their “Worst Dressed” list. She has shown up looking like Big Bird, a very cold ballerina, and a gun-toting video game vixen, to name a few. With these red carpet choices, it makes you wonder what she has up her sleeve for All Hallow's Eve.