Top 10 Celebrity Costumes: Halloween 2010

With Halloween falling on a Sunday this year, the holiday turned into a 3-day costume party for many. Lady Gaga and Rachel Zoe were once again popular choices this year, along with plenty of run-of-the-mill skimpy superheroes and cats. Surprisingly enough, there weren’t nearly as many Snooki costumes as anticipated. 

Costume originality seemed to be at an all-time low this year (at least here in New York City), so we can’t help but wonder if celebrities with bigger budgets and personal stylists fared any better.  As expected, they did, and at the forefront of the celebrity costume parade was model Heidi Klum. Klum hosted her famous star-studded affair at Lavo in Manhattan. 

Blame it on her reputation for going all out every Halloween, but all of the stars in attendance, including Kim Kardashian, Gerard Butler, Olivia Munn, John Legend, Brooklyn Decker, Chanel Iman, Christian Siriano, and Russell Simmons, dressed to impress.

Here are 10 of the best celebrity costumes of Halloween 2010.

Heidi Klum as a robot (left).  Rebecca Minkoff as Frida Kahlo (right).

Ice T as Doctor Stein (left).  Matthew Morrison as Richard Simmons (right). 

Snooki as a pickle (left).  Lisa Rinna as Lucille Ball (right).

Ellen Degeneres as Snooki’s poof (left).  Tina Fey and Will Ferrell in their Megamind personas (right).

Kim Kardashian as Little Red Riding Hood (left).  Brad Goreski as Tavi (right).