Paris Hilton Has Blue Eyes (and Other Hollywood Lies)

In Hollywood, things are not always as they seem. We expect a certain amount of glitz and glamour from our stars, and we love to watch the illusion. Tales of natural vs. plastic are spun, and even some of the most resistant celebs fall prey to the look of perfection determined by the top plastic surgeons.

Here are some of the top Hollywood beauty lies…

 1. Paris Hilton 

Paris Hilton's appearance has changed over the years

Paris Hilton, who rose to fame through reality shows and as a party girl heiress, has gone through numerous transformations—some noticeable, others hidden. While it’s obvious that Paris Hilton over-dyes her hair to get her signature light blonde locks, what isn’t as well know is that she was born with brown eyes. Photos from her childhood up until her teen years show the heiress looking more natural with her brown eyes, seen here in an old photo of Hilton holding a teacup chihuahua. However, in most photos of Hilton, she’s wearing her blue contacts.

Her eyes aren’t the only things to have undergone a change. Recent photographs have shown Hilton’s lips looking heavily (and, we imagine, painfully) collagen-injected. She also appears to have added breast implants to her physique.  


2. Madonna


Madonna's appearance has changed over the years


Madonna, seen in a split screen image before and after photo retouching (above right), proves that diet and exercise are more than what’s needed to keep a youthful image. Wearing a lace-covered hat, Madonna appears to have had work done on her cheeks.

A close up of Madonna (bottom right) shows what her skin looks like and the effects of aging. Seen leaving the gym, Madonna proves how difficult it is to maintain her appearance. With veins showing and her arms looking extremely muscular, she is willing to devote hours at the gym to maintain a youthful exterior. 


3. Fergie


Fergie's appearance has changed over the years


Fergie has been in the spotlight since she was a child star. This split shot (above left) shows her with curly hair, before the transformation began. Her nose appears wider and her eye shape is different. Dressed in a cheerleading uniform, a young Fergie had completely different features. Considering the difference in her appearance, we suspect Fergie has since gotten an eyelift, as well as breast implants.nbsp; 


4. Beyonce


Beyonce's appearance has changed over the years


Even with her natural good looks, Beyonce seems to have gotten a bit of help from the knife. Years ago, Beyonce, wearing a gold outfit on stage with girl band Destiny’s Child, had a natural bustline. However, a recent photo of Beyonce wearing a floor length gold dress suggest she's had implants, giving her already curvy figure more curves.

With immense pressure placed upon celebrities to look perfect, it’s no wonder these starlets have gone to such extreme lengths to keep up appearances.