Rachel Bilson and Other Celebs Show Us How to Stay Warm and Look Chic

The hardest thing to do in the cold? Stay warm AND look stylish. Besides having red carpet dressing down to perfection, these celebrities know how to dress casually, look on trend and stay warm. With an army of stylish tricks to put together a great winter outfit, these celebs have more than a few that they can share with us. 

Blake Lively winter style

Rachel Bilson

There's no easy way to look stylish while battling harsh winter winds, especially if you're as petite as Rachel Bilson. By piling all her layers up top and showing off her petite legs in skinny jeans and bigger boots, she emphasizes the smallest parts of her body while staying warm. The chic floppy hat is right on trend and is a great alternative for a bad hair day! By adding another color and texture with her printed scarf, her outfit looks even cozier and adds a certain je ne sais quoi.

Blake Lively

Although she is schooled by the best (the costume designer on Gossip Girl), Blake shows off an incredibly stylish way to look warm. Instead of throwing a coat over an outfit, hers is belted, which slims down her silhouette and makes the coat the focus of her look. By adding a fantastic bag in animal print, her look becomes more interesting and eye catching, and her slick updo and earrings add the smaller details, which ultimately make her look so chic and stylish. 

Alexa Chung winter styleSarah Jessica Parker winter style

Alexa Chung

Although she could make anything at any time of the year look good, Alexa Chung knows that the smallest details are what make an outfit. By pairing her gorgeous "Alexa" Mulberry bag in leopard print with a somewhat simple outfit, Alexa immediately makes it more stylish and interesting. Add an oversize scarf for extra warmth and a big cozy jacket which shows off her legs.

Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP is celebrated for her laid back, I-just-threw-it-on style, and her approach to winter dressing is no different. Sarah Jessica is a big fan of layers, and is always piling different clothes on top of each other. The key to her look is different textures, sweaters in the same color family, and a structured jacket to tie it all together. Paired with some sturdy winter boots, she has casual winter dressing down to a T. 


photos via zimbio