Olivia Palermo’s Stylish Send-Off

Last June, when viewers bid farewell to The Hills, MTV's reality show drama, fans knew it was only a matter of time before the show's New York City based spin-off, The City, would meet its demise. As expected, Whitney Port announced late last month that The City had been canceled.

There's no doubt audiences will miss the adorable Whitney and her tireless drive to make it in New York City's fashion industry. Perhaps the most devastating part of this news, however, is that we'll miss our weekly dose of socialite, model, and awe-inspiring fashionista, Olivia Palermo.

Originally cast as Port's nemesis, audiences couldn't help but wonder how bad the brilliantly-accessorized Palermo could really be. Perhaps it was surprising that Port didn't snuggle up to Palermo, just to raid her closet.

Let's give Olivia Palermo the fashion forward send-off she deserves by revisiting a few of her best looks.

Olivia Palermo menswear lookOlivia Palermo ruffled dress

From taking an Annie Hall-inspired menswear look to the next level to channeling her inner princess in ruffles and lace, Palermo proved there isn't a single look she can't pull off.

Olivia Palermo fashionable carOlivia Palermo sequin skirt

Wearing bangles, booties, sunglasses and a trustworthy Hermes Birkin, Palermo treats New York City's sidewalks like a runway, regardless of where she's headed. Palermo's style is nothing short of inspirational; the physical embodiment of thumbing through your favorite fashion magazine, her presence on television will be sorely missed. But there's always fashion week, where Palermo will surely be lining the runways, looking for what to wear next.

Olivia Palermo birkin bagOlivia Palermo nautical chic