Gwyneth Paltrow: A Rock Star Makeover

Gwyneth Paltrow performs at the Country Music AwardsWhen Gwyneth Paltrow performed at the Country Music Awards last week, the 38-year-old actress proved that she’s got the talent to be taken seriously as a performer. In a black mini-dress and brown booties, Paltrow looked right at home as she sang the title track to her upcoming film Country Strong.

With the release of the film just a month away, Paltrow’s performance (and 20 pound weight gain for the role) has gotten the media buzzing about her portrayal of a fallen country music star.

"When I was researching the role, I went back and watched all of [Faith Hill‘s] DVDs and videos and her performances," Paltrow told country music website The Boot. "Because we have a similar height and a similar [look], so I felt like if you sort of did a hybrid of Faith and Courtney Love that’s kind of like who I am in this movie."






Image from celebrity-gossip.net

Check out Gwyneth’s impressive CMA performance below:

Gwyneth Paltrow performs at the Country Music Awards

Country isn’t the only type of music Paltrow’s been working on, she recently secured a cameo on Glee where she performs Cee Lo’s Forget You (a clean cover version of Cee Lo’s F**k You) with the students at McKinley High. None of this is news if you’re a Paltrow devotee. She first tapped into her musical talents for a role in 2000 when she played Huey Lewis’ daughter in Duets.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s cameo on Glee

Will the all-American Paltrow continue this streak of musical roles? A style darling, Paltrow’s classic looks can do no wrong in the eyes of many. But as Paltrow taps into her rock star side, will she absorb some of the style of the characters she’s been playing?

Here are several looks from our favorite music stars that we’d love to see Gwyneth Paltrow experiment with.

Candy colored hair

Rihanna is anything but shy when it comes to reinventing herself. Her fire engine red locks are Rihanna’s latest revamp to her look. Think Paltrow could pull off any other shade but her signature blonde?

Rihanna's pink hairImage from Handout


Singer Pink loves her ink and flaunts her tattoos wherever she goes. Would ink be too permanent for Paltrow? Or would her tattoo-loving husband, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, encourage her to go for it?

PinkImage by the Daily Mail

Serious Shades

No matter what she wears, Lady Gaga‘s outfits just aren’t complete without a pair-of-over the top sunglasses. Remember the pair created entirely of cigarettes in the Telephone video? This may be dangerous territory for Paltrow’s classic style, but it would surely give her look some edge.

Lady Gaga's sunglassesChristina Aguilara's makeup

Lady Gaga (left), from Splash News, and Christina Aguilara (right) from MsTrendy

Bold Makeup

When Christina Aguilera first began sporting a bold, red pout, it was a match made in heaven. Paired with her platinum locks, Aguilera’s look had transformed from Dirrty diva to pin-up in what felt like an instant. Should Paltrow choose to release her inner vamp on stage, a pin-up look is a possibility.