Katy Perry: Queen of Quirk

Katy Perry queen of quirk

When we discovered that Mariah Carey had a new fragrance out called ‘Lollipop Bling’, we must have laughed for hours (sorry Mariah!) “How ridiculous," we said then. But now, while obsessing over Katy Perry and trying to think of a way to best describe her wonderfully outlandish wardrobe, we kept thinking, “Lollipop Bling”. Only for her, it doesn’t seem quite as ridiculous. It’s fitting. In a good way.


Perry’s style is definitely unique. She’s undoubtedly the current Queen of Quirk–rivaled only by iconic Icelandic songstress, Bjork. There is Lady Gaga, of course, but she seems to take herself a bit more seriously than Perry does. Gaga is more like the Queen of Theatrics, while Perry is bubbly and approachable in her brightly colored, cartoon-like outfits. 


Good or bad, everyone usually has something to say about her fashion choices, but does anyone know where these crazy get-ups actually come from? Like, where does one even get a sparkly bustier that looks like a watermelon


Katy Perry by Jeremy Scott for MISSBEHAVE

If you pay attention, you’ll notice that most of Perry’s clothing comes from 2 equally quirky labels: Jeremy Scott and New York Couture. We decided to take a look at some of Perry’s zaniest wardrobe choices from each of these designers.

 Red Ticket dress at the 2010 MTV EMAs (left), and Giraffe Sweater 2009 MTV VMA Rehearsals (right) – both by Jeremy Scott

Both known for being outrageous, Jeremy Scott and Cassie Kogler of New York Couture have been dressing Perry for years. Jeremy even shot her (with a chimp!) wearing his clothes for the cover of MISSBEHAVE magazine’s final print issue.


New York Couture Hot Pink Panda dress on FNMTV (left), and Jeremy Scott for Schott Pink Bone leather jacket on the cover of March 2010 NYLON (right)

Gold Lame Snake dress at Hammerstein NYC by New York Couture

Purple Vegas Sequin high waist shorts by New York Couture