Sarah Jessica Parker, Kirsten Dunst, and Other Best Dressed Celebs of the Week

Sarah Jessica Parker, Anne Hathaway, Rachel Bilson, and other celebs dressed to impress this week on the red carpet.


Sarah Jessica ParkerAnne Hathaway


Sarah Jessica Parker has proven that she truly is a style icon outside of Sex and the City, and with her powder blue Nicholas Kirkwood shoes on, she amps up the style. Anne Hathaway doesn’t normally do prints, but this Miu Miu fits her like a glove. With her cute swirled up-do and Mary Janes, she looks gorgeous!

Kirsten DunstRachel BilsonRachel Bilson

Kirsten Dunst doesn’t grace the red carpet with her presence much these days, but when she does, it’s normally a fashion surprise. She looks delightfully feminine, and a tad 1930’s, in her cream gown and red lips. Rachel Bilson is a fashion darling, and always brings out the best in her dresses. Her high-collared peasant-style dress is offset perfectly by a pair of studded stilettos. Natalie Portman is so gorgeous that anything would look good on her. With her smokey eyes, free-flowing hair, and semi-transparent gown, she is aglow with beauty. 

photos courtesy of zimbio