Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen: Style Stars

They’ve been paparazzi-stalked since they were children and inspired hundreds of bohemian trends. What is it about Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen that has us craving more? The amazing way they put together an outfit or the mystery that clouds their every move? Whatever it is, we love it! We take a look at some of their most inspiring looks over the years.

Ashley OlsenMary Kate Olsen

Look 1: Ashley looks fantastic in casualwear and works the color blocking trend perfectly. Her rolled-up pink pants look exquisite next to a lemon knit and tan belt. Definitely a look we’ll be trying on the weekend!

Look 2: Mary Kate is as adept at casualwear as her sister, and this is pure Olsen magic. Mary Kate makes  a basic outfit look uber stylish and put together with plaited hair and a mulberry colored fur.

Mary Kate and Ashley OlsenMary Kate and Ashley at the Elle Style Awards

Look 3: The girls love to dress in all black, and often use different layers and fabrics to put an outfit together. The dark sunglasses make them look like old Hollywood stars and matching white clutches add a cute twin touch.

Look 4: The girls opted for a glamorous look at the Elle Style Awards. Their long gowns with ethereal strands of whispy tulle and messy updos were consistent with the Olsen look: slightly disheveled but always with a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Ashley Olsen

Look 5: Mary Kate goes all-out glamour with her sequined dress, strappy heels, and red clutch. We love to see her dressed up and strutting the red carpet.

Look 6: Looking incredible in a tangerine floor length gown Ashley proves that a splash of bright color can be the perfect touch.

Ashley OlsenMary Kate Olsen

Look 7: Wowing again on the red carpet, Ashley opts for dark eyes and a backless gown that emphasizes her petite figure.

Look 8: Mary Kate braves the cold and surprises on the red carpet with a white mini dress and hot pink soled shoes. The hint of neon on her shoes looks incredible and shows off her slender legs and summer tan to perfection.

Look 9: The girls look amazing here, and showing off the incredible power of their trademark sunglasses. Ashley’s headscarf stays true to her bohemian roots while Mary Kate’s amazing two-toned Chanel sunglasses and tweed jacket are the epitome of French styling.