10 Celebrities Get Comfy in UGGs

Last time we checked it was 2010 – almost 2011! – and those ultra-comfy yet ultra-ugly UGGs haven’t been in style since about 2003. So why are some of Hollywood’s most fashionable stars still allowing the sheepskin atrocities to swallow their feet? Comfort, of course.

Think about it. After logging long hours on set, posing on the red carpet, and making other appearances, all in 6 inch heels, even rich and famous toes need some time off. Here are 10 celebrities still wearing good old UGGs.

Hilary Duff wearing UGGsTina Fey wearing UggsHilary Duff (left) from UggBootsCardy.co.uk and Tina Fey (right) from ShinyNylon

1. Hilary Duff

One-time Disney pop princess/actress-turned-author, Hilary Duff is an UGG-lover. The recently married 23-year-old was spotted last month wearing Sunburst Tall boots while running some errands.

2. Tina Fey

The comedic genius known as Tina Fey, bundled-up in a giant, puffy coat and Classic Tall Uggs last winter on set.

Miley Cyrus wearing UGGsBlake Lively wearing UggsMiley Cyrus (left) from GossipOnUs and Blake Lively (right) from SocialiteLife

3. Miley Cyrus

Teen queen Miley Cyrus arrived at a hotel in Soho last week wearing the Sunburst Tall Ugg boot. It hasn’t been too cold in New York recently, but perhaps the lambskin footwear will help her outrun the photogs she’s always trying to dodge.

4. Blake Lively

Hollywood is really trying to make Blake Lively happen: she’s everywhere and rumored to be up for every role. The 23-year-old Gossip Girl star doesn’t have a stylist, and one of the ways she makes that clear to everyone is by keeping her feet warm with Uggs while on set — and she has them in many different styles.


Leighton Meester (left) from EmuBoot and Sadie Frost (right) from OnePiece

5. Leighton Meester

Blair Waldorf would never let her foot touch an Ugg, except for the one season when she was presumably in middle school and everyone was wearing them, of course. But Leighton Meester doesn’t quite have the same style as her Gossip Girl character and has made some more than questionable fashion choices (a transparent lace Marchesa jumpsuit, for example). Like her co-star, Meester also relies on Uggs to keep her warm while filming around New York City.

6. Sadie Frost

English actress and Jude Law‘s ex-wife Sadie Frost was spotted recently walking her dog in Classic Mini Uggs. Frost is clearly all about comfort considering she paired the boots with a One Piece Jump In jumpsuit, an item that has apparently hit it big in Scandinavia and is gaining popularity in England, as other stars like Kate Moss and David Beckham are said to also be One Piece fans.


Sarah Jessica Parker wearing UGGsMegan Fox wearing UGGs

Sarah Jessica Parker (left) from IGotUGGs and Megan Fox (right) from SarahFashion

7. Sarah Jessica Parker

Style icon Sarah Jessica Parker tries to outsmart the paparazzi that wait outside her Greenwich Village home every day as she walks her son James Wilkie to school by wearing practically the same outfit daily. The grey sweater and Uggs combination has made many appearances on the streets of NYC. SJP must be a true Ugg lover – remember the custom red Uggs she wore on one episode of Sex and the City? She may be high fashion, but she clearly loves comfort.

8. Megan Fox

Actress Megan Fox has claimed she doesn’t really care about fashion and when she’s not wearing next to nothing on a red carpet, she’s most often seen wearing sweats and t-shirts. It’s not surprising that the starlet is also often photographed wearing Uggs. Here she’s seen shopping while wearing the Classic Cardy Ugg.

Eva Longoria wearing UGGsKelly Osbourne wearing UGGs

Eva Longoria (left) from Bloggum and Kelly Osbourne (right) from TheSun

9. Eva Longoria

Sexy actress Eva Longoria is known for wearing body hugging dresses that show off every curve. Tight dresses demand towering heels, so it’s not too surprising that Eva’s feet need a break. We just hope this photo is from a film set, and she didn’t actually wear those boots with that dress.

10. Kelly Osbourne

After years of being Hollywood’s punching bag, Kelly Obsourne has finally been accepted by fashion’s elite. Since shedding her cartoonish style, Kelly has been showing up at event after event looking more stylish than ever – she even graced the runway for Betsey Johnson last February for the designer’s Fall 2010 collection. That said, Kelly was recently spotted wearing the oh-so-soft but ugly footwear. But who can blame her? Uggs are an absolutely perfect choice for an 11-hour flight from Los Angeles to London.