Celeb Style & Gossip Roundup: Natalie Portman Does Dior

Natalie Portman at the premiere of Black SwanNatalie Portman in Dior at the premiere of Black Swan. My favorite part of her look? The cheeky clutch designed to look like the novel Lolita. [AmyGrindhouse]

Taylor Swift is apparently "totally in love" with Jake Gyllenhaal. If Jake screws up, we’ll hear all about it on the singer/songwriter’s next album. [AnythingHollywood]

Lindsay Lohan‘s trying to get a restraining order on the paparazzi. Good luck to her! [CelebDirtyLaundry]

In charge of Prince William‘s bachelor party, Prince Harry promises to keep the debauchery to a minimum. [INeedMyFix]

Twilight‘s Taylor Lautner gets super-serious with Phil Collins‘ daughter, Lily Collins. The couple looks great together – click through for photos. [HollywoodDame]

John Mayer‘s been running all around town blabbing about how badly he wants to hook up with Eva Longoria, who recently filed for divorce. Ugh, that’s a pretty classless move on John’s part. Eva – stay away! [Earsucker]

Want to spend a day with Robert Pattinson? He’s all yours for $40,000. [HaveUHeard?]

In an interview with Kanye West, Rihanna calls for the end of shoulder pads. [MillionLooks]